Sharing a Conversation with Brian Smith of the Grief 2 Growth Podcast!

Just sharing a link to a recent podcast I participated in with Brian Smith from Grief 2 Growth!

24 thoughts on “Sharing a Conversation with Brian Smith of the Grief 2 Growth Podcast!

      • Brian. Thankyou for having Christian on your show. Your questions helped deepen the conversation for what we long for as grieving parents.

        Christian; As a grieving parent of my son Max you have helped more than once with your wisdom, depth, sincerity and love. You took me to a new level in this interview.

        My love, gratitude and respect to you both,
        Catherine still Max’s Mom

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    • Once again, although I’ve heard your story numerous times (you have such patience to relay it so thoughtfully, over and over and over again) there were excerpts that were new and thought provoking. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. They are much appreciated.

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      • Thank you Laura! A while ago I asked myself, “is this worth repeating time and again?” and I realized that to challenge root assumptions requires repetition. I am reminded of years ago when I read the Seth Speaks books, where he repeats over and over “you create your reality” (in various ways)- after a good number of times I thought “this is repetitive” but then I found I was also thinking “wait do I really create my reality?” It took awhile to sink in! 🙂 I then became grateful that it had been repeated to me. Anyway, just sharing some thoughts! I appreciate your encouragement!

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      • You are so right, Christian. Good information bears repeating over and over because not only do the repeat listeners get something new out of it, but there’s always the first listener, who needs to hear it. My appreciation goes out to you for keeping it fresh and interesting every time.

        I’ve been teaching the same subject matter for about 20 years to adult students. I try to keep in mind that while I’m repeating myself, their ears are fresh and new and if I can just keep that in mind, I’m happy to deliver the same information over and over and over again.

        Your work is so important. And yes, you’re right about Seth. He does reiterate his message with different approaches and after listening to Seth Speaks audio version over and over for a few years, I finally started hearing some of the messages loud and clear. I bust out laughing when that happened.

        I wish you and your family much happiness and good health.

        Thank you so much for responding. Laura

        Laura Farrell


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  • I am so glad that your sincerity comes evident to audience to any of your interviews so that they/we can benefit from the messages you are sharing. It is powerful, brother/sister.:)

    Love and gratitude.

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  • You’re a calming and centering presence. Keep sharing your interviews!

    Side note: when my youngest son was 10, a kid in his gym class dropped him in a trust exercise too. He broke his arm. Hopefully, now that you’ve both experienced that, neither of you will have to again. Not the most pleasant human experience.

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  • Hi Christian,
    Thanks again for sharing this interview that Brian did with you.
    Something strange happened this time (again) while listening.
    I was sad the whole time, and crying. Gawd I didn’t know I could shed so many tears so fast.
    It was the separation-thing that got me. Abandonned as a human being. And feeling abandonned later in life. And rejecting connections from a certain point.
    Being afraid to trust at last.
    And than my love died.
    So the separation-thing hit a nerve I guess.

    I cried a river while listening to you.
    It doesn’t matter.
    Either that or I do not know the use of crying a river over separation.
    Thanx, both of you, Christian and Brian.



    • Same. I heard him on a podcast in January and was in tears. I had already done a lot in my journey for several years with EMDR, meditation, plant medicine, Kundalini energy awakening, so everything he said rang true in my being. I then immediately read his book. Just so calm and true. I’d like to think as humans, we’re all learning to now see our paths from a greater perspective/ bigger picture and simply connect and love in truth on our Earth journey.

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  • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing your pre-birth memories. I’ve some questions.

    1) You’ve mentioned that you saw the physical universe shortly after it was
    created. In linear time that should be a long time ago. Why do people
    still reincarnate after all these billions of years and still seem to do
    the same wrongs?

    Even if we think in terms of a short linear time, say 50 000 years, since
    some of us reincarnated as neanderthals, we don’t seem to have learnt a
    whole lot. Same bad lives are repeated, same fights, a lot of repetition
    is done.

    Shouldn’t we have learnt our lessons long ago? Why do we repeatedly
    reincarnate 1000s (millions?) of times and do the same ugly things again?

    2) You’ve mentioned that you saw your life plan (?) pre-birth and that
    it could branch in different directions because of others’ free will,
    which would interfere with your original life plan?

    Now I wonder. If free will wouldn’t interfere, would it be possible to
    determine one’s life in detail, exactly? Wouldn’t chaos theory, the butterfly
    effect, etc, make complete mess of any plan, regardless if the start
    predictions are very good?

