Conversation with Angela Tomlinson in preparation for her Ted Talk

Just sharing a conversation I just had with Angela Tomlinson in preparation for her Ted Talk next month in Australia!

15 thoughts on “Conversation with Angela Tomlinson in preparation for her Ted Talk

  • I love listening to you Christian. As usual this was a nice interview with many new light bulb moments for me. Thank you both.


  • Christian, I have to say that a conversation I was having with Son Logan & Megan today, led Logan to send me this link. He knows that I also share your beliefs. I should also say that I have been studying the topic of Reincarnation since 1972, and enjoy many authors and studies on related topics, like Life across the Veil, surviving near death experiences, etc. The Soul is Eternal and continues throughout all our physical lives on this (or other) planet. . Thanks for sharing your views, Christian…. I am totally engaged in your first interview right now, but will continue to listen and absorb everything on your site. Sincerely, Susan Smith


  • As per Angela Tomlinson, these are the last sentences of Christian’s talk which were cut off from the video: “Make that subtle shift to see it from that perspective. What if I am an immortal being of love and every day is an incredible opportunity. Meet life with open eyes and meet each tiny moment with openness. Be and allow and enjoy life and you will be doing a lot more that you realise”


  • Hi Christian, I would like to ask you another question. On your traumatic experience. Because I have had one very early in life, and I am figuring out what I can do now, although the trauma has initiated “stories” in my mind, that have changed my character, some time ago (diagnose). This happened in spite of my searching for counselling. Somehow I am not getting it from regular, available, healthservices. So while I kept walking into the same situations, only worse, my defense grew.
    In 26:00:00 you say you rejected the experience and locked yourself away in a trauma. You were 22 years old, so a young adult at the time.
    Can you describe this “locking yourself away in trauma”? Did you stop yourself from feeling? Did you leave the body? Did you get unconsience ?

    I have had an injury in my spine for 3 years, before it finally was acknowledged that an MRI scan had to be done to see if I was right about the source of the pain. So for 3 years I had a pain in my nerves, my physical nerves. (Because they had been cruched by the bones in my spine. So in the end I got operated on.)
    Is that kind of pain similare to what you had?
    Also was nobody giving you something to relieve the pain? For instance morfine (I got morfine finally, just days before my spine got operated on.)

    I hope you can send answers still. but maybe you are getting too many questions now.
    Either way; thank you for talking about your experience.



    • By the way; this is a very good interview !! You are going far in explaining for instance the ego, the avoiding of fear, the building of stories to “solve a problem”. I totally get what you are saying there. Thank you !


      • English is not my native language. It took a while for me to see the difference between consciousness and conscientious. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry for that ๐Ÿ™‚

        Tooby, Ornot, Thats, Tis, Duh, etc were all sparrows that I took care of, once.


    • Hello! “Locking myself away in trauma” meant- a psychological quarantine in the form of memory loss and disassociation. For a long time I couldn’t even remember up until the age of 22 with any clarity. The pain I experienced was biochemical/neurochemical, not mechanical, but none-the-less, it was terribly painful, and a type of pain that I feel medications could not have well addressed. In my case healing was ultimately about finding the root fear that seemed far too big to actually face and feel- and then *fully* feeling it! “Power lies in accepting powerlessness.” (Meanwhile we suffer when we buy into the story and buy into perceptions that are not in alignment with the truth of who we are- so when we buy into the perception of powerlessness, for instance, we feel fear and we suffer, because in fact we are powerful beings!) I hope that helps at least a bit! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Wow … Holy cow … You wrote “โ€œLocking myself away in traumaโ€ meant- a psychological quarantine in the form of memory loss and disassociation. For a long time I couldnโ€™t even remember up until the age of 22 with any clarity” and NOW I see that what you discribe is my normal state of being … holy cow … I remember hardly anything from any of my life, exept the very heavy stuff. So I write everything down, and I keep al sorts of memorabilia to be able to remember what happened in my life. I knew not many people do this, and I know it gets in my way ..But I did NOT know it may be related to not being able to remember which may have followed the trauma, the never ending trauma’s for that matter ..
        Thank you so much for these first two sentences alone !! Yes it certainly helps !! It makes me more determent that there must come some theraputic help for me with the trauma’s.
        I need to get my trauma sorted out.
        My husband is already home, his early body burned. He would leave until he knew I would stay on earth and find freedom. So I promised. But I am finding that I have very much learning to do before I can be happy. Staying in the moment is not as easy as it sounds. I have to face some hurt .. Actually almost all the hurt you mention .. not being loved, a loved one leaving, seing a loved one in huge pain and nobody does anything because of a lockdown (covid), always being alone (“because I don’t like people” .. well if that were so, than why do I smile from ear to ear at people I do not know at all. I am obviously delighted to see them … but I told myself I don’t like people) etc etc etc etc …
        But then again .. If I die right now I would be so happy. Too much work ahead … maybe ..
        Sorry, I am too exited and blabbering.
        Thank you so much for this remark of yours. It may very well be a lead



