The Peace of Non-Seeking

The very act of seeking itself can be a move away from peace. In a sense, in wanting something we are actually moving away from it, because pursuing it is often done in service of the idea that we lack it in the first place. In trying to become rich, we become poor; in trying to become free, we lose sight of the freedom we already have; in trying to become spiritually enlightened, we can become self-centered.

Pursuing something to satiate a need is ultimately empty; all things are already present right now.

There is no place we truly need to go. There is no thing we truly need to do. There is no object we truly need; no reconfiguration of the play is actually necessary. In knowing that fully, there is peace.

In hearing this, we may decide to even reject seeking itself (a new thing to pursue or reject). But rejection is not the way. The way transcends and yet can arise within all objects, all paths, all searches. That truth is actually not an abstract or far away thing – rather, it is the closest thing to us. We simply need: to Be.

Be. You are, and that is more than enough! Be today, be here. Give the world the gift of your attention, your full presence, with no seeking required.

36 thoughts on “The Peace of Non-Seeking

  • beautifully stated & reassuring especially in times where we are constantly seeking something to fulfill us, thanks for your blessed enlightening!


  • I’m glad I stumbled across you. Love your story and things you post. I listen to it again every now and then and each time makes a difference in how I feel. Thank you for sharing it.


  • Christian, phew, I had to read that blog a few times. No problem with the first two paragraphs but I’m still left wondering how just Being gives any traction to Consciousness evolution. Why do we need the physical experience if we just have to Be? Isn’t the whole point of the physical experience to Be better by making good choices. We can Be by just sitting in a cave all day but where’s the challenge in that? 🙂


    • Sir Lloyd- great to “see” you sir! I would suggest being careful not to turn consciousness evolution into a belief in some action itself. If you can fully “Be” and find peace even here, how much more can you “Be” when the constraints are far less? That, too, is evolution.

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    • And also one more comment sir: “Quality of intent” is not just pushing in some one direction, like in the focus of some action or set of actions (even the idea of evolving and being better). It is also in discerning when to act, and when to Be. Surrender is a low-ego activity.

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  • Thank you Christian for your message. I had discovered your story recently and I am grateful for your insights. We as humans make life so complicated – all we have to do is be ourselves-and discover our true divinity. I believe that is everyone’s true purpose for being human—finding our way back to The Lord while under the limitations of being human. Thank you again.


  • “BE” is my word for this year ! So Cool !
    Thanks for the Good WORD !
    Peace, Joy and LOVE to you all –


  • For me it was the very act of seeking that lead me to peace. Seeking new thoughts, new perspectives, a new way of being. A restlessness inside, lead me on a search. What started as a search outside myself quickly became a search within myself. Uncovering childhood wounds, feelings of shame, anger, sadness, etc. that were never felt or expressed. Allowing all the dark places within to come into consciousness, be felt and released (mostly through tears) and then forgiveness . Releasing the past creates energetic room for the present to naturally arise.
    Of course it was being present with all the feelings as they arose, just allowing them. Just being with them. I took time everyday to contemplate feelings in my body or emotions in meditation to be with myself. If you were able to be with what is in each moment, be with your anger, be with your sadness, be with your anxiety, then a similar experience would happen, you would live in peace in each moment of your life and a desire for seeking for anything outside of yourself would end, and a desire to express and create would continue from a peaceful present. That being said the act of creation can be uncomfortable, you may have to learn new things, put yourself in new situations. Speak where you kept quiet in the past. But underneath is a grounding so peaceful that it is hard to knock you off your center. Peace to all.

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    • I thought I’d add that my post does not mean to imply there is not a place for seeking, even striving. The idea that peace can be found in non-seeking is a stand alone idea; and then meanwhile here on Earth indeed it is often important to seek, or to wield great effort. Your comments about allowing feelings are very important, and I wholeheartedly agree! I have also found what you wrote to be such an important part of my own journey every day.


  • Hi Christian, I understand what you said in theory. But it’s so hard to implement in my daily life. I am about to lose my job. First of all, I wonder if I have attracted this job loss due to my low vibration (under the manifestation theory). Secondly, How should I practice the peace of non-seeking under this circumstance? I wonder if I should only look for a dream job or any job just to make myself feel better even though my severance pay is going to last for quite a while. (I had hated this job because of my boss but had to stay because of financial reasons. I had started to learn to forgive him.)


