Q&A with Natalie Higgins on NDE Talk Podcast

Just sharing a link to a podcast I participated in yesterday with Natalie Higgins for her channel NDE Talk! Rather than re-telling my story, this was a wonderful organic Q&A-focused conversation, for any who may be interested!

13 thoughts on “Q&A with Natalie Higgins on NDE Talk Podcast

  • Hi Christian
    That was great! I really enjoyed this particular Q&A format, and gained so much from it. Natalie asked great questions and your answers were so deep, clear and helpful.
    Yet another interview I will listen to repeatedly. I am always thrilled when I see another talk has been posted on your site, I get so much from them.
    My thanks to you and to Natalie, I will have to check her channel.

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  • Hi Christian ! Just checking in again to let you know I am also still a fan of your work for everybody down here 🙂
    I have not finished watching the inverview yet,
    but I do have a question.
    In this time of the year trouble had started exactly one year ago, for my husband and me.
    The memories are comming back to me.
    And when I am quiet something strange happens.
    It feels like I am going back in time, exactly one year, and touching my husband from here and now, to then and there. Letting him know I am there for him. While I am also in this hospitalroom with him, at the table, reading a book (with the title “The Tibethan book of living and dying”).
    Now I know, from what you told us, that our true self is not obstructed by time. Everything can happen at the same time.
    But what about this situation I described ..?
    Is it possible that I can really touch my husband a year ago to let him know I am there for him?
    I hope you will be able to help out here.
    I feel as if this is true.
    But it seems so strange that I would like to hear from you on this.

    Kind regards, lots of love, and thank you for sharing all your insights

    ❤ ❤ ❤



    • We are able to touch those we love in the now (the relationship is alive now), across the boundaries of dimensions, through love, and that could happen consciously through some form (for instance in the form of a memory, or some other form). All does exist in the one Now. And expressions of our love may take certain shapes that we associate with them- for instance in the form of a “living memory,” or in the form of re-visiting some place or experience, or another form.

      Thank you for your kindness, and for your great strength, even through loss!

      Much love to you Lisa!


  • Hi Christian
    I absolutely love this Q&A interview and have listened to it multiple times.

    I have a question regarding what you say about Earth’s ascension.

    Some say that Earth will be ‘split’ with some souls ascending into 5D, whilst others remain on a 3D earth. I have wondered how this will work. I suspect 5D won’t be visible to 3D? Will those remaining in 3D witness souls departing, or will there be lots of overlap between the dimensions with those in 5D having some mobility?

    What is your opinion of this and could you tell us more about the Earth’s as ascension? Would love to know your view from the other side!

    Also, tips for moving to 5D. Personally I have cut out the news, even from my YouTube feed, but I do feel concern that I am not making enough progress with processing my negative baggage (fear, anger, disappointment etc).

    Thank you so much Christian!


    • Hi Amanda, thank you for your kindness!

      I don’t have any first hand knowledge about a possible “5D vs 3D split.” I am aware that this idea exists through, for example, Dolores Cannon’s work, however it’s just not something I personally have any knowledge about. Regarding the “ascension”/ awakening (evolution of humankind on Earth), I remember being aware that it was occurring, and it felt something like “the most exciting” (or at least one of the most exciting!) events happening, it was a huge honor to be a part of the Earth awakening or to even simply be here during this time and participate, especially considering the very significant shift in vibration being attempted.

      Regarding “tips for moving to 5D”: I personally feel it’s not of primary importance to worry about “making some cutoff” (almost as if there were a judgment or something), but rather, to focus on growing in love (practicing loving intent and all that loving intent can mean in common moments every day), to focus on living in joy and freedom, and also to focus on processing our own fear. As we process fear- process our buried crap and actually integrate our experience- our vibration naturally increases. The process of increasing vibration is not only one of “reaching higher,” but also one of “processing the lower.” My book A Walk in the Physical is an attempt at speaking to this (it is available for free on the book page).

      When you feel the negative emotions you describe, allow a moment of pause to simply watch what you feel, without any judgment at all, and then see if you can trace it back to what you are actually afraid of. What (“unacceptable”) negative self-perception is the circumstance stimulating? Be honest with yourself about what you really feel, and about identifying why this stimulating circumstance “proves” (seems to prove) the negative self perception. Find why it is unacceptable, and sit with it. You don’t need to judge, and you don’t need to keep entertaining the long and important “thinking story” that is happening around the negative feeling. Rather, simply feel what you feel, with full alertness, and with allowing. Feel it to heal it. 🙂 You are (your consciousness is) deeper than your deepest crap; you can actually feel what you may have previously thought was too big to feel. This process may require great humility and bravery, but that is OK. 🙂

      I hope this helps! 🙂


      • Thank you Christian!
        Yes, I have your book already and am working my way through it.
        Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂 !


      • I really appreciate this answer, Christian. It seems like so many articles, channels and videos became obsessed with some magic combination of a single digit followed by the letter D. Leaving 3D, skipping 4D, entering 5D and preferably communicating with entities from 7D.

        In a typical human nature, it’s trying to reinforce separation and a false sense of “uniqueness”. Those who get it vs those who don’t. Those ascending vs those left behind. Spiritual ones vs non spiritual ones. It’s all missing the mark.

        Thank you for continuing to share your perspective, brother 🙏🏼


  • Just listened to this interview with Natalie Higgins. There are times when I struggle with a question or need some reinforcement, as this awareness can be a bit lonely with no one I know willing to engage in deep discussion. And that’s when I browse through your interviews and sure enough, my questions are answered and the feeling of being alone on an island dissipates. Christian, your explanations and metaphors are so succinct. You are a gift. I’m so grateful you’re sharing your human experience with us all. Thank you.

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