Natural Joy

The spirit is naturally joyous! Thus the pursuit of happiness is not just about “pushing” towards brightness and joy, but rather is about fully allowing what is in the present moment. Through acceptance of what is, we naturally work past the many ego constructs that cause us to become stuck in unhappiness.

Ultimately, the experience of contrast allows that natural joy to deepen in measure with the degree of experience that is fully met and integrated.

However, whilst in our local experience of contrast, consciousness tends to naturally “lose itself” in the form (thoughts, objects, ideas), and believe it is the form. This identification with something other than the whole brings unhappiness.

But returning to the natural joy is not an act of rejecting the form. Rather, we naturally release our association with the separate when we completely allow and accept it.  Through surrender to form, we naturally “untie” ourselves from it and our intrinsically joyful nature effortlessly rises back to the surface.

You Are Not Fundamentally Human

On a fundamental level, you are not actually a human. You are having the experience of being human, which typically includes only remembering ever being human. In fact, you are you. You are the you that feels like “you” to you. That “you” transcends the experience of your local human character.

You also transcend the local human character’s identity. You are not your job, you are not your responsibilities, you are not your nationality, you are not even your name.

What you really are is so amazing that it is completely beyond description! Yet we might simply say: you are immortal consciousness engaged in a well-defined and highly specialized reality experience, an important part of which includes forgetting all the rest of what you really are. You are participating in a very meaningful journey, a “rubber meets the road” attempt to actualize and expand your true loving nature within a rigorous context.

While you may not have conscious recollection of your greater self, it is always there within you. If you wish to take a step back toward it, let go of all the thoughts of your mind, and listen deeply with your intuition. Listen with your being! The very life within you itself has more to tell you about what you really are than your intellectual human mind and its collection of local “facts.”

Untying the Preciousness of Self from Form

Each of us intuitively sense the preciousness of our own being. The sense of preciousness we often assign to- or seem to find within- the forms of our lives actually transcends that form. But we often make the mistake of thinking that preciousness is a characteristic of form itself. We sense the preciousness of our being, and then because all we consciously remember is our human identity, we tie that sense of preciousness to aspects of our identity. For example we may feel innate preciousness when we consider our sense of religious or national identity, behold the beauty of the human body, or as we take pride in learned behavior or personal human traits that we feel make us “who we are.”

There is nothing wrong with sensing the preciousness of the spirit within the many wondrous forms of our lives! In fact, we come here in part to do just that. But as beings who have also become somewhat “lost” in the forms of the physical universe, it can also be helpful to recognize: the preciousness that we are exists fully unto itself. We do not need the form to be, because we are ultimately not beings of form. We created form- it did not create us. We are life– which engages and entertains form, and expands itself through the experience of form. Life does not need a religious identity, a national identity, a body, or a human characteristic to exist. Rather, those things need life to exist.

The preciousness that you sense in your life is you; the preciousness that you sense in your life is your wonderful fellow spirits; the profound preciousness that you sense within everything in your life is God, by whatever name.

As you recognize this, you naturally begin to untie yourself from the form which seems to capture the preciousness of life. And as you allow yourself to rely less on form to find your sense of fulfillment, you return closer to the perfect freedom and joy that you truly are, beneath all the meaningful distractions of physical life.