Form as an Expression of the Joy of Being

The joy of Being expresses through form. Form is of Being, even as Being transcends it- and so Being revels in the forms that it loves and that are expressions of its native Love. The love of a sunset, the love of the beauty of a child’s laughter, the love of color and song- these and more are Beingness being what it is, even as it rejoices at the forms that exist within it and of it.

Beingness revels in manifest creation! Beingness revels in creating sunsets, and laughter, and color, and song. Consciousness loves sensation. Consciousness loves experience.

This love is at the root of all manifest experience- even experience that can, for a time, have a most severe edge in the world of duality. The soul is so churning with this love that it may even seek to test the very boundaries of manifest expression- to test the farthest extremes of duality; to know them. Our world is one of many that fulfill such powerful love-based creative ambition.

Even though here on Earth we have accomplished a daringly deep dive into the world of the discreet, that love is still what we are! Every single experience is, ultimately, underlined by this love. And thus any form- no matter what it is- has the potential to be known in joy. We may feel constantly experientially distanced from this joy by the boundaries of the separate self: by our addiction to thinking, by our thick association with our labels, by our resistance to truly feeling what we feel, and by our fierce and constant grasping for human identity- but even those experiences are made of the same substance. Even the separate self arises in love and from the joy of Being as that joy of Being actualizes its powerful adoration of manifest experience! And that joy of Being, rather than the separate human, is what we really are.