The Never Ending Abundance of Life

Life itself is abundant beyond measure! Life itself is so rich that no physical form can possibly express the depths of its native bounty. You are Life, having the experience of being a person.

Thus the depths of abundance exist within you! You do not need to turn to the things of the world to find your richness. You do not need to turn to objects, ideas, beliefs, actions, substances, sensations, or relationships to find your worth. Worth already belongs to you, because you Are. That is not a statement of ego, it is a statement about Being.

There is never truly a reason to give up your hope, joy, or peace: Life is always there with you, because Life is what you are. The incredible depths of the bounty of that truth can never, ever leave you. Listen to the richness of your Being beneath all the Earthly conditioning, and allow yourself to know this while you are human, that your physical experience can that much more be one of joy!

3 thoughts on “The Never Ending Abundance of Life

  • This is a beautiful post. It is true in my life but not fulfilled in my life until I knew God and his Son. Everyday is special to me.

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  • Well put. Life is indeed abundant. Once we realize our connection to Love, we know that. Love flows into our life and makes us whole. It makes it possible for us to relate to others in loving ways. Life and Love are intertwined, maybe two faces of the same coin.

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