Your Destination is Joy

No matter a given experience of physicality, ultimately all consciousness returns to joy. Joy is the spirit’s true nature, its fabric, its native state. Your destiny is joy beyond physical imagining! That is where you are inevitably headed, no matter how the forms of reality may have bunched up around you at the moment. Those forms are made of the same fabric, even if they do not appear to be.

The present moment itself is beautiful and gentle. It is willing to touch you when you are willing to let go of your stories about it.

The ability to experience strong sensory data (for example pain), or the ability to experience the interpretations that you have put upon your circumstances, does not reduce the fidelity of the native joy that gives rise to such experiences. The experiences of form- including sensory experiences or given interpretations of the mind- will pass. But the truth of being cannot. Since that truth of being is untold joy, peace, freedom, and love, you cannot help but return to that joy, peace, freedom, and love as the forms that you are associating with pass.

Your destination is joy! So while you are on your walk in the world of form, take heart, and allow your native joy to rise up and shine through you! For your true Being is ever present, even when the forms may seem on the surface to be opaque or insurmountable!

To Know It You Must Be It

The only way for spirit to know what it is like to be a human is to be a human. The only way for the spirit to experientially learn how to successfully express its true nature in a world of flesh, is to be flesh.

You cannot truly learn how to do something by watching someone else do it- you must do it yourself. You cannot truly know what it is like to be something unless you are that thing.

This is why the human experience is so real. Spirit chooses to do its best to “actually become” that which it wishes to truly experience. The veil serves that purpose.

If you do not remember your higher nature while you are human, that is OK- and not only OK, it is wonderful! It means you have successfully arrived at an experience of being whoever and whatever you think you are right now. That experience is a gift!

Simultaneously, if you wish to, it is also your birthright to wake up to who you really are. You have committed to your walk in the physical beneath the veil, and the veil is effective, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still far more than your physical life, too. Indeed, even right now, what you really are vastly exceeds the confines of your human experience! So while you have come to experience all that being human entails, you are not required to lose your identity completely within the forms of human life. No matter the nature of the forms you are currently associating with, you are actually far, far more than that which you have chosen to be in this life on Earth! Your true identity remains.

In the meantime, while the human experience remains thick and firm, honor yourself for your choice- even a choice that you may not remember! For to know what it is like to be human, you had to actually be human- and that is a most celebrated and awe-inspiring choice indeed!