4 thoughts on “Pre-Birth Experience discussion on The Nonduality Podcast with Paul Dobson!

  • What a great conversation! Thank you so much!
    On enlightenment, I resonate with Rupert Spira who said, and I may be paraphrasing,
    ” Enlightenment is simply knowing that everything is as it should be all the time. End of story.”


  • I remember my before life experience. I was standing before an angel who was about 8 feet tall and did have wings. I was standing next to a river or lake and she said I had to take a drink of the water so I could “forget”, and before I went to earth I HAD to take the drink while she watched or I could not go to Earth. So I did and it was sweet and wonderful. Then I do not remember anything after that.


  • Christian, I LOVE your sharing wherever/however you do it. I find it deeply inspiring as well as just feeling “right,” somehow.

    I write here because the last 2 videos of you I’ve watched had all comments blocked. When we’re inspired, soul/spirit/Heart wants to share, at times. It’s awkward, at best, to be blocked from at least sharing with other viewers, even if the interviewer is too busy (or whatever) to deal with comments. I know – some folks also have to work for a living.

    So the sites blocking comments are The NonDuality Podcast and Buddha at the Gaspump. I don’t plan to view anymore vids on either channel due to the total comment blocking. Just wanted to let you know.

    Thank you ever so much for the generous sharing you do, making yourself available for so many interviews. Source/God forever bless & lift you in consciousness.


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    • Thank you for your great kindness Theresa! 🙂 Each interviewer controls their own settings on their channel (I don’t have my own channel), but thank you for the feedback! Much love to you this day on Earth! 🙂


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