    • I am sorry to hear about your impending job loss, I am in a similar situation actually. Sometimes something is not a direct result of our manifesting. To put it bluntly, sometimes on Earth, sh*t just happens. 😉 Sometimes we can “fall into” the great circumstance even better from a state of non-seeking. Other times, we do need to try hard and take action. The discernment between those two is an important part of the “growth” we do here on Earth. In either case, despite how traumatic and scary a situation may appear, there is never a true reason to lose our peace. (Though it happens to me all the time too- this place can be hard!) Please hang in there! 🙂 I find for me it is helpful to just take one moment at a time- meet this moment now, today, rather than think so much about all future moments.


  • Just viewed your video, “An astounding story of life between lives”. Thank you so much for that!

    Regarding the current post:
    The first sentence of the Tao Te Ching: “The way that can be spoken of is not the true way ”

    Heart Sutra: “No attainment, no nonattainment”

    That said I feel highly motivated to seek health and healing and to share what I learn with others. And that is good.

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  • Yes, I feel it like this too. Sometimes I have struggle to stay in this knowledge and deep understanding – due to I want to be connected and understood in this 3D existance by the people I love. While on the other hand I know we are always connected. I do feel what they feel as if I was them, I can can see their beauty, but beeing human for me means having this wish for understanding and togetherness..

    Thank you for sharing.

    I was deeply moved by your interview on passion harvest. Keept on singing and crying and smiling after that for a while. Looking forward to your upcoming book 😀


  • Christian,

    Did you know the belief of the
    CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS is very much in line with what you talk about?
    As “Mormons” we believe in:
    -A Pre-Earth life as spirits
    -The veil keeps some of us from remembering that state-
    -We choose to come here
    -Agency is the major part of the plan.
    -We belief we are interconnected-ALL our a family (Immortal beings having mortal experiences.)
    -We will all be taught all truth after we die, if we haven’t been blessed with those truths here. We will be able to choose there also.
    -Life will go on after this life.
    -There are more galaxies than we can count.
    -We do have the opportunity to be like OUR FATHER, GOD THE FATHER.
    -Christ is the Son of God, our Brother
    -They have immortal bodies of flesh and bones.
    -Separate beings.
    – Christ was Resurrected, he has His body
    – We all will have our body at some point
    ….. in Eternity
    -There is no burning Hell!
    -Babies are automatically with God
    -Accountability is not till age 8.
    -There are degrees of Glory, depending on how we choice to live. Not just a Heaven and Hell.
    -Everything has to do with Learning to Love as God and Jesus Christ Love us
    unconditionally!!! It’s all so Beautiful!
    -That’s why there is no reason to judge anyone. We are all doing our best, trying to do our best, to be happy, give love and find peace. We’re all a family.
    That’s why he has had Prophets and Apostles to speak to us, along with Personal Revelation for us individually,
    by The Spirit.
    There is a Prophet & Apostles on the Earth today !!!


  • Christian, what do you think about this meditation? It reflects much of what you are saying in this latest blog:)
    I am a Lutheran pastor, (ELCA) and would love to talk to you some day. You, sir, are a breath of fresh air.


    • Hello sir! I’d be happy to talk sometime- please look me up on FB (if you have it) and send a message, or provide an email address and I’ll email you. In my early 20’s my church was a part of the ELCA and I actually considered going to seminary to become an ELCA pastor. As for the meditation- I listened to a few minutes, I’m sure it will help some people, just personally I find guided language meditation distracting.


  • Hello Christian,

    I am grateful for your words, but even more for your beingness. Deep humble bow.

    Some time ago I had an experience that stopped my seeking. Since then I have been living what has felt like a meaningless life. What I heard when I listened to you is that it is not true that my life is meaningless. It is not true that none of my experiences matter, it is not true that I don’t matter. For this shift in my world view, I am eternally grateful. Thank you.


