24 thoughts on ““New Thinking Allowed” Show October 2022

  • Thank you Christian, your interviews really help and bring so much comfort. I never tire of listening to them.

    Have you ever read ‘The Way Of A Pilgrim’? Whenever you mention the wonderful being who guides and assists you before you are incarnated onto earth, I think of that book. I imagine the pilgrim also ended up as some great and beautiful being following all his devotion and gratitude, despite his hardship and physical difficulties. It’s one of my favourite books, along with the Seth books by Jane Roberts.


  • Also Christian, please could you tell us more about how and what you mean by ‘integrating’ your human experience.

    E.g. if we feel negative about our situation or ourselves, how are we to ‘integrate’ this human experience and feeling and what does it mean to do do so?

    Thanks so much xx


  • Oh Christian – regarding my question, I think I got it. I think you mean integrate experience through love. Much like the pilgrim in the book I mentioned.


    • Hi Amanda! I am not familiar with “The Way of a Pilgrim,” I will keep it in mind! I do very much appreciate Seth by Jane Roberts.

      Regarding your question about integrating experience- that is a very personal process. But in a few words: To integrate an experience is to fully know it and assimilate it into what one is, so that one fully “gets it” at the being level (not just the intellectual level). When an experience is fully integrated, it no longer prompts fear. An integrated experience is one in which the individual can comfortably say with familiarity “oh yeah, I’ve been there, done that!”

      Overcoming fear is an important part of this process. Often when we feel negative we are buying into fear arising from some negative self-perception or negative perception about the world that we are buying into and may seem too big for us (for instance, if we believe the world or those around us have proven to us “I have no power” or “I am not free” or “I am not worthy of love” etc.). It can be powerful to fully experience everything we actually feel, so we can actually face it, feel it, and process it. When we do that, we are automatically integrating the extremes of our experience here. (Whereas when we reject our experience, and tell ourselves quick ego stories to escape or avoid facing the fear we actually feel, that doesn’t truly get to the root.) So when we feel negative about ourselves or our situation, we might ask, “What is the negative self-perception that is being proven to me?”- and then really sit with it, explore it, and be unafraid to feel through it. We can then consciously move back towards experiencing the present moment for exactly what it is- before we have placed this meaning upon it (we are placing the meaning on the circumstance that makes it feel negative).

      A long term meditation practice can also be extremely helpful for this process, because as we gain increasing familiarity with what we really are (awareness itself) versus what we are not (thoughts, stories, and form associations), we gain important “space” to be able to identify our thoughts for what they are, and to be able to recognize what is actually “down there” that seeks to be processed.

      Anyway, there is a lot to this topic, but those are just a few thoughts! 🙂


      • Thank you so much for this detailed response Christian!

        If you decide to read Way of a Pilgrim, I recommend the RM French translation. I love this book. It is warm, charming, and deeply moving in my view. The pilgrim’s mystical experiences are also very interesting to me. It’s on my ‘bucket list’ 😆 to meet this being over the other side when I cross over. I think he will be beautiful, like the fabulous being who guided you. (I am also hoping it will be possible to meet Seth).

        Interestingly, years ago I went through a process just like you describe, of very frequent self query. I found that I became more tolerant and accepting of myself, and as a result, less judgemental of others. I even came to the conclusion there was never anything to forgive, and was somehow more intelligent and ‘knowing’ to a little degree.

        I realised at that time, that I had begun to develop self love, and through that, a more loving regard of others. For a number of reasons, starting with a major change in circumstances, I dropped the practice, and have not got back to that state for years, though I know it was very beneficial to me. I get easily distracted by garbage. Of course, I suppose it’s my challenge is to integrate that too! 😆

        Thank you again Christian for taking the time to reply. Like others, I have listened I think, to all of your interviews, some of them multiple times. Interviewers ask different questions, so that new and beneficial points are made each time. It always helps to be reminded that this flesh and bone body is not who we really are.

        Best wishes to you and your family.


      • Thank you for your great kindness Amanda! Meanwhile I just thought I’d share this interesting coincidence/synchronicity: You said “I am also hoping it will be possible to meet Seth.” – I also have this personal goal, to meet Seth in the non-physical someday! How interesting and unique! 🙂

        Much love to you!


  • Christian, by now I feel I heard your story three times! It’s a bit like when some guest comes somewhere and there is a chitchat going on with the newcomer but everyone in the room already heard the story and decide to leave the room! I’m kidding. It was good to listen to it again because it is narrated a bit differently and brings a different note to it. You are definitely one of the persons who finalized my convictions about this life being more than see the eyes 🙂

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    • Thanks for the encouragement sir! This is one of the reasons I don’t prefer to re-tell my experience, I prefer to talk about more important topics- yet most interviewers request it.


