Conversation with Patricia on the Awakening to Healing Podcast 12/2/21!

Just sharing a link to a conversation I had with Patricia on The Keystone Channel’s Awakening to Healing podcast last night!

10 thoughts on “Conversation with Patricia on the Awakening to Healing Podcast 12/2/21!

  • Christian, Thank you so much for this conversation! (Patricia isn’t my favorite interviewer I find)
    I could have listened to you speak much more, looking forward to all future convos!


  • I’ve just listened to your interview on the JeffMara Podcast. So many things you said felt like pulses of relief. Looking forward to exploring your website and book.


  • Thank you, Christian. I also had an experience.

    Life is a Lie. Warm. Warmer. Nearly Hot! Life is a Lie and therefore we easily fall into it. I AM GOD, so you Are. Don’t make sense of it. Deception is so much fun! Watch out for too many lies. Lie is the trickster. Yes, LIE IS THE TRICKSTER. SHE IS THE EVIL THAT IS STOPPING US.



    • OR What I wrote is a Lie. Because I am part of this Lie.

      From my experience I understand this so called “Life tree” as a construct before our birth,
      I call it a maze rather than the tree. Because paths are very tight and complex.

      It’s simplistic in nature. Life is a construct driven by two elements. Love and Lie. That’s all.

      All negativity (Fear, Hate, Envy, etc..) comes from Lie itself. Lie is the evil that is stopping us.
      Negativity can lock otherwise great life before you, us, etc. and throw you onto different life path.
      Love would open different path at that same moment.

      For our true nature (your real spirit-self), all the Negativity (Lie) is absolutely meaningless, I mean ABSOLUTELY.
      It is so much insignificant. So much that you nearly laught at it. Just we humans dwell on it.

      Love is the key to life and this is true. At least from the spiritual view. Science would say something different.
      Love is they key to a good life and good life paths. It’s all simplistic in nature.

      Unless there is more to it, my memories of this are limited and not so clear at some points.

      If this resonates with you then I am really looking forward to read your book! I have yet to read your book.

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  • Christian,

    I sincerely enjoyed discovering your story. As I’ve continued to read about NDE’s, and other spiritual experiences, I find myself questioning – if the earth/physical experience is here so that our nonphysical/spiritual beings can come here to experience disconnection, not knowing, etc… in order to grow… Then how is it, and why is it, some are being being allowed to have these experiences, such as NDE’s, and your pre-birth memories, and sharing it with us? Is that not, to put it a certain way, ruining the play for some?

    I find such comfort in your story – my left brain (maybe ego) wants to keep asking questions


    • Two brief comments sir: (1.) We are allowed to do what we will with this life (this physical simulation). There is no “rule” that we cannot awaken to the love of who we really are. In fact, that can be a wonderful step in evolution. (2.) I feel that humanity is “waking up.” That is, we are in the process of conquering our fear and overcoming past fear-based thought paradigms, towards a higher vibrational state that is more in alignment of who we really are. Reminding each other is a meaningful part of that process. I hope that helps sir! 🙂 Meanwhile, please do keep asking questions! The left brain is definitely not something to be avoided.


      • Thank you for your response!

        I’ll continue to reflect on your comments

        When I go “within,” I seem to find uncertainty, doubt, fear, and angst. It can almost feel like free falling. I’ve been asking myself lately, “how do you know what you know?” And I have no answer to that – it seems everything can be questioned.

        I do want to believe in something bigger than me


      • The thinking mind, which works exclusively in thoughts, cannot find the answer- because thoughts are form, and our true nature transcends all form, and gives rise to it all. This is one of the reasons why I so highly recommend a long term meditation practice: as one is able to experientially discover what one really is (awareness itself), versus what one is not (thoughts), the “answer” to what is really real is there. If there’s one thing you know with certainty, it is that you are aware (you have consciousness)- it is powerful to explore thought not as a thought, but as a tangible experience. I hope that helps sir! 🙂


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