Are We Growing or Are We Whole?

Some say we are here in the physical to learn and grow, and others say we are already complete and whole. Which one is it?

Both are true, and there is no contradiction.

Our true being is always complete and whole. Even as our completeness and wholeness is maintained, we choose to express our incredibly creative nature by participating in reality systems like our own. As we integrate specific experience, we grow in our capacity to know and actualize our true being. Adopting unique and well defined perspectives- for instance, the human perspective that feels separate from everyone else- allows for a great deal of experiential growth.

The only way to adopt the highly specialized human perspective is to forget all of what we really are. If we remembered all of what we really are, we would constantly know that there is nothing ever to fear. But, the capacity for challenge is commensurate to the opportunity for experiential growth: it is precisely the “apparent distance” from our true nature that is the “frontier” of new perspective creation. We love to see “what we can do with” that highly specialized perspective! We rejoice at the opportunity to see how well we can express love even through the challenging constraints of the human experience, and even through forgetting!

While we are already whole, that which is already whole “increases” as we grow experientially towards love. The Possibilities grow when consciousness- life itself- deeply engages in and integrates specific experiences, including experiences of incompleteness.

Fear as a Sign of Potential Expansion

Fear is a reflection of the space in “experience space” that Beingness is expanding into. It reflects a “distance” that has not yet been experientially integrated. Fear is a sign that “That Which Is” is engaged in something (a form or perception) that challenges it and is giving it room- within itself- to expand into.

In part, our physical reality is what happens when unharmable consciousness decides to create a challenge for the purposes of actual experiential growth. Fear is not something that was created, it is simply what happens when existing consciousness engages a new constraint-set that it is not yet optimally developed to handle, and buys into perspectives that are not in alignment with one’s true nature. Fear is only possible when the spirit is engaged in challenge, which means it is working with a yet un-integrated experience. That is, fear is only possible when the spirit is engaging sense data or form that it does not yet recognize for what it truly is, or, when spirit is buying into a belief that is not in alignment with the truth. Fear is a growing pain that happens when “That Which Already Is” engages in a real process of perspective integration to expand and become even more! In that sense, fear ultimately serves love’s purpose of joy and expansion.

Ultimately there is nothing at all to fear! Fear is completely subservient to the greater and perfectly enduring truth of love. When the “game” of growth and expansion is won or departed, there can be no fear. Fear is an illusion- an artifact of “perceived distance” from true love and unity, where no distance can actually occur. Fear is not native to the soul. For our native being is one of total power, freedom, and love- and in the brightness of that Light, every shadow of fear is completely dissolved.