Your Inherent Beauty

The flower does not try to be beautiful. You do not have to, either. The sunset does not strive to be red. Neither do you have to strive to shine with your own light. That light may seem to be obscured for a while as you take your walk in the physical, but it isn’t truly. You shine because you are.

Being does not require effort. Only striving to be what you are not requires effort. You do not have to squeeze yourself to produce love; it is what you are, and flows from you as you Be.

You are ravishingly beautiful! You are an awe-inspiring expression of the divine fire that gives rise to All Things! The wondrousness of your being cannot be lost. The diamond can be no less precious when it is covered in mud.

Know this, let go of all that you are not, and shine!

Your Thoughts Are Powerful

Every thought has an effect, both in our local reality system and in others. You may not see the effect of your thoughts with your physical eyes, but in fact, every thought echoes throughout all space. Reality is affected by each and every intent that you hold! For instance, what you are intending and thinking right now is “happening” throughout all the Earth, and is affecting vibrations in other parts of the world.

How can this be? Consciousness is the fundamental fabric of reality. Since all consciousness is connected to all other consciousness, when consciousness “moves,” all of reality is affected.

However, because we are largely not aware of this, we are “messy” with our thoughts. Because of the beliefs that we have collectively enshrined and perpetuated, we often don’t know our own importance, or our own power.

It is time to remember! What is occurring within you is important! Your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and intentions are important. Your personal experience is important. You are important!

The thoughts that arrive into your awareness start with your intent. You receive sensory data and decide how to process it. After doing this for a lifetime, your beliefs and interpretations can be so firmly set that they seem like properties of reality itself. The beliefs and interpretations that you have bought into feed the nature of the thoughts that arrive.

Your primary power is intent, your point of power is the now. Using your intent in the current moment, you always have the ability to re-frame your experience. This changes the world. Using your intent in the current moment, you always have the power to alter the momentum of your thoughts. You are not powerless to them; rather, they are expressions of your power. They arrive to serve you, as you have requested. This, too, changes the world.

Love Knows No Boundaries

Often when we think about loving others, we think about those close to us. We prioritize our family, our organizations, or our nation- but often at the expense of others. We tend to think of love as “protecting one’s own.”

True love knows no boundaries! Love surpasses all labels, shatters all divisions, exceeds all limits. Love transcends all human distinction. Love accepts all.

We are to love all people! We are to love all beings, all expressions of life. We are to love regardless of identity, creed, or race. There is no identity label or condition that can preclude someone from deserving our love. If we believe otherwise, even if we do so in the name of some belief we think is moral, we are listening to our ego rather than the spirit.

When we return to the Light after our walk in the physical, we will be deeply loved no matter what identity we adopted, no matter our preferences or affiliations. Even through our many imperfections, we will be profoundly and overwhelmingly loved! In fact, we are profoundly and overwhelmingly loved right now!

Everyone you meet is ultimately your brother or sister. They, too, seek the love from which we have all come. They, too, yearn for the love that knows no boundaries. And you have the profound opportunity to be the hand of compassion or kindness that meets them wherever they are! As you do so, even in small ways, you help the transcendent love of the spirit to shine forth and gradually transform our world.