Just sharing a site that has begun to catalogue Pre-Birth Experiences

I’ve been very blessed in this work to meet many other pre-birth experiencers! Understandably, many never share their experience. But I just wanted to share a link to a site for a gentleman named David Bruce who is beginning to catalogue these experiences. (I don’t know David personally but this work feels important to me.) For any who may feel so called, the sharing can be done anonymously: beingbeforetheveil.com

11 thoughts on “Just sharing a site that has begun to catalogue Pre-Birth Experiences

  • totally resonate with me. I never dared to share my experience with pre-birth and incarnation time before I stumble upon you Christian. Thank you for your work

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  • I do exactly the same think. We should connect ! I recently did a scientific research on this topic (Guittier MJ, Wahbeh H, Eykerman M, Evrard R. Near birth experience: An exploratory study on the communication experiences with a hypothetical prenatal consciousness. Explore (NY). 2022 Dec 1:S1550-8307(22)00207-5. doi: 10.1016/j.explore.2022.11.003. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36476356), and I write a book now. I also collect testimonies about such experiences.

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    • Sounds wonderful! Please email me at awalkinthephysical@gmail.com and let me know how I can help. πŸ™‚ Also I’m sure David Bruce (at the link mentioned) might be interested to help too (though I do not know him personally). Also you might check out the FB group “Pre-Birth Memories & Pre-Mortal Existence.” Thank you for your work!


  • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing your pre-birth memories. I have various
    questions, some related to things you’ve mentioned in presentations on yt.

    1) The “low vibration” you had to deal with and engage with in your current
    human incarnation (the “next incarnation”, before the first stopped extremely
    early on), how was it possible that you didn’t know in advance that the
    “low vibration” had been dealt with and overcome before, by other beings,

    Perhaps millions of times before?

    2) When you “broke out” of the (first human) 99%-perfect-incarnation, why do you
    think you choose to break out, as you probably had had many incarnations before
    that, which you most likely hadn’t broken out of?

    Why did you break out of that specific one?

    3) Most persons with pre-birth memories, mention often that either themselves
    or others who very in the process of going into an incarnation, don’t
    want to incarnate. But they don’t seem to break out, at least it seems
    unusual that anyone breaks out of an incarnation until they are born.

    What quality could it be that you have, which made it possble for you
    to break out, before being born?

    4) Now, difficult questions, related to the so called Fermi paradox, why does
    it seem the no other intelligent beings are here on Earth beside humans?
    Or are the others hiding here on Earth?

    5) Are galaxies real or what does exist in space?

    6) Are stars the same as distant suns in our Milky Way or are stars something
    completely different, something which science doesn’t understand?


    • Some comments to your comments:

      (1.) The specific fear vibration that I was going to engage was so extreme, that I asked the guides if any being had ever accomplished integrating that vibration. They shared that yes that had been done. I definitely do not get the sense that the exact fear vibration I am describing has been done “millions of times before.” Not all experiences are the same; not all “distances of vibration” are the same. The fear I am here to process is very specific, and very deep in that specific way.

      (2.) If I am understanding your question correctly: There was something specifically low vibration about the previous experience, and this one. I don’t know why this and the last incarnation were particularly challenging for me- perhaps it was the body, something about the circumstances, the mother’s energy, or maybe even the planet or species!- I do not know. I just know that these two experiences were uniquely and hugely low vibration for me to experience.

      (3.) I feel you are trying to fit very fast, higher dimensional concepts into local limited understanding. There are many layers of the self. At the deepest layer, the soul must always choose to surrender itself into a veiling, because it is sovereign. But at a “lower” level, a given personality- who has yet-unevolvedness- might need coaxing to be “pushed” into fulfilling a previous commitment/ intention (to grow through incarnation). This happened with me, too, as the guide came and asked me repeatedly if I was ready to go back yet. I am not special in some way.

      As a crude metaphor, just in case it is helpful, perhaps consider the incarnation cycle as like orbiting a planet. The gravity of the planet pulls you in and you orbit around it faster and faster (each orbit being one physical life)- that is you get deeply associated with the density and richness of the form so you incarnate time and again, perhaps with limited discretion as you are so deeply associated with the form. As maturity and awakening occurs, and as experience is integrated, the gravity holds less and less traction between each orbit. This is a crude metaphor but perhaps it will help.

      Meanwhile I’m not sure what you mean by “breaking out.”

      (4.) The scope of our reality system is ridiculously vast: there are HUGE physical distances and time distances involved. It does not seem strange to me that there may be, on a given planet such as Earth, only one species that has evolved to a certain level of cognitive reasoning ability (humans). Meanwhile everything on Earth is conscious; souls play all the roles, including animals, so humans are not as special or unique as it may seem. πŸ™‚ Also, as distance isn’t fundamentally real anyway, “travel” can be done by consciousness, so I believe evolved sentient races from other planets may interact with Earth in ways that we do not currently understand (for instance through channeling). Physical visitation (re-location to our point in time-space) isn’t out of the question, either. In my PBE the possibility of incarnating on other non-human worlds was seen/ “normal”- though the human experience offered a very precious and unique opportunity, both cognitively, and also energetically (at this point in our evolution). As to why we apparently haven’t found evidence of alien life (at least in the mainstream)- just as one comment to this I’d say it is important not to underestimate the effect that a sleeping collective consciousness has on what it can see.

      (5.) Space is an experience. It is virtual. There are virtual places, including many galaxies, in our virtual physical universe, which occurs within consciousness through the experience of sense data, feelings, and thoughts.

      (6.) Distant suns. πŸ™‚ And, science doesn’t understand even what a star truly is in fullness- for example, it is very much conscious, even if we do not yet understand how.


      • Thanks for your response. By β€œbreaking out”, I probably meant “rejecting the veil”, as you described it in relation to your previous incarnation.


  • Hi Christian, my comment is slightly off topic but I’ve been wondering if animals are veiled in the same way as us. I suspect that they are not, especially those who have a reasonably large decision space such as cats, dogs, horses and so on. Elephants and dolphins too of course. Many seem to have a sixth sense so to speak and often a heightened awareness. I’m sure my cats could sometimes sense a presence that I could not, for example. Would love to know the answer to this query πŸ™‚


    • The veiling is unique per species, and indeed even, per body. πŸ™‚ So the constraints on consciousness (intellectual cognitive abilities, awareness of certain types of data, etc.) can be significantly different. I can’t comment more specifically than that though. πŸ™‚


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