The Body as a Vessel for Experience Integration

The wearing of the bodily constraints enables consciousness to know and integrate a very unique type of experience. Much is possible in the body that otherwise is not possible.

For the spirit, the body is metaphorically like wearing a space suit that enables the spirit to enter a hostile environment. But unlike a space suit, the body is living: it adapts, changes, and biologically remembers everything that the spirit has experienced in this local journey.

If we want to fully use this physical life for all it can be, we must fully experience the body. The sensations, limitations, and memory of the body are all valuable elements of the physical experience. So rather than resisting the often highly constraining and challenging experience of being bodily, we should embrace it! For doing so facilitates the integration of this experience by immortal consciousness, and allows us to spiritually grow in important ways that will remain with us long after the body is gone.

The Answers Transcend the Local Intellect

The local intellect, which deals exclusively with forms (discrete thoughts and ideas), cannot understand higher truth. In other words, you cannot find the “Big Picture” answers by thinking. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find them at all. The answers are there, always available as what is real within the powerful reservoir of Being.

We believe thoughts have power, because we see the power they have in this local world every day. Through thinking we establish models by which we understand our environment, and successfully interact with it. We have come to believe that the apparently objective “outside” world is what is most real, and through thinking we are able to learn about that world and effect change in it- so we believe that thinking holds the power. But in general we have lost sight of the real larger context. In focusing so deeply on the physical, we have become so single-sighted that we believe all truth must fit within our physical understandings. That is an erroneous assumption, because the “outside” physical world is not what is most real. You are real; your awareness and Being, which is a part of all awareness and Being, is what is most real! And that Being contains far, far more than this local character and this physical world.

Your Being is here, now! Your Being is the wonderful presence of life itself- that same life which has become “wrapped up” within the identity of this local character, and within that character’s many thoughts. You are more than that; the truth is more than that. So if you truly wish to know that, you must be willing to find the answers outside of thoughts.

A Change in Consciousness Precedes a Change in the World

The great challenge of our world situation today is ultimately an issue of consciousness. The situation will not be solved by any given political party, nation, or religion, because the problem is us: in our making decisions every day from fear, rather than love. Until we all both individually and collectively “grow up,” face our fears, and become living conduits of the love and unity that is native to our being, we will suffer.

The changes in the physical Earth situation are very important. But they are not primary. Consciousness is first; the physical is subsequent. Consciousness must change first; and then as it changes, we will naturally change the Earth situation.

Every time any one of us faces and integrates fear, we are making real progress. Every time any one of us chooses to selflessly support the person near us, even when it is difficult, we are making real progress. Every time any one of us finds joy and freedom even when the constraints of physical life are extreme, we are making real progress. Every time in the quiet of your own heart that you choose love over fear, that you choose freedom rather than the restrictive conditioning of your past, that you listen to the deeper parts of yourself even when the local story’s terrors seem so convincing, we are making real progress! Many times, real progress is made, even when a physical finger has not yet lifted.

You are important! Your journey, your choices, your intent is important. Your well being is important. That is true regarding you personally– not just you generally. You are very important indeed! And you are powerful. What you choose to do with that power as you engage this experience of the physical has a far-reaching effect. That effect may not be perceivable with the physical senses, but it does not make it any less real. You are affecting our reality, and other realities, in profound ways every day. How you choose to meet your daily experience- indeed, how you choose to meet each precious moment- is important!

So be encouraged! You have power over everything that you need to in order to effect real, lasting change for the better. Because you– your consciousness and spirit- are a part of this great unfolding. And as you change, so does the world!

The Importance of Action

We must take action. Spirituality without physical action is not true spirituality- because spirituality is about our real relationship with the present moment and the intent we wield in that present moment. Intention without action is not true intention. Intent equals action. When you intend to lift your hand, your hand lifts. When you intend to care for the other, you physically care for the other.

It is all too easy for the ego to justify inaction as the right thing to do. True loving intent questions even that, and sacrifices one’s comfort and certainty in the name of the whole whenever necessary.

We must take personal responsibility for our place in the world! In fact, we must take personal responsibility for the whole world!

Simultaneously, we do not need to be overwhelmed with the scope of the change required. We simply need to act where we are. As the saying goes, you must be the change that you wish to see in the world.

But this does not mean that you need to lose your peace. Your true nature transcends the rigorous “external” context. Your true nature is far greater than the ample opportunity around you to actualize that nature into our world. You are peace, and love, and freedom, and joy! And as you know that, you are able to then bring that to those around you in important physical and tangible ways. As you actualize both that physical change and also that change in your own consciousness, you help fulfill your extremely important role in the great expansion of being that is happening through this place.

The Never Ending Abundance of Life

Life itself is abundant beyond measure! Life itself is so rich that no physical form can possibly express the depths of its native bounty. You are Life, having the experience of being a person.

Thus the depths of abundance exist within you! You do not need to turn to the things of the world to find your richness. You do not need to turn to objects, ideas, beliefs, actions, substances, sensations, or relationships to find your worth. Worth already belongs to you, because you Are. That is not a statement of ego, it is a statement about Being.

There is never truly a reason to give up your hope, joy, or peace: Life is always there with you, because Life is what you are. The incredible depths of the bounty of that truth can never, ever leave you. Listen to the richness of your Being beneath all the Earthly conditioning, and allow yourself to know this while you are human, that your physical experience can that much more be one of joy!