    Wouldn’t it require an absolutley enormous “computer” to calculate all
    branches as random events would interfere? Without free will, is the
    physical universe completely deterministic? Wouldn’t that violate
    Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle?

    And how was you able to do all those life prediction estimations? Would
    you have been able to do them on your own, without the help of guides?


    • LongRiver,

      Some comments to your questions:

      1) The simulated time duration of the simulated universe is not of primary importance, what is of primary importance is experience. We have indeed grown very much, but we are dealing with a very rigorous level of constraint in this simulation, and the integration of that level of constraint is not easy, especially considering the amount of fear (yet-unevolvedness) we are working with both individually and collectively. In our world, even a small step forward is a tremendous accomplishment. And even in the last 2,000 years, which is a very short amount of time, the human race has really come a long way. (There have also been far more human “avatar opportunities” in recent history than in ancient history.)

      2) I have not said that others’ free will would “interfere with my life plan”: the occurrence of free will is a wonderful unfolding, even if certain less-likely branches of the tree may be actualized. Free will doesn’t “interfere,” free will is the point. If there were no free will involved, then metaphorically you would probably have a situation similar to a computer simulation in our world where the outcome is completely calculated and prescribed- nothing learned. Yes, the “computer” of spirit is enormous: even from the human perspective that seems completely mind-boggling, but perhaps that’s not a bad example of how extreme our limitations are here that we think that- in fact it is not hard for spirit, spirit’s bandwidth is huge. Meanwhile even the actualization of physical events here though is “probablistic,” not actually completely deterministic: see the first two hour’s of Tom Campbell’s Spain lecture for an explanation that I feel is helpful:

      Regarding your last question, there is no separation, we are all connected and one too, so while I reviewed the flow chart myself (with my own huge bandwidth), I did so with the help of those helping me plan the life, but we know we are all one so from that perspective there isn’t a critical distinction between “I did it” or “they did it.” In crude simplified terms, they handed me a package of the life which for me would have many billions of possible outcomes and I reviewed them all in seconds. I hope that helps!

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      • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing your pre-birth memories. I’ve been thinking
        over your previous responses and have some more questions.

        A1) The Veil is like a consciousness device, ok. But the human body, couldn’t
        the human body itself be regarded as a consciousness device? Could the human
        body be a sort of Veil? It seems to me that the human body itself is limiting
        the consciousness. Or compare an animal, isn’t the animal already very limited,
        veiled, by not having much intellectual properties?

        I guess I’m trying to figure out what the Veil is, what is outside the Veil
        and still limiting us.

        A2) If no consciousness is entered into a human body, what happens with that
        body? Will it still be born, but without a “soul”? Could there be such persons
        here on Earth, where no-one is inside the body, meaning noone is Veiled and
        in the human body?

        If the guides and tinkers would stop putting (veiled) persons into human
        bodies, whould those bodies still be born and be able to function? Would
        the “soulless” humans become some sort of “backdrop” characters, going to jobs,
        having hobbies, eating, sleeping, but not really thinking, just existing?
        Become sort of biological robots?

        Or will God knows what, enter that ignored body and take posession of it,
        if it’s not veiled and inhabited by someone who wants to develop spiritually?

        A3) You mentioned that in your previous incarnation, you rejected the Veil,
        before being born. It seems to me that your rejection was not taken into
        account, when your life plan was made, despite such precitions being were

        If that veil-rejection was not forseen, why do you think the veil-rejection,
        was missed during planning?


      • LongRiver,

        Some comments to your questions:

        A1) The body is primarily an experience, not a fundamentally real thing. Yes, the limitations of the body are “worn” and limit what consciousness can perceive, remember, and do. The veil is the “technology” that permits the complete immersion into that bodily limitation set, and yes, generally speaking, that limitation is “tied” to the existence of the simulated body. When the body dies, the limitations of the veil are released.

        A2) The physical universe is a simulation: I do suspect it is possible for “NPCs” (Non-Player Characters) to be played by the “system” rather than by a player. However the opportunity of a given human life is huge, and the system is very efficient, so I suspect that is extremely rare if it happens (I don’t know of a reason that would ever be preferable). To the second part of your question about whether or not bodies would continue to function without players: In the World of Warcraft video game, do elves and dwarves still walk around the world if no player is present?- well, technically the system can run the simulation all it wants- but there aren’t really any elves or dwarves anyway, only the illusion of elves and dwarves being experienced by those engaged in the game in whatever capacity (whether as by players in the game or as administrators). So the question is perhaps more like, does it matter? The simulation (including bodies) matters as it is being engaged by consciousness. (It is not terribly pertinent to me whether there is an elf NPC on a certain server on the World of Warcraft “going to work” today.)

