A Change in Consciousness Precedes a Change in the World

The great challenge of our world situation today is ultimately an issue of consciousness. The situation will not be solved by any given political party, nation, or religion, because the problem is us: in our making decisions every day from fear, rather than love. Until we all both individually and collectively “grow up,” face our fears, and become living conduits of the love and unity that is native to our being, we will suffer.

The changes in the physical Earth situation are very important. But they are not primary. Consciousness is first; the physical is subsequent. Consciousness must change first; and then as it changes, we will naturally change the Earth situation.

Every time any one of us faces and integrates fear, we are making real progress. Every time any one of us chooses to selflessly support the person near us, even when it is difficult, we are making real progress. Every time any one of us finds joy and freedom even when the constraints of physical life are extreme, we are making real progress. Every time in the quiet of your own heart that you choose love over fear, that you choose freedom rather than the restrictive conditioning of your past, that you listen to the deeper parts of yourself even when the local story’s terrors seem so convincing, we are making real progress! Many times, real progress is made, even when a physical finger has not yet lifted.

You are important! Your journey, your choices, your intent is important. Your well being is important. That is true regarding you personally– not just you generally. You are very important indeed! And you are powerful. What you choose to do with that power as you engage this experience of the physical has a far-reaching effect. That effect may not be perceivable with the physical senses, but it does not make it any less real. You are affecting our reality, and other realities, in profound ways every day. How you choose to meet your daily experience- indeed, how you choose to meet each precious moment- is important!

So be encouraged! You have power over everything that you need to in order to effect real, lasting change for the better. Because you– your consciousness and spirit- are a part of this great unfolding. And as you change, so does the world!

2 thoughts on “A Change in Consciousness Precedes a Change in the World

  • YAASSS!!!! I’m loving your posts on the daily! keep shining your light bro! The universe is telling me that even the small choice i make like, one beer isnt going to hurt me, or a little sugar is fine, are actually important. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of each individual and their choices, and how we are changing the world one choice at a time. Love over fear. I’m right there with you brother.

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  • So glad I checked to see if you’d posted again this month. These were the very words my soul knew I needed to read today. Writing is an effort. It’s a vulnerability. Thank you for making the effort and your willingness to be vulnerable. It matters.

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