Life Between Lives Discussion with Guy Lawrence

Just sharing a video of a conversation I had recently with Guy Lawrence about my pre-birth experience for any who may be interested! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Life Between Lives Discussion with Guy Lawrence

  • Christian – I gain something from every talk you give. Thank you. I also listen to Seth, over and over and over and glean a new perspective or thought every time. So loving of you to share yourself with the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • Thank you Christian, for all the interviews that you’re doing! I bet you’re rapidly gaining popularity as more and more people are touched by what you share. Thank you also, for the reminder that I can trust where my heart leads me.


  • Dear Christian, I accidentally stumbled over this podcast while I was searching for meaning and was in distress about events that had happened in my life. To realize from what you told us that we ourselves choose these life experiences to grow, gave me such comfort and the courage to go ‘sit in the closet’ instead of ‘hiding under the blankets’. Thank you so much, your message of hope reached me as my heart needed it.

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  • I just watched this podcast which brought me to this website. Came up in my search for NDEs and it all aligns. I’m a very skeptical person by nature but I do believe in life before life and therefore also life after life.

    I loved hearing your story because for some reason all my life I’ve just innately “known” that I have chosen this life even tho I don’t have memories of it. I feel like I knew ahead of time that I would lose a child (which I have 8 yrs ago) and that I’m here to learn and grow my spirit.

    Thank you for being brave and sharing your story!

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  • Dear Christian, I cherish this interview so much because it was the first one I listened to, before I read your book. Your human words led me through a magical door to who we are. “I am” now, what we are, within my vibration. And the title of your next book just came to my mind “Living in the Bigger Picture” :-D- no google results B-). Today, Acension Day, is a holiday in Germany! Thank you for everything and Namaste.

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