        A3) Learning can only be done by doing / actually experiencing. Spirit is intentionally subjecting itself to conditions in which an unknown outcome may occur- even, for example, my possible rejection of the limitations because of my fear (yet-unevolvedness). Still, even if my rejection was seen as a possibility, that does not at all mean the experience was a true loss- because even now I “learn” from it.

        I hope that helps!


  • Dear Christian,
    Is it possible for a loved one-on-the-other-side-of-the-veil to be sad for one of us that he (or she) was very close to?
    Why do I ask. Yesterday I was driving a long way. The sun was shining. I was talking to my love-on-the-other-side-of-the-veil. All sorts of stuff. Trying to figure out a way te get by. It was a breautiful day.
    Suddenly I shut up and I asked my love-on-the-other-side-of-the-veil
    “So. How are you doing in the meantime ..?”
    And raindrops fell on the windowpane of the car. Big ones. While the sun was shining.
    And when I considdered that his answer it stopped again. No dark cloud in sight.

    So that is why I am asking.
    I only remember you speaking of love, joy, oneness when on-the-other-side-of-the-veil, and encouraging us here in the solid state.
    I don’t remember anything about sadness

    And also; is it possible that beings-on-the-other-side-of-the-veil are actually constantly “talking” to us? Talking in symbols. Like I drive along the side of a lake that is a bit hazy, and I ask the beings-on-the-other-side-of-the-veil if they are all having a party again on the lake, and a white herron appear and fly across the road as if to say “well I am for sure dear.”
    (The white herron is one of the symbols my love-on-the-other-side-of-the-veil uses to show himself. )

    I am curious to know.
    Thanks Christian !



  • Hey Christian
    I’d like to hear your perspective on this. I’ve noticed this trend of people who go on spiritual retreats, talk about spiritual stuff on various podcasts, say that there’s a world wide awakening and so on because many people are talking about it and there’s a bigger awareness of such concepts.

    Now, I’m a bit skeptical about this because of these 2 reasons: 1. talk is cheap and a couple people that I know of and were talking as if they were awakened 5 years ago went trough some ugly stuff (divorce, scandal about kids custody) since then which shows that actions (what really counts) don’t match the words 2. just because there’s more people talking about it doesn’t mean that more people are actually doing something. As a parallel, look at nutrition and exercise, more experts on the subject and more coverage in the media than ever, yet people are fatter than ever.


    • Quality of intent is what is important; and intent = action. (You can’t trick your actual intent; it’s not talk that counts.) We are complex beings, and have a huge amount of vibrational history and thought patterns to work through- and the limitations in this simulation are very great. So, variable success may be seen by any being at any moment (surely we all make fear-based choices sometimes because we yet have fear to work through). The collective awakening is indeed happening. The vibration of the collective consciousness is increasing as we process old fear based patterns and actually grow in our (individual and then collective) quality of being towards love. Processing the old patterns means they have to come up to the surface to be seen for what they are; you don’t clean out the basement without bringing up the junk. So you may see a lot of junk coming out to the curb and think no cleaning is happening, but what matters is the state of the basement. Much of the “work” and progress of the awakening is taking place in hearts and minds- it is the growth of our quality of intention- and that is not visible.

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  • Hey Christian,

    I really enjoy your posts and I’ve read your book twice. But I find I’m in a moral dilemma. I’m really torn in deciding: Is everlasting life a blessing or a curse? Is God a parasitic being who feeds off the negative and positive energy we generate here on earth? (Since God is infinite and therefore can not know Himself, needs to experience His creation through us.) And then we are told “it’s for our own good.” If this is all a “learning experience” that implies a hierarchy through which we are ascending, but towards what?. If we are perfect creations of the Divine, then what is there to aspire to? And using the Vail to hide the knowledge from us here on earth, is like blindfolding someone, then throwing them into the deep end of the pool and saying “Okay, now swim!” I agree, we are not born sinful, just egoic, which is our automatic pilot, which is necessary for our physical survival. But if we given up control, then it takes us wherever it will. I get it. Automatic pilot (ego) “low energy vibration”, Self-control (love) generates “high energy vibration.” But towards what ends? Just for the sake of experience itself? How many times , in how many lives, must we have the same experiences? No offense intended, but sometimes I think you’re a prophet, other times I worry that you’re the front man for the biggest con game in creation. You can see how I am truly struggling. Any insights would be appreciated.

