Following Your Fears

Any time we consider perceptions that are not in alignment with the fundamental truth, we feel a negative emotional response. Thus negative emotions can be used as a tool to locate what un-true perceptions we are holding onto. If you feel fear when you consider an idea or belief, then follow that fear. See if you can identify what negative self-perceptions or negative perceptions about reality itself may exist as a result of the idea or belief.

When we enter this world, we adopt the constraints that come along with being human. Chief among those constraints is a constraint on our knowledge: we no longer have access to the knowledge of the larger reality systems to which we intrinsically belong. This means that when we consider ideas as humans, we do so from a place of artificial ignorance. The state of not knowing permits us- provokes us, even- to consider possibilities that are frightening to us, and thus gives us the opportunity to experience first-hand a new perspective that would otherwise be impossible for the all-knowing spirit. Sometimes that new perspective we are entertaining is one that is contrary to our true natures- and when that happens, we experience a negative emotional response.

For instance, regarding one of our most prevalent fears: if you consider the idea “what if there is no afterlife?” and you feel fear or resistance as a response, go find out why. Follow the sensations sufficiently and see if you can discover what negative self-perception or negative state about reality itself that belief would mean. If you consider the possibility that no afterlife exists and you are simply destroyed at death- then the resulting self-perception you may be entertaining is one of powerlessness, or non-existence.

But in fact, the spirit is never powerless and cannot not exist. Consciousness can only temporarily buy into those perceptions, and experience the result; it cannot actually fundamentally be powerless or lifeless.

Never-the-less, in our example of the question “what if there is no afterlife?”, it’s likely that in fact you don’t actually know right now if there is an afterlife or not. Note that the state of not knowing itself does not cause discomfort: it is the resulting negative implication we quietly entertain that triggers our fears.

Our fears are meant to be explored. No matter how deep they go the sensations that come with them cannot harm us. In fact, those negative sensations are valuable guideposts that lead us to the untrue perceptions that we have adopted during our human experience!

Permit yourself then to actually welcome your negative emotions as the fear-messengers that they are. Following where they may lead often requires great humility, persistence, and courage, but the pursuit is incredibly worthwhile. Find out what negative self-perceptions or negative perceptions about reality you are buying into. When you find those negative perceptions, spend time with them and with the resulting negative emotions they cause you to feel. Let them rant and rave, hear them out in the now. Feel them. Rather than listening to the story you have spun around them over a lifetime, just allow your awareness to be with the sensations themselves, without judgment. The light of your awareness is powerful: its mere presence, backed by the power of your intent to actually experience your emotions for what they are and to let go of your control, will naturally melt the illusions. With sufficient humility and bravery, it is possible to peek through the ego-structures of our lives sufficiently to see that in fact, everything negative is an illusion; only light and love truly exist!

The Erosion of the Ego

The unrelenting weather of “What Is” will always eventually erode the ego. That is, reality itself is built in a way that, over time, each conscious participant will naturally work their way through their fears to greater states of freedom, creativity, and love. That process may take a long time, or a short time, but the duration of time required is not hugely relevant: time-space itself is an invention.

The quality of your experience speaks to you about “how you are doing.” If your personal experience is one of peace and joy, you are following the natural way. If your personal experience is one of stress, pain, and suffering, you are often experiencing the counter-pressure necessary for you to grow. Anxiety, negative emotions, and stress are symptoms of having bought into perceptions or beliefs that are contrary to your true nature. Regardless of how much you believe the limited story you are telling yourself, and regardless of how much you blame others, you cannot escape the feedback that is your own personal experience.

The story of the ego is sometimes not one easily challenged, especially in the context of such a constraining universe as this one. But over time, that story does inevitably get challenged: beliefs that don’t seem right ask to be challenged; self-doubt that leads to pain demands to be challenged; our possessions and accomplishments do not ultimately satisfy us; hurtful action leads to retaliation; we fail to find fulfillment when our intentions are primarily selfish. Useful feedback abounds in our lives, if we are humble enough to listen.

Allow yourself then to acknowledge, and consciously play along with, the game of life! When your experience is positive, allow yourself to be fully present with it and thrive in it. When negative feedback arrives into your experience, allow it to reveal to you what needs to be healed. Always listen. Be willing to be shown. When your own stories are challenged, allow them to be. The erosion of the ego will happen one way or the other- this universe that you are committed to is made to facilitate it- so you might as well play along! When you do, and you surrender your deep need for control, you will find true freedom is waiting for you.

Accepting Your Physical Path

We who are physical are blessed with the opportunity to be physical. Near Death Experiencers and other sources from Spirit remind us that we, the physically incarnated, are particularly blessed! It is also said that there are many more spirits who wish to have the opportunity to make it IN to this reality than there are those of us who are already here. It is ironic then that so many of us here seem to want out!

Having the opportunity to walk the challenging path of physical life is a tremendous gift. Being physical is not primarily a walk of trial or judgment or sorrow. Being physical is having the precious opportunity to love when it is sorely needed, to grow through and shine in the face of challenges that may seem insurmountable, to participate in and experience Creation in an extreme way.

Thus instead of resisting your path, permit yourself to let go and accept the beauty of the messiness. Whatever is happening in your life, recognize your power to view it how you wish, or to drop your judgments altogether. Are you able to look past your own judgments and see with the ever-wondrous eyes of your spirit? Are you able to sense the profound opportunity in the challenge?

If so, recognize that your challenges are, in fact, gifts! As gifts, you might as well accept them while you are here! For when you accept your challenges and surrender to your own experience, rather than to your ideas about it, you will find the fruits of the spirit are ever available to you. True power and freedom lie in acceptance.

Embracing Personal Reality

Our deepest personal beliefs that are fueling our experience don’t appear to be beliefs at all. Instead they appear to be “obvious observations about how reality is.” When it appears “obvious” to us (while physical) that reality is “a certain way,” that is often our own belief about it. And that belief about it is significantly contributing to our own personal experience, both in how we interpret what we experience and also in how reality itself physically manifests our experience to us.

In fact, this physical reality is neutral, and we are each imposing our own meaning upon it. For the soul, this is a critical aspect of why the physical experience is so valuable: it permits us to expand and experience our deepest powers of interpretation.

And yet, let us not confuse the current experience of personal reality with a lack of an absolute reality. Indeed, absolute reality exists! That absolute reality contains and greatly transcends the personal reality. It’s just that living a personal reality in the physical necessitates that our perspective temporarily not include the perspective of the larger reality.

In other words, we are here for the full experience of “being human.” Thus while we are here we should fully embrace our current personal experience with all its confusions and limitations, for there are great treasures available to us when we do so!

At the same time, we can also always relinquish ourselves and choose to surrender- even by a few steps- back into the ever-present and much greater reality of the love of God. For even as you embrace the experience of personal reality, you are never, ever outside of the transcendent larger reality of God’s love. Existence itself at its root is creative joy, even as in its creativity it has chosen to exercise its power to transcend personal darkness.