Tom Campbell

I highly recommend the work of physicist Tom Campbell to any who are interested in intellectually understanding their place in the “Larger Consciousness System” and how/why physical reality exists for us. For instance, the following lecture series: Tom Campbell Spain Lecture and Tom Campbell Calgary MBT Introduction

Tom Campbell’s entire “My Big TOE” (Theory of Everything) book trilogy is available free at: Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE Book Trilogy

Nonduality and Other Teachers
Channeled Sources
Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experience accounts are great “spiritual field research” reading. Thousands are available at: Near Death Experience Research Foundation and some video accounts are available on YouTube. Excellent examples include: Amphianda’s NDE, Amy Call’s NDE, Christian Andreason’s NDE, and Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s NDE.

Here is a worthwhile writing about “the meaning of life” as articulated by NDE’er Dr. Eben Alexander: Dr. Eben Alexander Meaning of Life Blog Post

Scientific Research on Psi Phenomena

Here is a link to over 100 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrating the effect of consciousness on the physical world (“psi phenomena”): Psi Research Studies- Dean Radin’s Website

Princeton (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Institute or “PEAR” Labs) performed over 25 years of rigorous scientific research on “psi effects” and concluded the odds were over 1-billion-to-1 that consciousness does affect the material world: PEAR Labs Introduction

Dedicated Pre-Birth Experience Collection Site:

I’ve been very blessed in this work to meet many other pre-birth experiencers! Understandably, many never share their experience. But I just wanted to share a link to a site for a gentleman named David Bruce who is beginning to catalogue these experiences. (I don’t know David personally but this work feels important to me.) For any who may feel so called, the sharing can be done anonymously: