The Peace of Non-Seeking

The very act of seeking itself can be a move away from peace. In a sense, in wanting something we are actually moving away from it, because pursuing it is often done in service of the idea that we lack it in the first place. In trying to become rich, we become poor; in trying to become free, we lose sight of the freedom we already have; in trying to become spiritually enlightened, we can become self-centered.

Pursuing something to satiate a need is ultimately empty; all things are already present right now.

There is no place we truly need to go. There is no thing we truly need to do. There is no object we truly need; no reconfiguration of the play is actually necessary. In knowing that fully, there is peace.

In hearing this, we may decide to even reject seeking itself (a new thing to pursue or reject). But rejection is not the way. The way transcends and yet can arise within all objects, all paths, all searches. That truth is actually not an abstract or far away thing – rather, it is the closest thing to us. We simply need: to Be.

Be. You are, and that is more than enough! Be today, be here. Give the world the gift of your attention, your full presence, with no seeking required.