The Answers Transcend the Local Intellect

The local intellect, which deals exclusively with forms (discrete thoughts and ideas), cannot understand higher truth. In other words, you cannot find the “Big Picture” answers by thinking. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find them at all. The answers are there, always available as what is real within the powerful reservoir of Being.

We believe thoughts have power, because we see the power they have in this local world every day. Through thinking we establish models by which we understand our environment, and successfully interact with it. We have come to believe that the apparently objective “outside” world is what is most real, and through thinking we are able to learn about that world and effect change in it- so we believe that thinking holds the power. But in general we have lost sight of the real larger context. In focusing so deeply on the physical, we have become so single-sighted that we believe all truth must fit within our physical understandings. That is an erroneous assumption, because the “outside” physical world is not what is most real. You are real; your awareness and Being, which is a part of all awareness and Being, is what is most real! And that Being contains far, far more than this local character and this physical world.

Your Being is here, now! Your Being is the wonderful presence of life itself- that same life which has become “wrapped up” within the identity of this local character, and within that character’s many thoughts. You are more than that; the truth is more than that. So if you truly wish to know that, you must be willing to find the answers outside of thoughts.

4 thoughts on “The Answers Transcend the Local Intellect

  • I keep hearing that to “be or just exist” is all we really have to do in life from people who have had near death experiences (kind of a low bar if you think about it, but I think I have a chance of graduating).

    I literally just burned my toast this morning and then wasted a 40 mile trip into town and back because I forgot something I needed before I left. The image of my cars gas cap dangling outside it’s open door still vexes me (but i’m sure God’s impressed and will use this in some kind of special needs class in heaven).

    As it is, I can barely materialize many BASIC desires in my life after almost 60 years of trying! The only things that give me true peace in life are that I’ve accepted I really don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground, and that life is short (for these realizations I thank all that is). As far as “all powerful” goes, i’ve only convinced my two dogs.

    I’m not making fun of the seriousness and the wisdom on this web site, i’m just having a laugh (it’s what I do).

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  • I think this is the post that may best fit my asking this question.
    From my reading and listening to NDE stories and hypnotic regression and other afterlife and between life reporters I found 2 apparently conflicting stories about incarnation. The one that is most common is that many to most of the Beings on earth do not want to be here. Didn’t want to return here. Helen Wambach, a psychologist who did thousands of pre-birth hypnotic regressions, in Life Before Life, complied with the most frequent statement as not wanting to return and either being persuaded or ‘pushed’ into a birth. This is also a common statement of many NDEs.
    I’ve also read or heard that a human incarnation is something of a coveted experience and that there is something like a queue to get a human body. And that if a soul bails at the last minute, another Being will immediately replace it.
    I can’ recall a citation for this beyond the Buddhist statement that human life is rare, precious, and difficult to obtain. A number of ND experiencers present that Source is grateful to our presence here.
    These 2 narratives sound conflicting. I also would guess that what is a paradox here somehow isn’t so There in the others realms.


    • I feel this may be a good example of something that seems conflicting from the duality-based (“is it this or that? it can’t be both can it?”) human point of view. The human experience is a ridiculously low vibration experience by contrast to our higher nature. So, in the context of knowing one’s higher nature (for instance during an NDE or in an in-between life state), it can be common for a given portion of the self to not want to return, at least at a given point in their experience. For example in my pre-birth experience a guide came to me over and over asking if I was ready to go back yet, and putting him off repeatedly, until I was (finally) ready to proceed with another go. Yet I also know that when I did review the life opportunity brought to me, I was incredibly excited, and indeed felt a huge amount of honor, at being given the extremely precious opportunity to be human and “play” this human life. Human lives are indeed very rare and precious! Being given a “slot” or “chance” to have the extremely unique and rigorous experience of being human is such an amazing gift. In my experience, full choice to “surrender” to the veil is required because the soul is sovereign, so nothing can have such power over it (“veil” it) unless it surrenders that power itself voluntarily. I hope that helps sir! If not please re-direct me.


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