      • By the way, if you’d like to get in to detail on other topics;
        why don’t you make your own youtube video’s?
        You might just pick from all the questions you get, and answer them one by one, each having their own video. So when anyone goes looking for answers goolge helps to find your videos for them.
        There is not much needed for it.
        Only a camera that can record video, and a youtube account to upload the video to.

        I think you’d go a very long way with it.

        Just a thought. Hope it helps. 🙂


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  • Christian,
    Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom from it. It only supports all that I’ve learned and experienced. You’ve answered a number of important questions. I’m interested in the “veil” as this makes great sense…to fully experience separateness and being human etc. I’m wondering why I am “seeking” along with so many others. I’ve been a seeker after great suffering but now am a seeker for knowledge and hopefully wisdom…”Thy will be done”.
    If I am too successful in my seeking won’t I be lifting the veil in a way and go against its purpose?
    Peace and much thanks!!! Matt


    • It is certainly worthwhile to pursue knowledge and wisdom, wherever they lead. There is nothing to fear in doing so. Sometimes, that does lead to certain personal discoveries about our higher nature, and that is wonderful. Meanwhile I find that by the time we are in a place where we might “step past the veil” in our awareness, we are also generally perceptive and wise enough to notice when doing so may be inappropriate somehow (prompts a “no, not right now” notification 😉 ). But meanwhile, there is not a “hard and fast” rule, we are here to use this physical experience for all we can, and we are free to try what we may. The veil tends to be incredibly effective, anyway. 🙂


  • Hi Christian,

    Just listened to this – thank you! It was balm for the soul ☺️

    You mentioned that part of your intention in this life had been to encounter and integrate a very low vibration of fear. I’d love to know more about this.

    I’ve had two events in my life where I had to encounter some very dark dense fear. It was more intense that anything I had ever experienced in this life previously and completely turned my reality on it head. I’ve spent 15 years (so far) working on integrating these experiences (and it’s still a work in progress)

    Was you experience similar and what is your sense of these types of experiences? 🙏🏼


    • Hi Stacey! Thank you so much for your kindness!

      The deepest dark very low vibration fear I came to integrate is difficult to describe. It is a deep vibration of the perception of “I cannot escape agony” mixed with “I am too proud to suffer” (something like that). Many branches in the tree (conscious fear patterns, thoughts, etc.) arose from that root. Yes it can take a very long time to process, and that’s OK! I had PTSD after my primary fear event and I spent years going through EMDR therapy with a therapist where I really worked on processing this fear. In fact, it took me years to even consciously find it! It was only after that processing that I began to experience my “awakening.”

      When we can process, feel, allow, and integration a vibration of such profound “low,” we expand hugely! The light can fill all that space!

      I don’t know if I spoke to your comment, please let me know! And have a great day being human today!


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  • Hi Christian, on the topic of YouTube:
    You do need a lot of bandwidth if you make live broadcasts on YouTube.
    But if you pre-record your video you can just upload it once, to your own channel, and others will watch it with their own bandwidth.

    If you prerecord a video and upload it to your channel,
    you do not need much more than
    – a camera that can make video’s,
    – an idea for a subject (wich you have plenty),
    – some practice with just this subject (kinda like a presentation),
    – a tripod to put your camera on,
    – a mirror behind your camera to see if it is aimed at you (or a mirror on a stick),
    – a youTube channel to upload to.

    Thats all.
    As soon as you uploaded the clip, you can ad a title with the youtube tools.
    Or you can use a free laptop-app for that and upload it later.

    It is really very easy to do.
    This person explains it very much to the point:

    Hope this helps cause you’d reach so many more people ! 🙂


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  • Thank you, Christian, for sharing your experiences. This is the first time I found someone who could recall and describe life before birth. I always knew that life was very different before birth here but could not access more. I have also had a life long connection (and contrast) with the SUN consciousness on other levels and feel the desire to return and/or bring that experience here. What a challenge and much disappointment. So it really helps to hear your perspective!!! I can “deal” much better knowing this! Judith M.

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  • Hi Christain,

    I recently came across your experience and it has given me a new perspective on life. I have been really into NDE’s. I know you mentioned that we choose our experiences on earth and whether we choose to hurt people or love people, how still loves us and once we leave the human experience there would be a life review of self and how self would want to proceed. Given this information, there are NDEs describing going to hell. If one is not judged based on decisions made on earth, where does the NDE discussing he’ll play a part in this? Just super curious. All of these experiences have definitely changed my perspective, given me a sense of peace and has opened my heart to being more loving. Thank you for sharing


    • Nice to meet you Melissa! I actually have a full section dedicated to “Hell” in Part 3 (the Q&A section) of the book, which is available to be read for free at the third link down on the book page of this site. Please take a look and let me know if that does not speak to your question. Have a fantastic day experiencing being human today! 🙂


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