The Falseness of Fear

Fear arises when we think we are lacking something which is actually intrinsic to our being, like power, or freedom, or love. Fear encourages us to think further that we are so lacking: in fear we tend to travel down the rabbit hole of further believing we are lacking power, or freedom, or love. But the underlying truth of our being is that we lack nothing. In that sense, fear is a lie. Fear is a lie because separation itself- and the apparent lack of freedom, power, or love that we may experience with it- is ultimately an illusion! The experience of separation is a real experience, but it is also not fundamental: it is transcended by something far more enduring.

We know that we are “buying into” the illusion of separation when we are suffering. When we act from fear or selfishness, ultimately, we suffer. And when we act from fear, others often end up suffering too. Our ego may play all sorts of games to try to justify and protect us, but we can’t fool reality- when we are acting from fear or selfishness, painful experiences naturally result.

This process is not an act of punishment by Source. This process is the natural result of choosing non-native separation over native unity and love. Love doesn’t even require love in return; yet where we choose not love, we do suffer. It is our choice.

Fear can be very convincing. But you always, always have the power to choose how you will meet it. Do not be daunted by the scope, or by the circumstances. Rather, simply choose: how will you meet this moment? Allow your heart and soul to guide you! The circumstances are not of primary importance- what is important is you: your simple but powerful intention; your state of being. Be willing, and open, and vulnerable, and genuine, and brave. Do so even when it is difficult- especially when it is difficult.

And as you do so, allow yourself to remember: whatever perception you are buying into that is giving rise to the fear is not greater than the truth. The deepest truth is never, ever one of fear. Fear is ultimately false- and the power of Love and Life within you is true.

Hardship is a Gift

A challenge is a gift! When the individual is challenged by circumstance, the opportunity for the spirit to apply itself and expand through that experience is a gift. It is not that hardship itself is good- but rather, it is a neutral catalyst that can be useful.

The ego may reject this. The ego may see hardship as simply terrible and negative. But nothing terrible and negative arises that the spirit cannot ultimately use. There is nothing greater than All That Is- nothing can arise within it that is not of meaning. Even hardship- and often especially hardship- ultimately has great value in the churning processes of manifest creation, which ultimately serve the expansion of everlasting joy!

To the immortal and all powerful spirit, challenge is a precious opportunity to bring virtue to bear- to expand and actualize the depths of one’s own love and light in a real, lasting way. We are spirit first, and human second. The challenges of the secondary human experience are often worth the temporary price to the bold spirit who knows the truth of immortality and wishes to expand itself and the joy of All, forever.

In what ways is the world pushing you, painfully, to let go of your fear and ego? In what ways is the world compelling you to embrace your joy, live your truth, and share your love? What is the hardship of your life teaching you? What is the pain of your story saying? If you listen deeply, beneath all the labels, your deeper spirit is always there ready to help you utilize this current circumstance for lasting purposes that may far exceed what your human mind can imagine.