15 thoughts on ““The World Is Not Your Enemy” – Christian Sundberg at Unity in Edinboro November 2022

  • Hi Christian,

    I want to thank you so very much for this beautiful talk at Unity in Edinboro. I have been following you for a couple of years now and want to share with you how much I appreciate your courage for talking about your pre-birth experiences, the intelligence and humour in which you convey your inspiring messages, and the Grace that emanates from you. The world feels a little less alarming with people like you in it.

    With loving kindness, Karen (from New Zealand)

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  • The world may not be your enemy, but other people can be. Children who are mistreated need to understand that they are mistreated and that they do not deserve that–but typically it takes a long struggle to sort out those dynamics, and that is part of the set-up here, too. Just saying, and I’d be interested to hear what you have to say about that. Christian, I am an admirer and greatly appreciate your talks and book.


    • Other people can play the role of enemy on the stage, and it is very important to respond appropriately to that- for instance to protect those who need protecting, to stop those people who are harming others (even with force when it is appropriate), and of course to teach children about their own worth and boundaries. However, people playing the role of enemy does not mean they are truly your enemy. I am attempting to speak to that ultimate far more real and enduring reality (of love, connectedness, and Oneness), so that the freedom of that can better shine up into this complex and convincing game of roles that we are playing. We can take appropriate action, even as we recognize that truly, we have no enemies. For example, if someone comes into your home with a gun, you can take the appropriate action and stop them by force- but you can do so without any hatred in your heart; they are just playing out their own conditioned and veiled role on the stage. Since we too often fall into unconscious patterns of ego, can we not understand when our connected brother or sister is doing the same (even if perhaps on a different scale)? Meanwhile indeed, I feel we should teach children about their own immutable value and the importance of taking action to protect themselves or others as appropriate. I hope that helps!


      • Thank you for replying, and so quickly. The thing is, when children are abused, there is usually no one around to help or teach. That circumstance is part of the life challenge for that soul, and it must learn to recognize both it’s own immutable value and the ill will of others. The type of compassion (forgiveness) you describe is only possible if those understandings are in place. Until the child can acknowledge that, say, his parents were unable to love him, he won’t be able to live fully, or even to know himself. On the other hand, access to the greater reality, as in meditation, can cut through the false beliefs more decisively than any therapy (not that therapy isn’t important).

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  • Hi Christian, Thank you so much for sharing this video. The entire message was great to hear. I loved the analogy of us being in a pond and our personal behavior affecting all in the pond. Also, your seeing the woman’s thought about China being tangible is powerful. Thank you for this video gift offering so much clarity about why we are in this life. I think my watching it today is perfect timing for me. ๐Ÿ™


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  • Christian, as always your authenticity and humility when you speak give you a breath-taking authority. I have been disappointed too often in the past by what seemed like inauthentic or self-aggrandizing spiritual hustles. You never over-reach and I need that trustworthiness if I am to even approach the spiritual given my wary heart. Every hustle sends thousands of us back to a soulless view if the world just when we are willing to try opening to Source. You are a touchstone that keeps me searching.

    Thank you.


    • Brother Rabtman (Steve),
      Your kindness, and your most amazing and generous support, has been a fuel at times for me, and so I thank you for representing the selfless way that humans can actually function. It is inspiring. Thank you!
      With love and gratitude,


  • This comment I already left on YouTube is something I believe with all my heart: Christian Sundberg (a secret too much well-kept) is one of the great spiritual teachers we have available to us in incarnation on the planet right now. He is truly a gift to humanity, and a great spur to our collective evolution.


  • Dear Christian,
    Happy New Year and thank you for sharing this articulation of the ageless teachings. Because you’ve become a primary spiritual pillar for me (and your book a kind of scripture), I could think of no better place to greet the new year (and get myself, so to say, in fighting trim for the year ahead) than to listen to your talk at Unity from last month and revisit your wonderful interview with Natalie Rustic. At a time when the atrocities taking place in Ukraine, as well as other regions of the planet, are breaking our hearts and the daily assaults on our democracy at home are shaking us to our core (however fleeting and illusory they may be in ultimate and eternal reality), it helps enormously to cling to your message. So again, thank you, dear sir, and may you be well.


  • I feel as Ralph does, you have become a spiritual pillar for me. I’ve listened to this video several times recently, and also the one about separating the real from the unreal, and your conversation with Anya B. Everything you have to say about meditation and the importance of allowing yourself to feel the painโ€”yes, that is what helps. And it helps me to hear you contextualize it the way you do. Thank you so much, Christian.


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