Pre-Birth Experiencer “Fireside Chat” with Melissa Denyce and Arke Muratova

Just sharing links to the “Fireside Chat” I recently participated in with fellow PBErs Melissa and Arke! 🙂

Part 3:

Part 2:

Part 1:

7 thoughts on “Pre-Birth Experiencer “Fireside Chat” with Melissa Denyce and Arke Muratova

  • I feel reborn. At 75, in the midst of great change and because of the courage and clarity of all three of you, I am ready to live life … just as it is presenting itself to me. To say ’thank you’ is not enough. Perhaps to say, “I love you” is. I love you.

    Kathryn Adis (or so I’m named in this go-around :-))



    • Kathy, I love you too! (Even though I don’t have human conscious knowing of your story!) Thank you for your great kindness today, and for being here in this form right now!


  • That is how I discovered you because I had already ‘discovered’ Arke having a chat with Melissa, both of whom I did not know a month ago. Alas, I do not have this ability of you guys to experience first hand. I am aware I could but if I trust Arke, it’s not that important. After all, you and others are doing a great job of conveying your knowledge. Since I am ‘handicapped’ by this lack of direct knowledge I had to use a different path that has to do with reading and reflection, etc. So now that I find you guys, all you are saying is equivalent to what I have acquired of knowledge in the last 50 years or so. Except for some interpretations. I’ll get back to you later, once l’ll have read your book. In the meantime, thank you! Marc


    • Thank you for your kindness Marc! 🙂 Agreed it’s not important: you are already a powerful multidimensional being right now, you don’t need anyone external to you. 🙂


  • My husband and I just found out at 37 weeks pregnant that our baby passed. I immediately thought of your story. I don’t know why our son left us but it helps to know that he isn’t gone. My husband is reading your book now. Thank you for telling your story. It means a lot to us.

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  • Amazing! These conversations, and other interviews of yours are incredible. Life changing! And life affirming. I just bought your book!! I’m so excited to start it.

    I’ve always remembered picking my mom before birth, and that she and I have had many lives together. When I was a toddler, my father left us and she was apologizing to me and crying, and I told her: “Mommy I would have come to you no matter who you married. We planned that you would be my only parent.” It seemed very natural to me, I remember being surprised by how easily she had forgotten that.

    I have a question about healing others. A family member of mine has been diagnosed with a disease and I want to help him. I’ve healed animals and my own children by using my energy, I feel it going through my body and into theirs, and I feel them allowing by “taking it in” until I get a picture of them healed, and it’s done. I’ve done it since I was a child every now and then when I remember to do it. I don’t know how to heal someone who is in his 70s, and has a much firmer grasp on the physical reality than children and animals do. I also feel that his illness is trying to tell him an important message. Have you ever healed someone else? Or do you think illnesses are there for people to get through as part of their own spiritual journey?

    Thank you for all that you do!!

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    • Wow what a special gift you have ❤️ for your friend he might benefit from the energy systems that have recently opened up all around the world! Go to YouTube and search Jason Shurka. Or go to to find a location near you 💕


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