The Importance of Action

We must take action. Spirituality without physical action is not true spirituality- because spirituality is about our real relationship with the present moment and the intent we wield in that present moment. Intention without action is not true intention. Intent equals action. When you intend to lift your hand, your hand lifts. When you intend to care for the other, you physically care for the other.

It is all too easy for the ego to justify inaction as the right thing to do. True loving intent questions even that, and sacrifices one’s comfort and certainty in the name of the whole whenever necessary.

We must take personal responsibility for our place in the world! In fact, we must take personal responsibility for the whole world!

Simultaneously, we do not need to be overwhelmed with the scope of the change required. We simply need to act where we are. As the saying goes, you must be the change that you wish to see in the world.

But this does not mean that you need to lose your peace. Your true nature transcends the rigorous “external” context. Your true nature is far greater than the ample opportunity around you to actualize that nature into our world. You are peace, and love, and freedom, and joy! And as you know that, you are able to then bring that to those around you in important physical and tangible ways. As you actualize both that physical change and also that change in your own consciousness, you help fulfill your extremely important role in the great expansion of being that is happening through this place.

6 thoughts on “The Importance of Action

  • I feel like what you say all make sense and that I had thoughts like that all my life.
    Not so long ago I had a change in my life and in perspective on it, which only made this feeling, that I need to act and do something, only stronger.
    But I don’t really understand what does it mean act what is action and what kind of action is action or any kind of action is action or just living your live by you what you believe and just being you who you think you are is that action.
    Do you have this struggle?


    • Yes. 🙂 I think it is important that we do our best to wield intent that is pure- and then do whatever arises from that. Pure intent itself will lead to even internal change, which does itself affect the world (even if you can’t see it).


  • Do you think, that the fact that you had this experience where could you remember your past lives and experience, was harmful to you, in a sense that now you know who you are and now there is no genuine experience of life it is like breaking the veil of forgetfulness. Or it is something that was planned at some point in your life after you achieve some growth?


  • The veil remains over me- I’ve only seen a small glimpse of my broader nature. In a sense it is “harmful” probably only in that I yearn for Home so badly- and I am in fact grateful I do not remember more. I do remember planning having some small amount of memory- I knew that memory would make this life more difficult because the contrast would be even greater, but I knew even that contrast would be an opportunity for growth. I hope that helps sir!


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