Spirituality is Beyond One Direction

The pursuit of the transcendent and formless does not mean rejecting the world of form for the sake of the transcendent. Rather, form is a part of that which is transcendent. The formlessness and unity of our being is in all things; it is not “over there and not over here.”

This is important because as beings who are currently focused in an experience of duality, we often believe that pursuing spirituality is about pursuing some “thing or things” to the exclusion of other “thing or things.” We often believe spirituality is about moving in one “direction”; we confuse that which we seek with the “things” themselves. To the duality-conditioned intellect, of course it can often be beneficial to select some form (some belief or behavior) to move towards at the expense of others. But ultimately the move towards the unity of our being cannot be a move of division. We cannot pit form against form and find unity.

All forms that exist do so within the context of the much broader fundamental reality of love, wisdom, freedom, and joy!

As we search for that joy, it is not the forms we seek, not some destination, not some “this or that.” Rather, we seek that which is already fundamental and always present! We seek that which seems to have vanished before us as we’ve bought into the dense world of form and our many interpretations about it.

What we seek is not in “one thing and not the other.” What we seek is the fabric of our native Beingness itself, the living essence of our awareness that beholds all things, which is the same living essence in all things everywhere!

And that awareness is always close! It cannot go anywhere. It “follows you” wherever you go- nay, it is you, and you are it! It is with you in all the directions that you choose, all the efforts that you make, all the experience and pain and pleasure. And your search for that is not a search of choosing the right forms, or of division or striving- but a move towards complete and total personal genuineness in meeting the present moment. Whatever directions have been chosen before, allow yourself to meet the Now deeply. In the naked truth of the real present moment, the light of Being always shines!