The Body as a Vessel for Experience Integration

The wearing of the bodily constraints enables consciousness to know and integrate a very unique type of experience. Much is possible in the body that otherwise is not possible.

For the spirit, the body is metaphorically like wearing a space suit that enables the spirit to enter a hostile environment. But unlike a space suit, the body is living: it adapts, changes, and biologically remembers everything that the spirit has experienced in this local journey.

If we want to fully use this physical life for all it can be, we must fully experience the body. The sensations, limitations, and memory of the body are all valuable elements of the physical experience. So rather than resisting the often highly constraining and challenging experience of being bodily, we should embrace it! For doing so facilitates the integration of this experience by immortal consciousness, and allows us to spiritually grow in important ways that will remain with us long after the body is gone.

The Body as a Vessel for Experience Integration

One thought on “The Body as a Vessel for Experience Integration

  1. Maralee Lowder Wofford says:

    I just finished watching your visit with Mira Kelley on YouTube and was astonished to hear your description of the Universe’s creation. Your concise words echoed exactly how I described this event. I am a fiction writer and have never considered that any of my work might have been channelled, which some people have suggested. Now, I’m beginning to wonder. When I began writing the book (A History of Life – part 1) it was meant to be the first of a trilogy describing one being’s lives here on earth as well as it’s lives between lives.

    I would love to send you a copy of the book, if you would be interested in reading it. I am not asking for anything from you, but simply wish to share what I believe now may have been given to me from – well, whoever “back home” does that sort of thing. If you would like me to send you a copy, please email me at

    All my best, Maralee Lowder


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