Podcast with NDEr Laurie Majka from Sept 2022

Just sharing a link to a podcast I participated in last September with Near Death Experiencer Laurie Majka for any who may be interested! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Podcast with NDEr Laurie Majka from Sept 2022

  • Hey Christian

    The lady mentions at 1:05:40 that our avatar here on Earth is like the nail on the pinky finger of our whole non physical being. So the question arises, what does the whole being (soul) do all day long? (tongue in cheek, as there’s no day/night distinction in non physical)

    Furthermore, from Tom Campbell’s model, I understand that since learning is cumulative, incarnations are made one at a time, then the life is reviewed and the next one planned. But from what she said, it sounded to me that the whole being (soul) has such a big processing power that doing nothing else than processing the activity of one human avatar at a time is a bit like using the latest computer just to play a card game. What are you thoughts on this?


    • Hello sir! I feel your question about “what the soul does ‘all day long’ ” is a very human-assumption-based question: we think physical activity makes up life, so if the pinky is doing one series of activities, the knee, collar bone, and nape of the neck must all be doing other similar things- but that is a flawed assumption. It is more about “being” than “doing.” “What are you being today?” is actually a more useful question than “what are you doing today?” anyway, even here in the physical. πŸ™‚ In this case, being a pinky is non-native; the soul can and does engage realities and exist in states of being in vast multitudinous ways that are far beyond the intellectual comprehension of the human character who is trying to conceive intellectually of those activities from its local non-native vantage point.

      To your second question, there is both sequentially-logical-evolution (even sequentially-logical-evolution that transcends our linear time), and simultaneously all things occurring in the One Now at the same time, without conflict. In your metaphor, the soul doesn’t sit there and just watch its pinky; but it IS, as only the pinky portion of itself, having the experience of being “only a pinky” for awhile, even as it is simultaneously quite active in other systems right now. You are active in other dimensions right now even if “you as the pinky” isn’t aware of it because of the limitations of the veiled experience.

      I hope that helps sir!

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  • This is one of my favorite of your conversations! ❀️
    Please don’t ever stop sharing your pre-birth story. I know you say that it is not as important as talking about who we are and what we are here for, but hearing you talk about your pre-birth experience was the first time I have ever heard an explanation of my own pain and longing and it gave me context to finally be able to transform my own understanding and thereby, my experience of my own story.
    I have eternal gratitude for you for sharing yourself so generously with us. ❀️

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