  • Hey there Christian, I just saw your story on you tube and it blew my mind! I have had this idea that we somehow choose our lives but your story still kind of shocked me. Just the fact that we are here in this world is so important. I could probably ask you 100 questions ..
    You said that where you came from it was all OK, and you had an eternity to try out experiences. I have also recently heard a number of accounts of NDEs: many speak of a peaceful experience, where they see this indescribable love energy, but some speak of demons and an eternal damnation, where what you do on earth will be judged for ever. How to reconcile all this? I know everything clicks when I just let go and trust in life, it seems that knowing anything, like you do, is a special burden indeed.

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    • To respond to your question about “demons and eternal damnation,” I am going to paste a few responses I have written previously to similar questions that I have recorded for the book I am writing. I’m sorry if this is long, but hopefully this will be helpful sir!

      Q: How there can be a hell, or hellish experiences? Surely these exist. How can we explain this?
      A: The unconditional love of Source transcends all the reality experiences of form. But within experiences of form (whether in this reality or others), great contrast is possible. When we go “far” from Source, we can experience great fear, and where there is fear, “darkness” happens (ego, selfishness, greed, etc.). We are powerful, creative beings; and so, whether in this physical reality or in other more thought-responsive realities, we can create hellish experiences due to our fear and because of our beliefs and expectations. All of that, however, is contained within the great transcendent Beingness that gives rise to it all. In other words, the unconditional love is first – and then within that love we are even given the opportunity to experience environments of stark contrast in this and other reality systems, some of which can be hellish – until we evolve past that fear and expand the love and joy in due measure.

      Q: Is hell real?
      A: Temporary hellish reality experiences can happen both in other nonphysical realities and also here on Earth. The highly constraining Earth experience is sometimes perceived as a hell – not because it is fundamentally charged, but because of the meanings incarnate consciousness has placed upon it and bought into about it. Nonphysical environments are often thought-responsive and will instantly reflect the personal nature and beliefs of the experiencer in an extremely real way. Also, sometimes a “hell” is experienced as a “wake-up call” – a way to get someone’s attention and show them they are on a path of fear or selfishness.

      None of those hellish experiences are fundamental. The fundamental Beingness that gives rise to all experience is of love and joy and freedom! It ventures from that state into discrete experience – even what may end up being a potentially hellish experience – ultimately for the sake of creativity, joy, and love. Nonfundamental hellish experiences may occur as we wield fear-based intent (intent that reflects the illusion of separation); but they do not last, because they are not fundamentally real, just as the Earth environment is not fundamentally real. The experience is real, but the Beingness having the experience is more real, and that Beingness is always one of love, freedom, and joy.

      Q: Is hell a place?
      A: Extreme vibrational distance from Source, which is very roughly synonymous with living in fear, is hell. And that can happen in both our reality system and others. Thought-responsive realities can become extremely hellish when one’s fear is allowed to run wild. But ultimately fear has no true power. The true power is Love! There is never ultimately anything to truly fear! It is of great benefit to remember our true power and to shine, rather than to live in fear.

      Q: Is there such a thing as eternal punishment?
      A: No. The very idea of eternal punishment is not one of unconditional love; it is an earthly, fear-based idea. Eternal punishment is an idea we came up with that represents the extreme imagined end of a perceived “duality spectrum”: It is the extreme of what our imagination can concoct as a result of our real experiences of pain and suffering that happen on Earth. Even if it seems to last for a long time, actual suffering is always finite, because the physical constraints, separation, and fear that give rise to suffering are not fundamental to Being. While nonfundamental hellish experiences happen when fear-based intent is wielded – including here on Earth – the deeper fundamental truth is love, joy, freedom, and unity.

      Q: I know people who have seen hell. Since they report on it, we know it is real, right?
      A: Nonphysical realities can present themselves in a myriad of ways, depending on many factors that are personal to the experiencer (including beliefs, expectations, intent, fears, and thoughts of the experiencer). Thus the objects seen are not always indicative of the nature of the environment itself (as we might assume with our world) but of the individual (of their fears and form associations).

