5 thoughts on “Pre-Birth Discussion with Shannon Torrence of “Magic is Real” Podcast

  • Hello
    I just have a question. I have been meditating for several years and one of the realizations I had was that the universe is automatic. I was experiencing a state of stillness and saw “myself (mind, emotions, etc)” acting without me being inside. It was like watching a film of myself. I saw my apparent individuality and the creation trap in automatism and each part of the creation completely unique. Many of us realize that no real individuality reincarnate. This is just part of the illusion because the Emptiness only know the I AM. Any vibration will evolve to become God even if it has a extremely high frequency. God or Emptiness is the pure state of being. It is the only real state.
    Is the reincarnation real? In the deep meaning.


    • Hello! I’m sorry, I’m not sure I fully understand. Form is not fundamentally real, but it is known by that which is fundamentally real. But that which is fundamentally real “refines” as evolution through non-native-form-usage occurs. The non-real is made of the real. Does that help? If not please hone me in. Thank you! 🙂


  • This is one of the most amazing talks I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Christian, for sharing your ideas, concepts, experiences, insights–truly uplifting, hopeful, and . . . just pure joy to hear and feel. Thank you so, so much.


  • Namaste.
    Greetings from Nepal. Really loved your talk. Its really amazing to see people from all over the world tuning into greater consciousness. Your talks were so deep and I am glad I was able to get most part of it.
    I would really like you to visit Nepal and India as a part of one’s Spiritual journey.
    Thank you for your words. Much Love.

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