The Power of Small Choices

The real “playing field” is in the small, individual choices that we make. Your spiritual growth does not occur all at once. Healing the world does not occur all at once. Both are accomplished by making the choice in common moments to genuinely wield an intent that is operating from compassion and love rather than self-protection and fear.

Do not be distracted by the scope of healing that is required! Rather, bring your attention only to what you can do in any given moment and in any given choice, no matter how simple or mundane that moment or choice may be.

Every action we take is a choice. Every thought we buy into, even in the quiet of our minds, is a choice. Choices are constantly presented to us. Yet so very many choices are not optimally utilized because we frequently make “routine” choices that are based in self-service, the avoidance of pain, or fear.

When the spiritually minded individual begins to get a real look at the self, it can be overwhelming to discover how much of what one does is actually motivated by ego or fear. It is too easy to then take yet another fearful step and say, “how can I possibly make a difference in such vast imperfection?” We often make a similar statement when we feel bewildered by trying to make a difference in our vastly imperfect external world.

Take heart! Contrary to how it may appear on the surface, you actually do have great power! At this very moment you have at your disposal the full power of the mightiest and most fundamental tool in existence: your intent. Do not underestimate it! Do not make the physical mind’s mistake of believing that your non-physical intent itself is inconsequential. Indeed, by making a conscious effort to shift your intent in any given common moment towards compassion, openness, courage, humility, and love- even when you genuinely do so in the quiet of your own heart- you are already making a move toward external and internal healing! The power of such choices may not be visually immediately apparent, but do not let that deter you: all change first occurs in consciousness space, and then only subsequently does it appear in the manifested world of form.

So recognize today the power of even the very small and common choices that you make. And have the courage to face your own imperfections and the imperfections of our world with hope, for the common moment is always available to you to actualize real, lasting change!

There is Always Reason to Hope

There is always reason to hope. In fact, it is the things that “cause” us to “lose hope” that are the dream. The more real and enduring reality is one of pure power, freedom, joy, and love! And thus encouraging one to hope does not so much need to be an exercise in convincing them there is reason to hope, but rather a reminder of their true nature.

In truth, hope does not contend with hopelessness- because hopelessness is the illusion. Hopelessness can only exist as that which is irrevocably powerful and formless takes a sojourn into form, and forgets itself there. What is far more fundamental than that dream is ever-present genuine knowing of total freedom and perfect love. The truth of invincible hope is the presiding rock bed that is always just beneath our feet- it does not need to strive against that which is the illusion.

Being in the illusion, however, the physical personality portion of us often needs to be reminded. And so please be lovingly reminded: remember! Remember what you are! Remember not just with your mind and with the learned ideas of this lifetime, but feel it with your ever present being! Feel it with the life that flows through you itself! You are the light, you are hope and joy. You are freedom, and power, and love! You are so free and so powerful that you have allowed yourself to “get your hands dirty” by becoming “lost” in the human experience. Even with that being the case, no matter how dire the circumstances of the Earthly play may seem, you cannot ever escape the pure hope of the immortal light that remains with you. The wonder, love, power, and hopefulness of that light is completely beyond Earthly description- and even in the darkest times, it never, ever leaves you!

Allow yourself then to let go of all that troubles you, and feel the precious presence of life that never abates. Surrender, and be reminded of that ever-present and completely unblemishable hope that always remains with you! For there is nothing you can possibly do that will ever remove you or those you love from its eternal care.

Separation Is an Illusion

There is actually no such thing as separation. The distance you experience is occurring within you- like a thick “sensory and thought” cloak passed over you that has deeply captivated your attention. Yet it is just an illusion. You are, in fact, everywhere.

If you’re not actually experiencing that, such a claim may seem fanciful, if not absurd. Indeed, there are no words that can truly communicate many aspects of our greater nature, for words are meant to speak to the dualistic forms of our local reality only. This is especially true when consciousness- your consciousness?- has “lost itself” within the dualistic forms and temporarily forgotten what it truly is. In that case, the separation seems very real.

Yet, in fact, everything you are experiencing is occurring within your awareness, and that awareness is irrevocably connected to the very same awareness that beholds all things. You do not need to GO anywhere- you are already a part of everything!

While you are having this deep human experience of separation, allow yourself to fully embrace it for all that it is meant to be. There is profound value in fully living the human experience.

Yet it is also important to remember that separation is an illusion, because you are actually connected to all those that seem “external” to you. Thus what you do unto others, in a real sense, you do unto yourself. “Love” then is not merely an objective, it is a move back towards the reality of the unity that exists beneath the illusion of form.

Impacting What Is Real

When you are impacting another, you are impacting spirit, and spirit is real. Since spirit is real and enduring, by affecting another person’s experience, you are “impressing upon” that which is real. You are having a real effect. This is in contrast to simply moving around the “props” of the physical simulation (the objects or forms) which are, generally speaking, local and transient.

The real spirit is interested in real impact. This is partly why from the perspective of the Big Picture, the success of our physical lives is not determined by our physical accomplishments or possessions, but rather by how much we were able to love others. Loving intention and interaction is successful in part because it is furthering real change in the direction of our native state, which is unified and whole. That change is far more powerful than it may seem on the physical surface! In fact, since the spirit is multi-dimensional, by impacting another, you are always having an effect on multiple dimensions.

This is important to remember in a society that is obsessed with physical accomplishment, the allocation of objects, and the acquisition of temporary identities. Our society spends (we spend) a huge amount of energy focusing on the transient and pursuing the substanceless distractions of possession and identity. Yet we can remind ourselves of that distraction. We can remind ourselves of our inalienable power to make a true, lasting impact: by loving the person next to us! The genuine intention to love the person next to us, however we can, is all that is required to make an impact that lasts forever.