      Since we are used to being human, we think reality is ultimately made up of objects and places. In the physical world, if I go to a place like, say, New York City, and I see something there and report it to you, you can gain some knowledge about that place secondhand. But higher realities do not necessarily follow the same rules as our world. Higher realities – which are incredibly real indeed (often even more so than our own) – are often very personal. And the way a given personality experiences them is often personally symbolic – even if painful. So it’s not simply a matter of saying “someone saw some objects” or “someone visited places” – as if reality is primarily comprised of objects or places. Rather, in order to understand many of these experiences, I feel it is important to recognize that consciousness is first, and then form is second. (132)

      Q: Are demons real? Are there evil spirits?
      A: Generally speaking, the idea of “demons” may fall into two categories: The first is actual fellow free-willed beings who have fearful or selfish intent and who are operating in other reality systems of form, and the second is the lively “thought objects” that arise from the human collective consciousness and that can be interacted with in nonphysical environments but are not actually free-willed. In both cases: Spirit (consciousness) transcends duality itself. And spirit is fundamentally loving, free, powerful, and joyful. Spirit can then “opt-in” to have discrete free-willed experiences of form and duality, whether in this reality or others. Now, there is such as a thing as any given spirit only being “so adept” at expressing its true loving nature within a given set of forms or a given constraint-set. That is, each of us is only so evolved in love, and each of us yet has fear. Indeed, part of what we are doing here is working to evolve the quality of our intent such that we can be successfully loving and creative within a very wide array of experiences. This choice making occurs both in our physical system and in systems – there is imperfect choice making happening both on Earth and in other realities of form. So the wielding of fear-based intent is possible even by beings in certain other reality systems. But “evil” is not a fundamental force; it is only the expression of our yet-unevolvedness; it is where we express fear, within whatever context. As creative beings, we give birth to all sorts of experiences (choice-making opportunities) and living thought forms, all sorts of ideas and objects and names. That includes things we consider “dark” – things that help add to the depth of possible manifestation by providing contrast. Are those things experienced as real within a given reality system? Yes. But are those things – even things like demons – fundamentally real? No. What is fundamentally real is loving consciousness itself; and that consciousness engages in all sorts of wonderful and terrifying free-willed experiences of form in the ultimate name of joy and love!

      Q: Why do so many NDErs feel so adamantly that there is not a hell but others say there definitely is?
      A: Hellish experiences occur in our world and in other, more thought-responsive reality systems, but many NDErs come to understand that the fundamental (“more real than that”) truth – the bedrock from which all reality arises – is unconditional love. Love is at the foundation of all activity that occurs; and ultimately, everything is used for purposes of love, creativity, and joy. Put another way: What is fundamental is consciousness (spirit) itself, and it is fundamentally loving and free; and consciousness chooses to engage and commit to various limited (nonfundamental) experiences, some of which can be very high-contrast.

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  • I feel as though the key to the seeking vs. Being dichotomy lies in where my focus of identification is. If I’m identifying as my human, it’s really not possible to feel as though I am not lacking in some way, and then to desire to fix that state through seeking. But if I can shift my attention out of being my “person” then what remains is me-as-Awareness, which feels closer to a whole, non-seeking state.

    It’s what I believe I am that determines whether I can stop seeking or not, if that makes any sense. The human always always always feels incomplete because it is. I can’t stop seeking, as a human. I have to stop identifying as human to stop seeking. Or I have to at least have a blend of identification going on.

    To just “be” as a human requires (in my experience) a shift of identification out of what keeps us believing that the human dream is real–which is the obsessive thinking and evaluating, and especially, for me, fear and preoccupation. Me-as-human IS a seeker, in other words. So it will automatically seek to stop seeking if it hears that that’s the solution.

    I think the human has to get to the point, or maybe I shouldn’t generalize and just say that I had to get to the point, where I just gave up! Which is, I guess what you’re saying. 🙂

    And just want to repeat that listening to your IANDS talk is the BEST.

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    • My experience is similar and when you talked about giving up, i think you mean in the way that you hand it over to to a higher power. I once had a difficult situation in which I had no job and while sleeping on the floor of a friends house was almost overcome with a sense of desperation. I remember listening to the rain beating on the window and thinking at least I was dry, there was nothing I could do now and tomorrow was another day, and I had a profound feeling of just letting go. I slept soundly and the next day got called for a job interview.
      However I still think we must seek, or maybe just wait, be there for whatever comes?