    With gratitude, Michael


    • Thank you for sharing your “dilemma” sir! A few comments just for consideration:

      1. Considering that everlasting life might be a curse suggests that you are associating life (existence itself) with pain or victimhood. Pain or victimhood is simply not the nature of Life. Rather, we associate deeply with those forms of pain and victimhood when we are physical (even unto the point of thinking life *means* them or necessitates them), and then reject them. In rejection (even of being “trapped”), we suffer.

      2. The “hierarchy of ascension” is one we choose ourselves. We are already perfect. You are already perfect on a Tuesday before you might voluntarily choose to, say, lay down and lift weights. God didn’t use you parasitically to lift weights, rather God gave you the opportunity to choose whatever you wanted- including the chance to explore form so deeply that you could participate in the expanding frontier of What Is, which is also the expansion of joy through form. God let you choose to attempt to integrate and come to terms with a ridiculously alien experience of separation (which can provoke so much fear in so many, and thus potentially create a condition where we can see how very fearful we are).

      3. Regarding: “How many times, how many lives must we have the same experience?”- there is no “must.” But where there is still rejection, there is yet opportunity; But where there is pain, there is yet some way we are rejecting even this crazy denseness. I am definitely no prophet! – but I can at least comment that from the vantage point in which I chose to have this experience, deception or victimhood was simply not a thing at all, it had no power, and it was I who made this choice from a very, very wide vantage point. If you are interested two other pre-birth experiencers and I discussed the question of “is life on Earth a reincarnation trap?” in the following video:

      4. It is not that ego generates some kind of stuff called low vibration energy, and love generates some kind of stuff called high vibration energy: rather, our true nature (the nature of our consciousness itself) is ridiculously high vibration, and love is in alignment with that; whereas fear is operating in alignment with the non-native illusion of separation. But, where we can meet that low vibration context and fully integrate it, WE expand, vibrationally, out to that point. Then we are capable of more (feeling more, knowing more, experiencing more, being more, affecting other thought responsive reality systems more, etc.). That is an absolutely incredibly precious opportunity (and quite a far leap from a parasitic relationship of some kind; note as I saw that I am not drawing distinction between your higher self and you the human personality, as if the latter were serving the former, because you ARE your higher self, reading this post right now).

      Why is life on Earth “obviously” bad, and an experience of torment (for you)? Perhaps start there, with that assumption/ association. If there isn’t joy present today, then your own rejection/ fear yet remains an opportunity (somewhere). There is no need to blame God for that opportunity. We have fear, and fear is insane and hurts like hell (so much that we can make quite the hellish conditions for each other here). As a very crude metaphor: if we are learning to cut paper with scissors in kindergarten but keep cutting the person next to us instead, it is us who might choose to keep going back to the classroom until we truly experientially understand how to use them properly (which includes the futility of cutting our classmates with scissors). Learning to use physical scissors is no small feat though; it is like, as I heard Natalie Sudman say, a fighter jet pilot learning to fly a jet upside down 20′ above the ground.

      I hope this helps brother! If not please hone me in.


  • Hey Christian

    Are you familiar with Bashar (an entity channeled by Darryl Anka)? I’ve recently found him and in some instances his message is so similar to that of Tom Campbell that I was like … did this guy watch a ton of Tom’s videos and learned his stuff by heart and now repeating it? Then I found videos with him channeling in the mid 1980s with basically the same message as today so that made it clear he’s his own guy.


  • Hey Christian

    You know the feeling of waking up by a mild jolt like an earthquake (actually checked and there was no earthquake) and for a few seconds not knowing where you are? I think I’ve heard this description from people returning from OBEs and it’s regarded as the soul reconnecting with the body. I’ve never had an OBE that I know of so I can’t say. Compared to the rest of the days when the waking up is event less, is that a sign you were very busy during sleep in other dimensions? What do you make of it?


    • Of course I cannot label any individual case sir, but yes, sometimes when we return from non-physical experience, or when we begin to engage other systems while the body falls asleep, we may experience vibrations or other sensory data (sights, sounds).

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