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Christian has worked for over 15 years as a project manager for complex nuclear pump and valve manufacturing projects, some valued at over $100MM. Christian is also a public speaker, having presented at over 80 events.

When Christian was a young child he remembered his existence before coming to Earth. While that memory left him completely for his early adult life, it spontaneously returned at the age of 30 as Christian took up a meditation practice and went through a personal awakening journey. He also began to have Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). Christian now seeks to remind others in at least a small part of who we really are beneath the human “play.” Christian is the author of the book A Walk in the Physical, which attempts to succinctly describe the larger spiritual context in which we exist and the importance of love in our human journey. 

Email Christian at: awalkinthephysical@gmail.com

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  • Hello, I tried searching for an answer to my question in your blogs, but I don’t see it addressed.

    I came into this world naturally standoffish and I am having trouble reconciling two competing facets of an unintegrated vibration.

    Interacting with people takes energy from me. It’s unpleasant. At the same time, I care very much about how other people feel and I don’t want to do anything to make them feel bad.

    If I prioritize my wellbeing, I ignore other people and give off the impression that I am unfriendly or I don’t like them.

    If I prioritize others’ wellbeing, I hemorrhage energy interacting with them and being engaging and friendly.

    I would love to hear your thoughts.


    • Hello Tamara! Navigating these types of competing “axes” is exactly what the human experience is about. Loving intent may possibly choose either “direction,” depending on the circumstance. Both being good to others, and also honoring and caring for ourselves, are important (in the latter, one point to note is that you can be of better service to the world when you are rejuvenated and strong). We should try to use a “quality of intent” as we decide when and how to choose either “direction” at any given time or in any given circumstance: that is, seek to authentically act from peace, love, and acceptance, rather than fear or ego (and sometimes a sense of obligation to choose one or the other arises from ego and fear). When we act from peace and right intention, sometimes we may even find that we might be able to choose to represent both directions simultaneously; sometimes we find that we are not so limited as it seemed. Meanwhile there is great value in having to make these choices within these “competing” axes- do your best in any given moment, and as you do so, sense that you are completely free as you make either choice. Much love sister! Also here is a blog post that may be pertinent: https://awalkinthephysical.com/2018/05/22/loving-intent-transcends-all-axes/


      • Tamara,

        Well you have perhaps already solved the issue you expressed having difficulty with, upon reading it, it became immediately apparent to me that there is an inbuilt anomaly which is being overlooked..

        It is actually an erroneous assumption to conclude that interaction with other people somehow siphons all for’steals’ your energy from you.. well this may be felt to be subjectively true, it is not in fact what is actually occurring.

        The truth of the matter is that, due to your own deep, indwelling fear, you yourself generate a friction within your energy field which, as you describe, usurps or steals your energy. You are the one who is doing this, in spite of the fact that it appears to be others. And the reason you are doing it is because of a futile attempt to defend yourself, if not consciously, then preconsciously

        As death and dying researcher Elizabeth Cooper Ross has astutely noted, there are only two states of being in the world, love and fear, and we cannot be in both States simultaneously. Either one or another prevails at any given moment.

        Love is an openness, a non-defended state in which we are in direct contact with the universe and all within it. Well, true, this can invite painful or challenging experiences, it is not, in itself, a destructive or potentially destructive condition. What is a destructive or potentially destructive position is the spiritually tense and uptight hypervigilance which causes us to walk through life on eggshells, ever attempting to avoid that which is threatening or uncomfortable.

        It would be far better for you and your future journey to find it within yourself to open, expand, and allow life to enter you, almost in the sense as a woman opens herself to her man, rather than living in this every shrinking self-preservational illusion.

        I wish you well in this endeavor.



  • I thought I was the only one in the world who remembers life before birth. I thought I was crazy. I’ve been told since I could talk that it is my imagination. Now that I know I’m not crazy, I’m not sure where to go from here. Once I saw your interview with Passion Harvest, I felt a very strong pull to reach out to whoever would listen. I didn’t know where else to go, or what to do now. But I can feel “it” calling me; whatever “it” is; a drive, a purpose, a being?


    • Hello sister Alyssa! Great to interact with you while we are here in this place (we made it!). 😉 You are definitely not crazy. I didn’t share my PBE for about the first 7 or 8 years after the memory returned to me, just because, of course, our society doesn’t quite understand at this time. Since I shared though I’ve probably met 30 or 40 others who have similar pre-birth memories- so we are definitely not alone. 🙂 That is wonderful you are feeling the “calling”- please let me know if you sense if there is anything I can to do help. If you’d like you can also reach out privately by email at “awalkinthephysical@gmail.com”. Take care, and have a great day being human today!


  • Hi Christian,
    I watched your talk on The JeffMara Show. It was one of the best talks I have heard in many years. As most people I have had so many questions about life and death. I have been on a quest for my entire life searching: 12 step groups, religions, spirituality, astrology etc.

    I just found JeffMaura YouTube a few weeks ago and have been binge watching. A lot of the other talks on JeffMara are really good but your talk provided so much information and answers I have never heard before. You brought together so many concepts and went a step further to provided the “because” to your ideas. You kept saying, ‘because of this, because of that’….Why? “because”….. I felt things click and actually sobbed crying with relieve.

    One of my favorite ideas you explained was that we did not come here to experience pain. You said, we did not contract for pain. We agreed to a contract for certain RESTRAINTS. I also loved your explanation about the veil and the reason there is a veil and furthermore that we actually agreed to the restraints and taking on the veil.

    I have studied christianity, yoga and hinduism which I have never understood the concept of karma or reincarnation. Your talk gave me a completely new perspective on these same ideas that finally allowed me to understand the reasons for such ideas.

    I am so happy your talk created so many new questions. Now, I can go deeper in my search.

    I can not thank you enough.


    PS the links on your website to Facebook and Twitter did not take me anywhere. Can you please provide the exact names of your locations there?

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    • Thank you dear Sivapriya for your amazing kindness! I’ll have to check out the FB link- I am just on FB under my name. I don’t have a Twitter account. Your encouragement means a lot. I wish you the very best in your search! And, thank you for being human today! Enjoy it! 🙂


  • Hi Christian, I found your story intriguing. It’s the first that I’ve heard similar to mine. I don’t remember picking this life, but I do have a very large “window” through the veil and just know a lot of what happens on the other side. My story is that right before I was conceived, my mother had a miscarriage, then I immediately came along. But more than that, is that I was born two months early, at the same time the first baby would have been born, which makes sense as my birthdate is very important to me for many reasons. I totally understand the fighting and wanting to go back. Thanks for sharing your story.

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