Christian’s Talks and Interviews

Pre-Birth Experience Videos:

November 2021 Pre-Birth Experience discussion with Paul Dobson on The Nonduality Podcast:

Q&A with Luisa from Passion Harvest 10/23/21:

Discussion with Guy Lawrence:

Intuitiview Interview with Kim Carey:

Mira Kelly Interview:

Passion Harvest Interview:

Wisdom Soup Interview:

NDE Radio interview with Lee Witting:

Conversation with Shannon Torrence of Magic Is Real podcast:

Interview with Karen Swain on ATP Media:

Discussion With Vanessa Wideski:

Discussion with hypnotherapist Hilary Mary:

Discussion with Janet Tarantino:

Christian’s Talks (Videos):

“Freeing the Real from the Unreal”:

“You Have the Power”:

“Counting Blessings”:

“Love is Always Near”:

“The Importance of Interfaith Tolerance”:

“The Opportunity of Today”:

Christian’s Talks (Audio Recordings):

“Unconditional Love”:

“Letting Go”:

“Being Present”:

“Claiming Truth”:

“I Am Enough”:

“Conceiving of Grace Whilst In a Context of Apparent Darkness”:

Church of Spiritual Oneness Talk: