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  • My goodness. The more you talk, the more your data dovetails with Chris Thomas’s information. We have been in a 7,000 year reincarnation cycle, splitting the soul in two, to experience as many lives as possible for “knowledge gathering” or the karmic cycle. We needed to know why we were losing our higher brain functions (telepathy, translocation, telekinesis). We are supposed to have the whole of the soul in the human body but, have struggled to do so. Earth had to raise her frequency (May 2000) as she was too low in vibration and it was affecting us. We are still working our way out of the lower vibrational frequencies.

    You have read a lot from Tom Campbell. Chris’s work would expand you further. I am not trying to sell anything…just read & listen:


  • Thanks Christian. I appreciate your down-to-earth simplicity, honesty and clarity. My own journey involved no clear remembering of a pre-birth state, but a remembering of the essence of it all, and an opening of the heart wisdom. It’s all okay, it always was, and ever will be. We’re all so safe, so loved, and we’re all home already. Nobody can hurt me except me. I laughed so much that day! Tears of joy and relief. The video game analogy was especially resonating. I had been playing a lot of 1st person games, and that idea, of dying in the game so you could try again, and again, and again – to develop skills – was a big part of what set my experience off. I really enjoyed watching this. May inner knowing, courage, well-being and peace follow you like a shadow, dear friend.

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  • Your podcast on Next Level Soul is a powerful reminder of who we really are.
    My experience was different from yours as it was not pre birth but happened at the age of three.
    I can vividly remember standing up in my crib, sucking my thumb while leaning on the railing.
    Suddenly and joyfully I fell into my body. At that moment I no longer needed my blanket or my thumb. I felt so excited like a kid just arriving at a vacation destination. I marveled at the possibilities ahead, that I had landed here by my own choice.

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  • I found these other people with prebirth memories. The first one he says he did not want to come here. Though he’s positive generally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrvw5_pLYP4&t=795s 14 minutes

    I found this link in the comments of the prison planet guy Howie Moskovits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dePWFZawYe0&lc=Ugz4C0VMNkbJMKKjOf94AaABAg.9ks6SNNPJTG9kysGKvIT-I

    The second one i’ve not listened to yet. They aren’t that uncommon. when i search for them thanks to youtube algorithms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYH6ShAT2-s

    There is a rapidly growing movement about this being a prison planet. Which is contrary to your experience. Maybe you could address this when you become familiar with it if you are not already. From extensive NDE etc research i believe there is some truth to it though i wouldn’t call it prison planet.

    Thanks for your work here, KK

    “I make myself rich by making my wants few.”-Henry David Thoreau


  • You mention that we chose our parents. As adoptive parents, are we going against what was supposed to happen? I feel so bad for our kids’ feelings of abandonment due to the loss of their biological families.


    • Being adoptive parents is an absolutely amazing service, and a powerful act of love! We aren’t primarily biology: what we choose is our circumstance-set, which certainly could include choosing a probability path where one may be adopted by certain people. The bonds of love are far more powerful than any temporary “biological circumstance” of a given life. Thank you for your incredibly important service!


  • Regards my email about Howdie Mickowski interview on JeffMara podcast. The prison planet guy. I’d like to recommend that you contact Jeff and see if he would interview you. We seem to be living in an era where conspiracy theories can flourish. Your understanding and experience needs more viewing.


    • Hello sir! I have actually already been on Jeff Mara’s show. Regarding the “prison planet” idea- I’ve posted this elsewhere as well but I do NOT resonate with that perspective, it does not align with what I experienced at all. Agreed that because of fear, we tend to latch onto conspiracy theories, even about spiritual topics (whereas the spirit’s true nature is total freedom and fearlessness). 🙂 In case it is helpful, here is a link to a video I participated in where two other PBErs and myself discussed this question: https://youtu.be/Cs37__fjtww


  • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing your pre-birth memories. I have some
    questions on guides.

    You were inspired to incarnate by a Being of Capabilities, was that Being
    a guide or had that Being some other tasks?

    My impression is that your guides didn’t show the same Capabilities as this
    special Being of Capabilities, is that correct?

    The “guy” who repeatedly asked you if you were ready to “go back” into
    the next (this?) incarnation, was that “guy” a guide?

    Who are the guides?
    What properties do guides have? How do they differ from non-guide beings?


    • LongRiver,
      Regarding the being that inspired me to incarnate, I don’t know if he had served as a guide. I can at least say he “felt” very different from my incarnation planning guide. At the moment I “met” him we were engaged in the same task with a large number of others too, but I can’t say what that was, I just remember we were traveling over a landscape of light! I don’t think I can comment on the capabilities of either the being that inspired me, or the guides- quality of being is synonymous with capability in energetic thought responsive systems, and their quality of being was different, but both very evolved. Yes the being that kept asking me if I was ready to go back yet was my personal guide. As to “who are the guides”- I don’t know what language could be used referentially to describe who they are. They are evolved beings (loving and wise, and possessing many qualities of love and wisdom) who are very “skilled” at helping those who are learning. I suspect most, but perhaps not all, have had extensive physical experience and have mastered things themselves. We have dedicated (personal) guides, and then also there are guides who are “masterful” at some specific experiential angle that we might benefit from at certain times in our lives who might visit us momentarily- like if we are dealing with some specific type of difficulty or perspective, a guide might come and nudge us who is very evolved in that angle. Meanwhile “guidance” is not limited to those beings: We also might interact or even guide each other too; our non-physical selves are active even while the body is walking around, or sleeping. Finally, other aspects of the self (other characters a part of the same self) might also seem like guides from our perspective. I would say guides differ from non-guide beings primarily in their level of evolvedness or “skill” in helping in that way. From here it is difficult to be more specific. Earthly metaphors for them might be: teachers, dear wise friends, counselman, or even in a way parental figures. I hope that helps!

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      • Even though this resonates Truth to me, I still wonder why I, or any Soul, would choose to leave a state of complete Joy
        and Bliss to incarnate with all its possible scenarios of complete misery, suffering and pain both emotional and physical.
        Your answer is Soul expansion.
        Give me complete Joy and Bliss! Yet, here I Am 😜


  • While I’m not a PBEr, this resonates with me deeply. My son says he remembers the birth process and when he was fresh out of the womb he was looking around and babbling unlike most newborns who cry. He has a lot of difficulty handling this dense reality. Any suggestions on how he can find his path in life?

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    • Ashley, thank you for reaching out. That is up to him! 🙂 It is difficult to be specific because each of us are very different, unique, powerful beings in our own way- so the way he finds his path will be unique to him. I can at least say that it is helpful not to resist the great density of this place, but rather, to fully be present, to fully own it and feel it and do our best to walk in it without rejection. We should try to choose love (and all the things love means) and do our best to overcome fear. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific than that. Ultimately please encourage him that there is NOTHING to ultimately be afraid of.

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  • Hey Christian

    One quick question for you. As I’ve been listening a lot lately to Abraham Hicks, their message is that non physical is ‘pure, positive energy’. In your experience, how does this square with MBT model in which Tom says there are some bad entities (which have been de evolving from lifetime to lifetime) in the non physical ? Thanks.

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    • Hello sir! I believe you will find a greater comment to this in A Walk in the Physical Part 3 Q&A, The Soul section. But in short: The nature of Beingness itself is love, joy, and freedom. That is our true nature. As we commit into experiences of form however, we are only “so good” at actualizing that love in a given context/ set of constraints. As we evolve (integrate experience, make choices) we become increasingly better able to shine our true loving nature in a given context (make loving choices rather than fear based choices). Tom calls that reduction of entropy. Whether or not a being has higher or lower entropy (more or less fear) at any given point in “time,” the true nature of one’s being is always love. Metaphorically: the water itself in the ocean is always love, even if there are certain currents – great adventures of form for which we may be better or less suited at a given point in time- that may arise within the water (to help the water “refine” even further). I hope that helps sir!

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  • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing your pre-birth memories. I have some more
    questions on “tinkers/technicians” who applied the veil and on the veil

    The tinkers, were they consciousnesses similar to everyone else?

    Do you think that the tinkers had had reincarnations of their own,
    or are they special beings working outside of the reincarnation cycle?

    What special properties did the tinkers have, which made them different
    from other beings? You mentioned that they were “mechanical” in nature,
    does that indicate that they are not really consciousnesses, but some
    kind of machines?

    Did you sense if there were any kinds of special motivations which drove
    the tinkers to be just tinkers/technicians?

    The veil, what was it made of? Did you see any material or was the veil
    more a sort of thing one would only “feel”?

    Did anyone tell you how the veil was constructed, how old it was or how
    it was created? Do you think that there exist many veils or are all
    reincarnated connected to the same veil device?

    Did the veil have a consciousness of its own?

    Do you remember how the veil acceptance simulator differed from the real
    veil? For example if the simulator was much simpler in construction? Would
    you have been able to create a simulator on your own, while in pre-birth mode?

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    • LongRiver,

      Please see my comments in response below:

      “The tinkers, were they consciousnesses similar to everyone else?” <- I’m not sure what you mean by “similar.” Yes they were definitely free-willed conscious beings. However, their nature also felt very “alien”/ different to my own nature.

      “Do you think that the tinkers had had reincarnations of their own, or are they special beings working outside of the reincarnation cycle?” <- I don’t know for sure but I suspect they are special beings that work outside of the reincarnation cycle.

      “What special properties did the tinkers have, which made them different from other beings? You mentioned that they were “mechanical” in nature,
      does that indicate that they are not really consciousnesses, but some kind of machines?” <- They had properties (qualities? skills?) that made them incredibly adept at mechanically fine-tuning the veil to another being’s consciousness. It was as if this was the type of work for which their very nature was well suited, and through which they best served All That Is. (Enabling other beings to grow through veiled experiences is an amazing service!) They were not some kind of machines, I would describe them more like beings specialized in consciousness technology.

      “Did you sense if there were any kinds of special motivations which drove the tinkers to be just tinkers/technicians?” <- Service! It is fulfilling to be of service to someone else. We all exist to serve each other and the Whole.

      “The veil, what was it made of? Did you see any material or was the veil more a sort of thing one would only “feel”?” <- The veil is not a material, though in our own local metaphors I feel comparing it to a “cloak” is not a bad metaphor. The veil is more like a consciousness technology that can be placed onto and into one’s consciousness. It requires acceptance and surrender for that introduced limitation to “take.” (Otherwise, sovereign consciousness cannot be bound; sovereign consciousness can only be bound by its own surrender into this technology.)

      “Did anyone tell you how the veil was constructed, how old it was or how it was created? Do you think that there exist many veils or are all
      reincarnated connected to the same veil device?” <- “How old” is not really a pertinent question when we are above linear time. I do know this veil we are experiencing now is not the first time a veil has been utilized, far from it. Veiled experiences began long ago (far before the beginning of our universe) and have refined and deepened over “time” (over “higher time”). Veiled experiences permit such a unique form of expansion that in the breadth of All There Is their use has been refined over “time.” Different reality systems may require different veils; they are unique. Furthermore, the veil is organic and tuned to the nature of each individual for any given experience.

      “Did the veil have a consciousness of its own?” <- Besides the qualification that ultimately all things are “made of” consciousness, no, I wouldn’t describe the veil as having its own consciousness. It is more like a technology, or a “cloak” that can be taken on by the consciousness of the player.

      “Do you remember how the veil acceptance simulator differed from the real veil? For example if the simulator was much simpler in construction? Would you have been able to create a simulator on your own, while in pre-birth mode?” <- The veil acceptance simulator was more like an opportunity to face fear and practice surrendering through something that felt like a veil, but didn’t actually obscure you much. Because the simulator was not a full commitment if it became too overwhelming you could “cry Uncle” and be let out! It was like being submerged in a dark pool of water and seeing how long you could hold your breath or if you could surrender and breath in the water (crude metaphor only). No I don’t sense I could have created my own simulator, it requires similar “technology” to the real veil.

      I hope this helps!

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  • I found this specific podcast by “accident” have never heard of you Christian or Mr. Ferrari. I cried off and on the entire episode. The assumptions you speak of early on about people and their core goodness I still struggle with mightily, I am 43. Also I feel what others feel and assume we all have this awareness, even as intellectually I know better by now. When you spoke of the sun inside you I have known this feeling. At the end when discussing fear and love, the examples being Khan and Gandi, how one fear is after this vibration is no different than another. Well that was so spot on sir. The Judeo Christian way to pharse it is sin is sin. I like the word fear better. Anyway thank you. Next stop for me is your book.

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      • Hello, Christian. I have always had a memory of the other side, too. I also had an NDE when my brother crossed over in 1986. It’s good to know others stories and yours was really great. I understand the frustration of trying to describe it all. I wish you much success with your book and I look forward to reading it. All the best to you. Lorna Stephens

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  • Hi Christian,

    Thank you for all you share here. I never met another person with a pre-birth experience! While my memories are less extensive than yours, there are remarkable similarities, especially the urgency at “go” time and the downward journey. I also remember choosing qualities and features to fit my intentions. I believe these memories (and many pre verbal/post birth memories) helped me to be a very conscious parent.

    Anyway, I just want to deeply thank you. Enjoy your density dear friend.

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    • Thank you for the comment Lisa, and for your kindness. I’ve met 40-50 other pre-birth experiencers by now, so you are definitely not alone! In fact just yesterday someone mentioned to me that same “urgency at go time.” I love the comment “enjoy your density”- I will do what I can!- meanwhile yes, you too! 🙂


  • Wow. This interview found me or I found it with perfect timing. As you allude to, we have not the language. I have not the language to express my gratitude to you for sharing. It’s as though the “veil” is transforming from a thick, dense fabric to one that is more transparent so that I can get a bit of a glimpse through the fear on this side of it to the joy of Love on the other side.

    I very much look forward to reading and hearing more of your work.


    • Indeed, the “veil is thinning” as we evolve and as the awakening transpires! It is an exciting time to be on Earth! 🙂 Meanwhile, thank you for your great kindness!


  • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing your pre-birth memories. When being in the
    non-physical, you mentioned at times, incarnating into other energy systems.

    Were those incarnations in other (non-Earth / non-Our-Universe?) energy
    systems, done without having to go through a (full?) Veil Acceptance Device?

    Or were those other incarnation done through less memory-loss-Veils?

    If a Veil sometimes wasn’t used at all when incarnating, what purpose had
    those other energy system incarnations?

    Imagine that we would have an alien race of very “evil” beings and that
    those aliens have evolved more than 500 million years beyond humans’
    current technological level. Further assume they have advanced their technology
    so that they have almost unlimited life spans in our current universe. Also
    assume that those aliens have been so evil that if they would die, their life
    reviews would be very long and painful.

    Further assume these aliens want to do a trick-the-afterlife-manuever in
    the case of our universe’s entropy ending (the so called heat-death).

    Now assume that those evil aliens don’t want to die and go through the
    pain of a life review. Would it be technically possible for such an advanced
    alien race to hi-jack the Veil Device(s), and move themselves to other energy
    systems (with their advanced knowledge intact), bypassing the guides?

    Can the life-review be skipped if some souls don’t want to go that path?


    • LongRiver,

      Some thoughts:

      “Were those incarnations in other (non-Earth / non-Our-Universe?) energy systems, done without having to go through a (full?) Veil Acceptance Device?” <- I can only comment that I am aware that yes, incarnation is possible in other non-our-universe systems; and that yes I am aware that other (perhaps different or less rigorous?) veils may be utilized, depending on the system. But not all experiences require or benefit from veiling.

      “Or were those other incarnation done through less memory-loss-Veils?” <- I believe this is possible, though I can’t comment on specific systems.

      “If a Veil sometimes wasn’t used at all when incarnating, what purpose had those other energy system incarnations?” <- The many different possibilities for Expansion of Being are far too varied and complex to speak about from the physical vantage point.

      “Imagine . . . Would it be technically possible for such an advanced alien race to hi-jack the Veil Device(s), and move themselves to other energy
      systems (with their advanced knowledge intact), bypassing the guides?” <- I feel this is an imaginative (local-reality-thought-based) question. No. You can't "trick the afterlife"; the end of the physical universe simulation is not a big deal and doesn't need escaping. The knowledge or power of one of the soul’s characters, regardless of some artificial local linear time duration, pales in comparison to the soul; the soul always knows what it is. (Please see my comment to the next question.) I feel it is best not to try to intellectually extrapolate from locally learned non-native limitations (“500M years linear time” or “some mighty fear based (evil) intention” etc.) “upward,” as if those limitations or their resulting imaginative thoughts were fundamentally real. As a crude metaphor a character in a video game (even one with a high stat in the in-virtual-game-world technology) isn’t fundamentally real; they can’t “escape the video game world and overpower the physical hardware.”

      “Can the life-review be skipped if some souls don’t want to go that path?” <- I feel this question sounds like it is rooted in fear (which can only occur in a non-fundamental reality system of form). The soul in its expansiveness, knowing the truth of its being in which there is nothing at all ever to fear, treasures its experiences, and treasures the review of and learning from those experiences. A given character/ personality may have fear (what you might call “evil”) when engaged within a certain set of constraints, but that is not the fundamental or enduring level of being. It is best not to confuse the video game character (who maybe has fear in a given game) with the being sitting at the computer (who truly knows utter freedom and the truth of love).

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  • Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with the world!

    I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on something I have struggled with for years. I’ve worked in war zones for the last few decades – with people who have undergone sustained torture, rape, genocide. (Syria, Myanmar, South Sudan, Iraq, etc). These are not one-off experiences of difficulty, like a divorce or premature death of a loved one.

    They are horrific experiences such as fathers forced to rape their children, sons forced to rape their mothers (otherwise their entire family would be killed), imprisoned women kept in dark feces filled rooms for years on end. Child soldiers forced to kill their parents. I’ve worked with people who were enslaved, tortured for years, and finally escaped… only to be caught and sent back into hell.

    Such people have endured unimaginable suffering and loss – not just once or twice, but continuously over years and years and years, and they cannot recover. The impacts of such horrors are impossible grasp if you haven’t lived through it.

    It is extremely difficult for me to understand that a soul would sign up for this. Because these experiences are not tolerable. Our human minds are not made to handle such extreme violations. I can find no redemption in this.

    Ideas that we have nothing to fear, that we shouldn’t focus on negative experiences, or that we somehow chose difficult lives in order to expand – these don’t feel helpful or appropriate for war and torture survivors, or victims of other kinds of human rights violations, or people living in conflict zones right now.

    I would welcome your insights on how to make sense of such difficult human lives (for my own understanding), and any thoughts on how to help survivors cope.

    Thanks a lot!


    • First let me say that I acknowledge that unspeakable horrors happen in our world (due to our great fear = ego), that often the individual is not able to endure or process those horrors at the time, and that I have personally not endured the types of horrors you describe. I can at least say I knew that I was signing up for a life that would push me to- and almost certainly past- my limits, and that there was great value in doing that. (That would have been impossible for me to appreciate whilst I was suffering from PTSD here as a human.)

      I have an entire section in Part 3 of my book dedicated to the question of suffering. Rather than repeat it all here, I will at least say the following, and post just one short excerpt below.

      We humans are quick to draw a line somewhere. Somewhere between a little fear and a lot of fear, a little suffering and a lot of suffering, a short time of suffering and a lifetime of suffering, we feel there must be a line. But fear (ego) is always insane; suffering is always tragic.

      It may feel unacceptably concise to the human ego to summarize so much horror into the following sentence, but: the greater the contrast, the greater the opportunity for expansion. The greater the contrast, the greater the opportunity for love, strength under pressure, courage, and the expression of healing compassion; the greater the knowing of the depths, so that they can be filled forever; the greater the potential refinement of the mind and body of consciousness of the spirit that lives forever, and cannot otherwise be so challenged. We learn not only how to handle the circumstances, we learn about how our own power of meaning that we apply to them functions. We learn that our spirit is, indeed, deeper than the most horrible horror; and in so doing, we grow. Even as we do all those, we are never, ever alone. We are loved, adored, and supported, even in ways we cannot see. The dense and gruesome surface hides an endless ocean of healing and love that is far more powerful than this act or that, this decade or that. I recognize this can be almost impossible to recognize from here: we are the brave ones who have come SO d*mn far into the illusion that we cannot see it, and are trying to deal with the dense gruesomeness anyway, the best way we can.

      And it is very, very important that we do. It is extremely important that we take action, and try to help and heal this broken world where WE are. We are changing the entire world, and helping the entire world to heal, when we do that, and even when we even “just” face our own fear. Facing our own fear helps even the people on the other side of the world in consciousness space.

      Below is the excerpt from the book I mentioned. I do hope this along with my comments in Part 3 may help.

      Q: How can love be the true power, with so many terrible things in the world (like child molestation, genocide, etc.)? How can we possibly come to terms with the fact that these terrible things exist? —

      This question is far too broad to sufficiently speak to with a simple response, but I will offer eight brief comments, in the hope they may help, even if just a little:

      (1.) Everything “negative” serves as a point of contrast to help establish the experientially known depths of what is “positive.” In other words, love can be better known, forever, when the spirit has actually known and experientially understood separation from love.

      (2.) “Negative” experience, even unanticipated, offers a “counterpressure opportunity” for the spirit to exercise loving or brave choice-making through. Put very crudely, if you can play the video game on a harder difficulty level, you develop mastery more quickly and can then later apply that mastery in other games (other realities) in other ways. Put another way, while it may not be apparent in the midst of suffering, our journey is extremely meaningful and important. It is important because real, lasting expansion and growth is possible when we successfully engage such an extremely challenging context.

      (3.) This is subtle and difficult to articulate: By experiencing challenge, even unanticipated challenge, the system ends up “discovering novelty” within itself and adding potential. In other words, creative manifestation begets more creative manifestation. Put another way, even in destruction, more things become possible than may otherwise have been possible.

      (4.) Our world is us. We have a long way to go to actualize and become the love that is native to our being. Our world is what we’ve done with our free will within our very challenging constraint-set. We do have the power to change it.

      (5.) No matter what the circumstances, as consciousness we always, always have the power to place our own meaning and interpretation on any given circumstance. In other words, as hard as this is to accept, there is no circumstance that is fundamentally charged.

      (6.) We are never, ever alone. Countless beings watch over and help us, even in the most difficult moments, and especially in the most difficult moments. And God’s (Source’s) unconquerable love is always, always present, always upholds us, and always protects, even as we wail and rage.

      (7.) Ultimately, we are all healed! Every single one of us is healed. Ultimately there is no disease, there is no pain, there is no suffering. Those things are temporary experiences that we engage as we dive deeply – and bravely – into a universe of form and apparent separation.

      (8.) For every pain in our world, there is far greater love and light, and the love and light endures while the pain does not. Pain and damage are temporary; joy, love, and bliss are our true, enduring nature. Our human journey can be an incredibly challenging road – yet even as the beauty of that road sometimes seems completely lost in the misery, please be reminded of the above, and take heart, and take hope! (128)


      • Thanks very much for taking the time to share your wise thoughts. They resonate with me. I just wish I could better help those suffering so terribly in the world. Take care.

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  • Hello Christian! I would like to first sincerely thank you for sharing your insight with the world so selflessly. I’ve read most of the book, and it has given me much peace. I don’t proclaim myself to be a student of philosophy by any measure, though I do have a curious nature, I’m sure that most humans can relate to. The duality is where I’m finding such conflict of what I’d love so much to be true. I understood the concept that duality does not exist in our True Nature but then I get hung up on the whole love vs fear thing. Isn’t that in itself a duality? I want to overcome my overanalyzing (and resulting anxious) mind, but I can’t unseen the conflict? Do you have any insight to this? Has anyone else you’ve come across find it a difficulty for them?

    Again, I really respect your selflessness and work and truly send much gratitude to you. I wish you joy in this and all of your future lifetimes!



    • Love and fear are words we use in duality to express something transcendent: Love is the only real thing. Fear only happens as that-which-is-already-perfect decides to apply itself into non-native limitation and form in order to expand and refine itself even further. Fear is just a current expression of yet-unevolvedness in that non-native context. Metaphorically: ocean water is always water no matter how you swirl or churn it; our true nature of spirit is non-dual, and its true nature is always love, peace, joy, creativity, and freedom. Subsequent to that, and simultaneously without paradox (it only seems like a paradox from within duality with a thinking mind!), each drop in the ocean is only “so good” at expressing its native true nature while within a given set of non-native form that it has created within itself. I’ve pasted below two Q&A from Part 3 of the book that may be pertinent. I hope that helps C! 🙂

      Q: If our souls are already perfect and already know everything, why do we come into this life for experiences and “growing up”? After we die, if we will wake up and understand everything, why do we need to have earthly life experience, and why do we need to wake up again to that which we already know? —
      Those first two statements sound paradoxical, but actually they are not. The soul evolves as its “experience vocabulary” expands. It comes here to have this experience and expand its nature (of love and joy) through that experience. Meanwhile, the soul is simultaneously perfect, and at the soul level has access to all information (which is not the same as all experiential evolution). The learning we come to do is experiential, not intellectual.

      Q: If our souls are already perfect, why do we need to come and be physical and work towards ascension? Why do we need to evolve? —
      Beingness itself is already perfect; there is nothing the soul “needs” to do. Then, as the soul chooses to engage realities of form (realities of duality), at any given “time” it is only “so good” at actualizing its true loving nature within a given context of form (within any given biological and circumstantial context). As the soul integrates experience and evolves its ability to wield intent (make choices) based on love rather than fear, a tremendous expansion of capability, joy, and love occurs. All That Is becomes more. That process is not required, but it is chosen because the soul decides it is worth doing. To participate in the expansion of joy is not required, but joy is its own reward. (113)


      • Ok, I think I may have a better understanding of this now! 🙂 Thank you again so much, I appreciate all your efforts deeply!



  • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing your pre-birth memories. I have some difficult
    questions, which may not be fully related to pre-birth memories, but they may
    still be connected to what you know, so any thoughts are very welcome.

    1) When people get NDEs, they often say afterward that they have got a better
    understanding of what’s going on in the world and their life goals have changed.

    My question is, why don’t we all get that knowledge and why is the knowledge
    (always/often?) only given during NDEs?

    Why isn’t that knowledge given for example during a dream or when we
    are awake in ordinary life?

    2) Sometimes it is mentioned that in the non-physical there is no linear time.
    But why then are people/children only remembering past lives and not future
    lives if time is not linear?

    3) Children with memories of past lives are sometimes brought to the place
    they think they lived at in the previous life. But quite often the child
    will after the first recognition of the place the lived the previous life at,
    notice that some important details are wrong.

    It may be that the kitchen (in the old house of the previous life) has a wall
    which is part of the bedrock of the ground. In the child’s memory of its
    previos life, that rock wall wasn’t there. Instead a wooden wall with a door
    and a window was there, as the child remembers the kitchen. The remainder of
    the previous-life-house is mostly as the child remembers it and in accordance
    with the description the child gave before visiting the previous-life-house.

    There can be other difference, like old people which the child know of from
    the previous life, but one of the old persons has a different name and
    different background then the child remembers. The other old persons are
    mostly remember in accordance with the current situation.

    Why do you think such “anomalies” exist, which create a difference beteween
    the previous life memory and the actual verification?

    4) When we are born into a new incarnation, does our personality to 100 %
    originate from the physical body or does the personality originating from the
    soul in the non-physical reality?

    Men and women often have very different personalities and an artist and
    a technical academic often have different personalities. The artist may
    be less planning and not particluar interested in math, while the technical
    person may like planning things in advance and may dislike spontaneous
    activities. Are those personal traits something we are born with, evolved
    with or are they origination from the soul pre-birth?

    Or is it a mixture of original soul and physical body and to what degree
    does one or the other part influence the personality?

    5) You’ve mentioned that The Veil blocks our memory of most of the knowledge
    we had before birth. But something also has to cut of a lot of mental
    abilities, feeling others’ emotions or thoughts, making millions of
    calculations in seconds etc. Is it The Veil which blocks those soul abilities
    or do we temporary lose those abilities by some other mean? What mean or
    possible tinker Device is used in such a case?

    6) About attaching to the physical body. When our soul attach to the physical
    body, what method is used to enable that attachment? Is that attachement
    also done with the use of a Device?


    • LongRiver,

      Comments in response to your below queries:

      1. The veil permits a meaningful experience of separation, without awareness of our higher natures. So, it functions. Its veiling functionality is not a fluke, but is intentional. Meanwhile, we all have access to our higher natures, and when we are no longer focused into the Earth simulation (NDEs, OBEs, etc.), it is very natural to experience that higher nature first hand (indeed many do, though not everybody retains that awareness when focused back into the veiled Earth simulation). We are here precisely to see how we can “work with” and “work within” this veil. You could say, the veil is not a problem, but an opportunity.

      2. Local linear time is not fundamental, but there is also a “higher time” in which soul sequence is occurring. All is happening within the one Now, yes; and simultaneously and without contradiction, the soul is on a path of progression, and that path of progression does have an effect at what the soul knows and is at any “point on the path.”

      3. I’m not sure. It reminds me though of the “local astral” where everything is very “normal” but certain details may be off. In that case, I’d comment that as one moves “upward” vibrationally specific physical details become less relevant and the nature of the individual’s thought forms, experience, and vibration become more relevant. I’m not sure if that’s related to your question but thought I’d mention it.

      4. Our human personality is a combination of root core soul personality which is then “layered onto” by the local biology personality (biochemical bias) and local learned pattern personality (psychological development). Tom Campbell was once asked what the ratio between the two was and I think he said it definitely varies but if he had to guess he’d say 60/40 (soul/local). They definitely influence each other (the soul is affected by the physical constraint-set, and the physical constraint-set is affected by the soul; they are not ultimately separate). I think it’s important to be careful to comment though that who you really are is your soul personality- the you that feels most like you to you- and you are MORE you (more yourself) when not constrained by the physical limitations. Anyway, a given lifetime is a chance to explore a given character/ a given personality with certain traits. While our professions of course affect us, I think it’s more a matter of a given personality type tends to do one kind of work and another does another. That personality that gives rise to performing a certain type of work may be both more soul or local derived, depending on many factors. For example my wife in this life has certain very strong soul traits that very much have leaned her into expressing herself as an artist. But perhaps for another they might do art primarily because it was fostered by their parents, for example.

      5. The veil both blocks memory and limits our cognitive abilities to the limitations as permitted by the physical body.

      6. The physical body isn’t a fundamentally real thing that “gets attached to,” rather, it is an experience occurring within consciousness. The entire engagement of consciousness into the physical simulation is a part of what we very simply call the veiling process.

      I hope that helps!


      • Thanks for your response. I have some follow up questions.

        Your answer to my question 6, puzzles me. Do you mean that physical
        reality doesn’t really exist? Is physical reality a construct of
        the consciousness?

        Does that mean that if the soul(s) abandon our current physical universe,
        the physical universe will cease to exist?

        I think you at some interview mentioned that you were in our early
        physical universe (pre incarnation). My question is, if our physical
        universe still exists after abandonment by the consciousness, was our
        physical universe create by someone? Who was that someone and how was
        the creation made?

        Or has a “something” always existed, which then became our universe?


      • LongRiver,

        Consciousness is what is fundamentally real; it precedes and gives rise to all realities of form. Our physical reality exists as an experience occurring within and being experienced by consciousness. Consciousness transcends all form, but can engage form in many various ways. To your question about abandonment, I’ll just suggest a metaphor, since language vastly falls short here: if no players are sitting at their computer chairs logged into the game world, does the game world cease to exist? Well, it never really was fundamentally real in the first place, but it still exists as it always has on the “server” of the computer, able to be accessed, in this case, both by players who are incarnated as specific limited avatars in the game world, and also as “admins” who can venture throughout it and view it at will with far less limitations. This is a crude metaphor of course but I hope it will help. I do feel my book A Walk in the Physical will help with your questions as well. Take care!


  • I just watched this on YouTube. I have to tell you that the way you have described everything is exactly the way I know it to be. I feel like I’ve found a new friend that totally vibes with my deepest knowing. It’s an amazing feeling!! I’ve been on a long search for my “soul family” thinking that I would see them I’m person but I now realize that it can be a connection through a video. It can be through a perceived dream, so many ways. I don’t feel so alone on this journey now. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Just happened to scroll all the way past my entry of 2/27/23 at 5:13pm
    which was entered in non-chronological order. Not sure if that’s the correct time but it was early in 5 pm hour.
    As I scrolled, I came upon the post of a person who had worked in war torn zones. He/she listed some horrific instances of extreme suffering and pain.
    I read all 8 of your answers … and, still, it makes absolutely no sense
    given the depth of on-going horrific suffering.
    So, I guess we’ll have to leave it at that because why would an All Loving Source have these in The Love / Joy filled Light field for the seemingly superfluous reason of
    Soul expansion? How much expansion is enough?
    And, yet, much of what you have shared resonates Truth.
    There lies the very unsatisfying conundrum that makes me scratch my head and continues to disturb my Soul. Just saying ……


    • There is no need to blame Source- we ourselves recognize the value of contrast, so we choose to engage it. We are so free that we can choose to play in the back yard in the cold mud if we want; we can’t actually be in danger. Meanwhile the expansion of being is not “superfluous”- real growth is valuable (additive), and real growth requires real experience (real meeting of and overcoming fear and rejection; until we do that we suffer).


      • Hello Christian, thank you for taking the time to respond.
        Again, I ask …. how much expansion is enough?
        I’m not “blaming Source”
        since I totally know we have free will. However, I also would not call it ‘play’ fully realizing the limitations of our language given the dimension you are doing your best to describe.
        You know what? This fuels
        me into an action I have not taken to any great degree since 2013.
        Been a channel most of my adult life … since my 20’s.
        I’m now 76 yo. Back in 2012, Master Jesus made His Presence known during a channeled modality called ‘Thought Form Release’. It is where a person’s past lives are reviewed and thoughts that remain ‘stuck’ in one’s psyche are removed so a more Joyful life can be experienced.
        He asked me to dialogue with Him for 30 days.
        I did so for much longer than that with the resultant
        100 plus ‘Jesus Dialogues’.
        Only time I’ve felt the calling to dialogue since 2013, was at beginning of covid.
        Well, much suffering and pain later, think I’ll ask Him what gives!
        He explained beautifully His crucifixion. Now, let’s see what comes thru for this burning question!


      • Dear Christian,
        I have certainly matured well from where I started out in life. My question is will my current understandings and maturity continue or follow me assuming I have another incarnation? Or will it all get lost again and I will be back ago being the same idiot, that I was when I started out this time?


      • You keep the developed “quality of being” and “quality of intention”- the actual core development of who you are. But in another experience, if it is a veiled experience you will have to re-learn the intellectual or behavioral context of that experience. If you have really grown up at the “being level” that intellectual learning or behavioral learning process will tend to be more smooth. You may “know things at the soul level” that then seem obvious (display wisdom) within that new context, much sooner. But the intellectual understanding itself has to be built in a given life. Does that help sir?


      • Thanks for your prompt response.
        Would restating what you said in the following way be correct?
        We get to keep whatever we’ve learned that we can do, integrated as action, that is part of our being. not necessarily what you know which you may not be able to live. So that what we’ve integrated as being you get to come back with that or those qualities latent and easily accessible?


      • Karl- I feel that’s not a terrible way to put it. 🙂 Though it’s not even whether you are “able to live it” in a given context, it is the quality of intention itself or the quality of being itself that you develop. For instance in one life you may develop a certain quality of perseverance, perhaps in a circumstance in which in the end you were not truly able to actualize that perseverance. Yet, because you grew in that way, you may be able to quite easily persevere in a different context with different constraints. That’s just one example. What is the quality with which you meet reality itself?- you get to keep that. And the contexts into which that quality-of-being may be applied might vary very significantly. Anyway I do like this sentence: “So that what we’ve integrated as being you get to come back with that or those qualities latent and easily accessible”

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  • Hi Christian
    I have a question about something you say at about 34 minutes in. You say the Higher Self is the You that feels like You, and the You that’s making the decisions.
    What about the things we don’t like about ourselves? Do these characteristics belong to the Higher Self? I have a tremendous problem with self worth, basically feeling unworthy, and whenever I feel rejected it ‘triggers’ this issue and hurts deeply. This ‘rejection’ keeps happening in my relationships so I am convinced I am meant to heal it.

    I know I am not alone in these feelings of unworthiness and it affects a lot of people. I have tried to heal this, by focusing on things I like about myself but eventually I realised that self acceptance and self love has to include ‘warts and all’. So I am stumped in trying to deal with it.

    It doesn’t work to simply say stuff to myself like ‘I am loved, God loves me’ etc.

    So does this mean my Higher Self has low self worth? Is it the Higher Self trying to work through this issue? If so, doesn’t this mean the Higher Self cannot help me resolve this?

    If you are aware of any resources or method for working through this self worth and rejection problem, I would very much appreciate your view, I am sure it would help many. I know you have done much work on processing your issues. I would so like to sort this issue out because every time it rears its head it knocks me ‘off kilter’ and I feel it holds me back.

    Thank you so much Christian for your videos!


    • Hello sir!

      You are profoundly, deeply worthy. When we come into the human experience and feel separate from everything else, we commonly buy into negative self-perceptions that are not in alignment with the truth. Some very common ones are: “I am not worthy”, “I am powerless”, and “I am not free.” Those negative self perceptions prompt fear. (And where there is fear, ego and all of its tricks quickly arises.)

      But the higher self cannot be subject to fear, because in its native state, it knows with great fullness of measure that it is (YOU are) absolutely worthy, powerful, and free! You are loved, utterly. In that, there can be no fear.

      In my own case I have found the negative self perception- that is, the fear itself- is not healed just by countering it with contrary thoughts (“force feeding” thoughts about your own worth for instance). Rather, it is healed by actually feeling and facing and allowing everything- even the low vibrations that you may have rejected. Conquering fear is in large part about fully allowing (the root feeling or fear itself)- not resisting or building some new story. Conquering fear is about removing the rejection that you may have to whatever negative perception you feel has been proven to you.

      You could say then: Your higher self cannot know low self worth; it is impossible for you to not have absolutely unspeakably amazing and great worth. But, it may have (you may have) certain areas of experience integration or perspectives that have not yet been worked through (yet-unevolvedness). That is, you may have fear of being unworthy! You can’t be unworthy- but you can be afraid of being unworthy (when engaged in non-native constraints like the ones we are in now).

      Your higher self can certainly “help you work through this”- because worth is your native state. The question is, what dark corner do you need to bring the light of your brave awareness into, so that you can experientially find that actually, deep down in that darkness, underneath all the convincing stories, your profound worth always remained and never left you?

      While this process is very unique and personal for each individual, I can at least make the following comment on “how to start”: first, notice the stories in your mind that are triggering your sense of negative self-worth right now in whatever moment you are in; or, alternatively, notice what negative sensation you feel in your body right now. Then, without judgment (very important not to judge yourself but simply to investigate openly!) investigate it. See if you can locate, in the physical body and/or in your emotional body and/or in your history/ memories, what is giving rise to the feeling. In other words, look for the “next layer down” for the fear itself- to whatever “next sensation” or “next memory” or “next negative self perception” your mind or body lifts up- that’s OK, go gently (bravely!) feel and investigate that one. Don’t worry if you can’t find yourself all the way down to the root fear, which is so hard to find- it’s probably hundreds of layers down, no problem. This can be a very long (or very short) process. Metaphorically you have to start high in the branches and work your way down to the roots- the ego has typically done a great job of obfuscating the fear roots behind many layers of boundaries and stories. So, just be willing- completely, totally willing- to actually feel, to actually go look- at just whatever the current moment’s perception or story is lifting up for you. If that perception or story leads to another memory or thought, gently see if you can go deeper- what perception that does lift up to you?- and so on. Allow yourself to feel whatever you actually feel- this is an exercise in feeling, and in experience- not another intellectual exercise. Important hint: The negative self belief(s) at the root will appear so real, so powerful, that they may seem to be truths or assumptions about yourself or about reality itself! Be willing even to gently, bravely, question even those- and to feel. Don’t settle for a thought.

      One other comment: a long term meditation practice can be immensely helpful in this process. I recommend an exercise in Part 3 of the book (which is available for free at the third link down on the book page of this site). Without meditation, it can be very difficult to find one’s way out of the torrent of thinking; meditation permits a beautiful growth in alert space where one is able to regain a measure of native peace, from which then to work through and past the negative stories that we have so desperately latched onto.

      I hope this helps sir!


      • My sincere thanks to you Christian, for your helpful response, I will read it over and over!
        Also, thank you so much for all the time, help and support you give to so many so generously – appreciate that all this takes a lot of effort and time from your day. Your work is of amazing value and benefit to many.
        I have your book, and I agree with you about meditation.

        Thank you again Christian for all you do.


  • Hi Christian,

    I have read your book and it has given me deep insight in where I come from and about the spiritual truth etc. However, I have some questions about “ego” and putting others before yourself. For me, true love also includes setting boundaries in my relationship with others, e Isn’t it ok to “dislike” people ( I wouldn’t, for example, tell my child that it “has” to like everyone!) or at least to decide that you don’t want to spend time with certain people because you simply don’t want them in your life.
    or to set up a distance between you and them if the totally “wear you out”? Also, like already Jesus said,”Love your neighbour as yourself”, I find it extremely important to care well for yourself, only then can you serve or help others. Many years ago I was a member of a fundamental charismatic Christian church in which you were taught to first think of others, not to discuss, not to doubt, and to put service to others in the first place. The result was often exhaustion,depression and psychic illnesses among the members and not only in that church. Isn’t it so important to have a high self-esteem so as to be able to respect others? As I respect others I expect others to respect me as well. I think you mean that “ego” is the very selfish part of you, but in my opinion you need love for yourself, which doesn’t mean your selfish, but you have to set boundaries and care for yourself first. True love isn’t possible without telling others sometimes things they don’t want to hear and to make your standpoint clear to them, in a friendly way, of course, but sometimes they will react with manipulation and blaming us for defending us or setting up boundaries (narcissists, for example). I think, when we live here on earth we are humans and have limited resources also with regard to our both physical and psychological health. I would be very thankful if you could share your thoughts about that!:) Thank you.

    Best wishes, Claudia


    • Hi Claudia! 🙂 A few comments in response to your comments:

      Boundaries are certainly appropriate. Ego is when that boundary is done out of self-service, or rejection, or fear. Meanwhile it is quite reasonable- and sometimes even loving- to erect a boundary in total peace and objective recognition of where someone else is. We can do that even while feeling connected to them; we can recognize someone else’s current state and respond appropriately, without losing our own peace. (Meanwhile if we notice that we aren’t feeling peace and/or genuine compassion and/or even love for the other when we are erecting a boundary, it is often a sign post to us of our own fear.)

      Regarding setting up distance- yes it is natural to allow distance where two do not resonate. In thought responsive realms this is quite naturally done “geographically”: we congregate with those we resonate with, and it’s OK that we are at a different place than someone else, vibrationally. We do not need to force proximity where it is not helpful. This can be especially true of “toxic” people.

      Regarding caring for yourself and loving yourself- yes, absolutely that is very important! You are incredibly valuable, and incredibly worthy, including of self-care and wholeness! (I just tend to be careful commenting on this though because the ego very quickly indeed can get a hold of the idea of “loving one’s self.”)

      “Isn’t it so important to have a high self-esteem so as to be able to respect others?” <- Yes- but meanwhile self-esteem implies telling yourself a story of your worth- whereas in fact no story is needed, you are already incredibly worthy and irreplaceably precious. You can walk strong in the confidence of your value, your joy, your love, and your might. This can be done without fear and ego. Then, when we know our own unshakeable strength and worth, we can better help those around us.

      An interesting point about this following statement: "True love isn’t possible without telling others sometimes things they don’t want to hear and to make your standpoint clear to them" <- Sometimes, yes. Meanwhile, loving intention means that deciding whether we communicate to them or not is done with the very, very utmost honest appraisal of whether or not it will actually benefit or help them, or whether conversely we are doing it to serve or justify ourselves in some way. This is a key distinction, because too often we assert ourselves because of the latter in the name of the former. True love IS possible without saying a word- as we gauge, honestly, that a word will not help them. Love can also mean communicating a difficult message, certainly yes. Indeed spirit is not "shy" about communicating difficult messages to us, sometimes! (We wouldn't be here if difficult experiences couldn't be beneficial!) Ultimately though, we each need to learn our own lessons. Sometimes we can help someone else far more simply by being silent but genuine with them.

      We do have to deal with limited resources here, even limited resources of health or energy (this is an experience I've worked with a lot!). The question is with what quality- what purity of intention- we then manage and work with those limited resources.

      I hope that helps Claudia! 🙂

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  • Hey Christian, thank you so much for taking the time to answering me. I must admit that I am not an English native speaker, but I love English, was trained to be a translator over 30 years ago (still make mistakes in English:))and adore the beautiful phrasal constructions and words you use:)

    Yes, you have given me precious hints and things to think about in your answer, especially about ego and fear. I am going to “chew on it”:). It’s simply wonderful to know that we are deeply loved and cherished by “Source” and that there is nothing to fear.

    Thanks again for your interesting reply!

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