4 thoughts on “Sharing Guy’s Guy Radio Show Appearance

  • Thanks for the heads up about the interview. I am a new huge fan of your messages. Your book is the most comprehensive and integrated source of wisdom and spirituality that I have ever read. I consider it my spiritual bible. It ties together the teachings of many other spiritual teachers in a way that is profound and easy to read. I am eternally grateful to you for creating such an important resource.


  • I enjoyed it very much. I hope many people read your book and benefit from it. Thank you, Christian for your hard work and sharing love energy every time.

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  • Loved it as usual. You have a wonderful and clear way of expressing yourself. It is so refreshing 💖💓💗


  • I saw you on Jeff Mara’s podcast, Christian, and your words resonated deeply within me.

    I appreciate your wisdom and your humble willingness to share it.


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