Beingness Has No Lack

There is no lack in your being. Lack is a perspective voluntarily entertained to help That Which Is truly know the abundance of its own nature.

Beingness is already perfect. It does not have error or flaw. And yet, Beingness also works to Create and to expand within manifestation, and through that, much growth in actualized joy and love is possible.

That is true of you, too, because you are Beingness. Even though your experience may have many apparent shortcomings, your perfect true nature transcends them all! That transcendent nature is not abstract- it is the real abiding truth that forms the foundation of your experience of form, including any given perception of lack.

Know then that beneath the noise, you are the fullness that surpasses all things! That is true no matter how your local reality experience may appear.

You Can Trust Reality

If you trust God, you trust reality. If you trust reality, you are trusting God. An experience of form is not the experience of the full reality of God, but physical reality does not occur apart from God. All occurs within the One, and in accordance with the divine laws of the One. Since those divine laws arise from unconditional love and unfathomable wisdom, all of our experiences ultimately take place within and for the purposes of unconditional love and unfathomable wisdom!

Our reality system is one in which experiences of tremendous difficulty are possible. From this side of the veil, beset by so many difficulties and even burdened by the requirements of physical survival itself, we tend to see reality as an adversary to strive against. We “fight to survive” in many ways every day. But what we are truly working to overcome is the difficulty we perceive from our relationship with the content of the present moment; what we are truly striving against is our own imperfection.

Our rigorous universe with its high potential for challenge has been established purposefully. It has been established so that we may expand the very nature of Being. It has been established so that we may more deeply understand and apply the power of our own beliefs and interpretations. It has been established so that we may truly learn what it means to grow in love and compassion, even in this rich context.

No matter what happens, no matter how much pain you may be in or how dire the world may seem, your experience does not escape the bounds of God’s perfect love and wisdom. Even if you rage in response, you are loved. Even if you denounce the world as terrible and unjust, the divine laws of God work to fulfill plans of love and joy that are far beyond our comprehension!

And we can trust those plans. We can trust the love and wisdom of God!

Reality is not your enemy. Your only enemy is your own fear, and your own resistance. Your obstacle is your own unwillingness to fully find and then meet your reality for exactly what it is any given moment, beneath the story. That is not easy- our own imperfection is vast, our fears are many, our wounds are deep- and our stories and identities protect us. But our reality is here for us so that we have the real opportunity to resolve that imperfection, to face those fears, to heal those wounds! And when we are genuinely ready to do that, when we trust reality enough to really take ownership for our experience and surrender to the fullness of the present moment, the spirit can then flow through us and once again reveal the truth of the ever present love and joy that is the enduring foundation of even our existence.

You Are Free to Choose Your Beliefs

You are completely free to choose what to believe. The only way this can seem untrue is if you believe it is untrue.

Your beliefs act as a filter through which you experience reality. Our physical reality is a place where you are able to buy into some set of ideas, including ideas about yourself and the world, and then experience exactly what it is like to have that perspective.

Does that mean there is no absolute truth? No. Absolute truth exists within Beingness, but Beingness transcends all form (all “this and not that” distinctions as we perceive them). That which we call God is the living conscious source of “big picture” Truth. But God is not a “thing,” like one thing among many, but rather God is in fact beyond all form and gives rise to it all. Beingness is not beholden to perceived objects or ideas, which exist only because of Beingness and within Beingness- so no objects or ideas can fully speak to What Is Happening.

Meanwhile as our consciousness is engaged in a form-based reality like ours, of course we use form to understand and engage this physical experience. Our reality experience takes place within a consistent rule-set (the physical rule-set), and within a rigorous context, so we intently look to that context for answers. In other words, we understand and engage our experience through the ideas, objects, symbols, sights, sounds, and all the other many forms of our physical lives. That is good and natural, and the divine can and does work through those forms to engage with us. But ultimately, “big picture” Truth is beyond naming. There is no way to even attempt to utter the depths and vastness of “big picture” Truth with physical language. As we strive in vain to do so, we might say that the truth is: absolute and total love, limitlessness, and transcendent Beingness!

And that is what you really are.

As transcendent Beingness yourself, you are absolutely free then to decide how you will frame this reality experience you are having. You have that power. If you don’t believe you have that power, it is because you bought into that belief. Perhaps you have done so long ago in Earthly childhood. But the power is still yours. You cannot not be what you really are. Your true being transcends the forms of your life- and thus, you always get to choose how you will interpret and what you will believe about those forms.