The Ubiquitous Presence of Life

Life is always present in everything, because Life (which is synonymous with awareness, or spirit, or consciousness) is always present in every experience. An experience cannot occur without awareness of it. Life is present for everything ever experienced. You are living awareness, too- and as your awareness is a part of the “sea of awareness,” you are connected to everything, everywhere.

How can you be alone, when everywhere you go, everything you see, and everyone you meet, is Life? How can you be alone when the you that sees is the same you that is all things?

There is no content that can occur within Life that can separate you from Life. There is no experience of distance, no experience of pain, no experience of loss that can truly separate you from what you really are. All things are made of Life, and you are Life- so how can you ever be absent from its care?

Operating Creatively From Within Human Conditioning

The belief in an objective external physical world can inhibit us from understanding the larger context in which we exist. Reality is ultimately consciousness based, not ultimately based on our shared physical environment or the activities that we can mutually validate here. The content of our shared physical environment is of course valid and worthwhile, but it is not fundamental. And indeed, in the Big Picture, our physical experience of Earth is actually quite a specific and unique form of experience!

In thought responsive systems our personal nature gives rise to reality experiences of incredible richness and depth. Our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and intent all have profound power to shape what we and others experience. Our innate creative power becomes immediately evident.

Since our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are currently based on what we’ve learned during our time on Earth, when we (as the human personality) encounter thought-responsive systems, we often engage with them in ways that are very “human.” We see human environments, we interact with human objects, we perform human activities, and we encounter very real forms that arise from the rich and varied content of the human collective consciousness- including religious, mythological, and symbolic forms. The symbols become alive, and we may forget that they arose from us.

But you and I are far more than human! We are far more than the patterns, sights, sounds, teachings, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that we have become so wrapped up within while we have been veiled in the human experience on Earth. In large part, our limitations are something we learned while on Earth. You and I are not so limited as it may seem!

Here and elsewhere, be aware of your power! You are not powerless- except that you believe that you are. You are not trapped- except that you believe that you are. You are not the forms and restrictions. You are not even your body. Rather, you are a powerful spark of the creative Source of all things! And whether you are consciously aware of that or not, you will be wielding your creative power: you can choose to do so consciously.

Be aware of who you are! The “content” that you are holding within you is the fuel of your current experience. Face that content, process it, integrate it, overcome it- and find who you really are! Face yourself, your motivations, your intent. Face your fear! You always hold the keys within you to what you see around you, both in this system and in others.