      • Allan, yes, that’s what I mean. Giving up is how I express it to myself, because it has an even deeper connotation of letting go, for me. I mean to hand it over, cease trying to control the outcome, and just be present with whatever my senses are perceiving at the moment. I’ve had, in my life, a number of times similar to the one you describe in which my mantra is simply “Thy Will be Done.” I know at those moments that any kind of resistance, any kind of uninformed action, will be counterproductive.

        Seeking brought me to the point of realizing that in order to “find” I had to somehow step out of being the seeker, stop identifying with its storyline. So yes, and being present for whatever is happening in the now.

        One of my favorite thoughts lately is from Eckhart Tolle: “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.”


  • I’d never heard of you, but am listening to your interview with Kim Carey right now and paused the video half way in to buy your book. I’m in tears. I came into this world assuming that my thoughts would create instantly (and being extremely dumfounded and disturbed when they didn’t), that others could feel what I do, that everyone was deeply loving and respectful toward each other and all life, and that we could communicate without speaking. It’s been a hard lesson learning that this world is very different from that, but Divine-Source/Love/Life/God has been my guiding force (I’m the only one in my earth family who is like this or thinks in spiritual terms). It’s so good for me to hear you! I don’t remember the pre-birth details, but I most definitely remember aspects of my, our, true selves, and the beauty and wonder of Life. I’ve dealt with a lot of very difficult challenges in my life, including physical ones, and as low as I’ve gotten into the depths of despair, I’ve eventually always come back to this thought: “This isn’t the truth, keep going and don’t give up.”

    You’ve validated so much for me, helped me understand myself and my life, and helped me not feel so alone. Connecting with you is a Godsend, thank you so much!

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    • My goodness Tanya, thank you so much for your kindness! And far more importantly, thank you for being YOU!- and being strong in this very strange and alien place! Hang in there! We are doing it! 🙂 May all Peace of Life be with you, today.


  • Thank you so much, Christian. I really needed to see this message today. I came across your website via your YouTube interview with Mira Kelly a couple of years ago, and your words unlocked many parts of my memory that I didn’t really know were there. For example, when I was a small child I knew that there was a life-review after we move on to the next plane, and I also knew that we chose this experience before coming to this reality. I don’t know how I knew that, but hearing it from you and the way you explained it was really comforting. I really can’t express how excited I was to receive your book today, I ordered it because I really wanted a physical copy to keep forever, but the fact that you have it available to access for free online really speaks volumes about the wonderful soul that you are. Thank you so much for sharing your message with the world. It is so nice to know that there are others out there that understand the divine message of infinite love…. God bless you now and always ❤


  • Thank you so much, Christian. I really needed to see this message today. I came across your website via your YouTube interview with Mira Kelly a couple of years ago, and your words unlocked many parts of my memory that I didn’t really know were there. For example, when I was a small child I knew that there was a life-review after we move on to the next plane, and I also knew that we chose this experience before coming to this reality. I don’t know how I knew that, but hearing it from you and the way you explained it was really comforting. I really can’t express how excited I was to receive your book today, I ordered it because I really wanted a physical copy to keep forever, but the fact that you have it available to access for free online really speaks volumes about the wonderful soul that you are. Thank you so much for sharing your message with the world. It is so nice to know that there are others out there that understand the divine message of infinite love…. God bless you now and always ❤

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  • Hi Christian; I have a question that has “nagged” me for a while. I have naturally felt drawn to Buddhism since a very young age (makes me wonder if it is a Karmic/past life thing–somehow picking up where I left off at another “time” and “place”). I hear people speak of Buddhism as if it it can be lumped in with other Religions and belief systems. Yet even a very cursory study of Buddhist thought reveals stark contrasts–e.g. there is NO Creator God and there is NO Soul. And if I understand correctly, the notion of coming back (rebirth) over and over again in order for our “Soul” to learn a great lesson and “expand” in Love is just another version of dualism and grasping (e.g. More Spiritual Vs Less Spiritual, Higher and Faster Vibes Vs. Lower and Slower Vibes, going from “Here” to “There” being “Closer to God” Vs Being “Farther from God”, etc. etc.). My understanding is that if anyone is making a decision somewhere to “evolve” their “soul” (Buddhists really don’t believe in the essentialist notion of a soul–rather a composite of cravings/likes and dislikes/ and attachment to a constructed identity that keeps getting perpetuated by our clinging and aversion and striving) they are ultimately just fueling this endless Samsara go around–more suffering for some kind of greater good.

