The Rich Realness of the Formless

Since we believe in and associate so strongly with form, when we learn that form is not fundamental and awareness itself is primary, we may make the mistake of thinking that spirit is something abstract or ephemeral. We may make the mistake of thinking that “no form” or “beyond form” means “nothing” or “not very real.” In fact, formless aliveness is the completely tangibly rich wellspring of Being from which all realities of form spring! Some of those realities are clearly perceived as being far “more real” than the Earthly experience when you are there. And even those are ultimately transcended by the rich realness of Beingness itself.

While this may sound abstract now, your whole Being is full of far, far more than you may be able to conceive of with Earthly ideas. And that fullness is rich, and alive!

When you attempt to let go of the Earthly ideas and associations, do not be discouraged by the initial apparent emptiness of the silence. Often one must first be surrendered to silence before the extremely tangibly real wellspring that dwells beneath and within it can arise on its own. That process is done not as a search for more form (more thoughts, or feelings, or objects), but as a search for what is actually real in the alert present moment. It is an investigation of the present moment for exactly what it is; it is a conscious exploration of the aliveness itself that is always present bearing silent witness to every experience. That aliveness is real- and rather than being nothing, or some things, it is full of everything!