      • Hi Christian, it is now august the 10th in 2022, and I just read your reply above, on “locking yourself away”, again. And again it helps. Again I find details in your writing that opens up an understanding of what has been going on during my walk in the physical so far. It helps enduring all the emotions, especially the sorrow, pain, regret about my own behavior, etc.
        Please don’t remove this site yet.
        So thank you again โค

        from Europe

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  • This talk, by Dr David Treleaven, author of Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, is maybe very very very helpfull for people meditating when there is a trauma.

    ( And NOW I understand why I was reluctant to do meditation ..)

    Tooby Ornot 2B Thats Duh Questy Whettter Tiddles Nobby Inny (Duh) Mindy Twoo Surfer (Duh) Slings Andy Arrows
    To all the sparrows I loved
    And to my husband . . .


  • One other question I have, Christian. I miss my husband very much. But I recognize it when you say that it is just a small portion of our true being that is behind the veil here on earth. All the rest of us is already home.
    I know this is true.
    But I am having a hard time admitting the following, though it sounds completely right.
    So please tell me:
    Does the above mean that, now that my husband is not down here anymore, he has gone home, and I also have a huge part of me home, so acctually we are together, but I just can not see behind the veil?
    Or are you not able to interact at home as long as you are down here, on earth, behind the veil .. ?

    Am I with my husband and I just don’t know it, because of the veil, is actually maybe what I am asking ..

    I hope you find time some day. I’ll keep a lookout on these pages.
    Thank you so much, Christian.

    L i s e t
    Ive been stalked also, for the last 20 years, Hence the pseudo avatar etc


    • Liset, yes, what love has joined remains “together” beyond the veil; our true nature is one anyway, so we rejoice in each other, even if the human personality portion of us might not be able to see it (while so deeply focused into the physical). Meanwhile please be assured that your journey of finding and facing and healing your trauma is incredibly powerful and valuable. Please know that you CAN do it! You are deeper than your deepest crap. That is, your consciousness is deeper than your deepest trauma and pain (that has been locked away because it has felt “too big to deal with”). Please remember your great power, your great life, and that love (not limitation and fear) is what you always really are!

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  • Hi Christian, Thank you for your help. I can indeed feel this bigger power when I focus on it,
    I am still here as you can see. I am getting awareness (don’t know the right expression) suddenly, very often, that I am sort of imprisonning myself. Restaining myself. Denieying myself al sorts of things for a milion of reasons, most of them being “maybe it is not convenieunt”.
    So yesterday and today I conciously took de freedom that is mine. Three times.
    Once while walking in the morning to wake my self up; I was doing gymnastics as if there was nobody looking ๐Ÿ™‚
    This morning when taking a second breakfast equally gorgeous looking, the way my husband made them for me every morning, but this time TWICE. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And now I am about to go driving to pick up some stuff. It MAY not be the best time of day, but heck, really, it my life and I get to say what goes and what does not. ๐Ÿ™‚
    There is hope yet. For me too.
    Thank you Christian.

    L iset

    โค .


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