    So if I look around at all of the suffering and consider the notion of coming back over and over (from a Buddhist perspective), it seems a bit redundant and futile. If one wants suffering to Stop one must stop participating in these self improvement “projects” for the Glory of God. Meditation practice is a way to drop the striving and duality and ultimately put an end to these projects. My Christian/Catholic upbringing tells me that , that is like telling God, “I am tired of all of this enough is enough!” That seems sacrilegious to me on the one hand and on the other hand it seems very compassionate. I am torn. BTW, I believe that I read in a Seth book (I can’t recall the book if it was indeed a Seth Book) where the entity says that anyone helping you to achieve non-existence should be avoided. My understanding of Buddhism–at least Theravada Buddhism is that its ultimate aim is just that; no more existence no more pain–enough of the futile round and round and round and round.

    So, Buddhism seems to me to be the most compassionate and “Sane” way of responding to life, on the other hand, a part of me wonders if it is a kind of “cop out” (“taking my ball and going home” so to speak) from participating in some kind of great cosmic project and that my “Soul” wold regret going further down the Buddhist path. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks


    • Thank you for your meaningful thoughts sir! The pursuit of satiation within form is ultimately futile. That is true whether in our own local very dense reality, or in less constraining reality systems of form. Yet it is possible to utilize form without seeking fulfillment in it (without perpetuating the “clinging and striving”). It is our most natural right in the world to let go of all form (sometimes we crudely use the word “meditation” when we attempt to formulate an activity in the direction of that), and the most natural thing in the world to return to the purity and joy of what we really are (awareness itself)- and this is not sacrilegious, because we are more fundamentally the formless. It is always OK to “step out of the game”; God does not require a project of us. This very discovery is yet another amazing “layer” to the growth that can occur as we integrate experience within form: we can come to deeply realize that, despite its incredibly stimulating nature, form does not hold the answer- and let go of it. Importantly: that does not mean an egoic “I am tired of this” and “I am going to escape this.” Indeed, such actions in the service of rejection (for instance “this world sucks and I’m done with this crap so I’m going to do what I can to stop the reincarnation cycle” or something) are yet another action of ego. Also importantly: when we rediscover who we truly are, it is not an escape from what is real, it is a move towards what is real- which means we actually can fully, deeply experience even the very dense physical- even as we are not attached to it. It is OK- and even wonderful- to participate in the play with eyes wide open, even as it is known (not just as an idea but “seen” and “known” personally) that it is just a play. In other words, a move towards awakening is a move towards more and deeper existence, even (and especially) in all the ways that it might arrive in a world of form- not a move towards “no more existence.” Even the “split” in the idea of “form versus lets-escape-form-so-we-can-end-suffering” is a trick of duality. There is no (true) duality! So there need not be striving against even it. We can deeply know our formless nature, we can deeply know the world of form where fear may arise for many (which leads to much suffering), and as we fully meet and experience all of it, we can (will) feel that our true peace of Being transcends it all, and can never be lost. If these thoughts don’t help sir, please narrow me in! Thank you 🙂

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    • One other thought sir! Reincarnational self-improvement “projects” are not simply an act of ultimate vanity. (Yes, a vanity of association with form can happen throughout the cycle.) They are additive to What Is, which is a service. While we have total choice about how and if we wish to participate- here we can remember, nothing is ever required of us- to participate in expansion is a process that ultimately “adds” to What Is and to the love and joy. We are willing to potentially engage even in the knowing of suffering in order to do that. Yes, we can get caught up in it; yes it is OK (and good!) to see what we really are, to know that the local character isn’t fundamentally real, and to no longer add to the suffering! But I think it is a mistake to think of the whole world of form as some “true mistake” that we should try to forsake. The fact that the physical universe continues to exist means that, at least at some deep level, it continues to have meaning and purpose.

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