‘A Walk in the Physical’ the book is now available!

The book is now available! A Walk in the Physical is a non-linear reality model that boils down the very vast into succinct accessible language. More than a set of ideas though, it is a tool meant to point you towards the portion of yourself that already exists right now beyond Earth. At the heart of the book is the theme of love, and it describes why authentic love – even in small matters – is so deeply important to our human journey.  

Please feel free to take a look! The entire book is available free – see the third link below!

Kindle version on Amazon
(contains hyperlinks)

Entire book available on Google Books (Free!)

(Note: At this link the Google Books auto-navigate Table of Contents feature is missing some headers and references incorrect page numbering, but both are automatic artifacts of the Google Books site due to the unique formatting of the book.)


Update 1/2/22: The audiobook is now available! Here is a link to the audiobook on Audible: Audible A Walk in the Physical audiobook

Back cover description:
You existed before your human experience, and you will exist after. Drawing from his unique pre-birth memories, Christian Sundberg provides an encouraging framework for understanding the nature of the human experience within the larger spiritual context. A Walk in the Physical is a non-linear reality model that boils down the very vast into succinct accessible language. More than a set of ideas though, it is a tool meant to point you towards the portion of yourself that already exists right now beyond Earth. At the heart of the book is the theme of love, and it describes why authentic love – even in small matters – is so deeply important to our human journey.

23 thoughts on “‘A Walk in the Physical’ the book is now available!

  • Congratulations, Christian!

    On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 4:41 PM A Walk in the Physical wrote:

    > golauree posted: ” The book is now available! The blog entries that have > appeared on this site over the past 5 years have all been refined and > organized as a part of a larger framework in this book. A Walk in the > Physical is a non-linear reality model that boils down the v” >

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  • Hi Christian! I saw your interview with Kim from Intuitiview. Congratulations on your book! I am so excited to read it. I think you are an incredibly courageous soul and commend you for all you are doing! Gratefully, Gina

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  • Hi Christian,
    I started reading your book. Enjoying it..
    It reminds me of the recent movie “Soul” by Pixar. Have you watched it yet ? and what do you think of it ?


    • Hi Ely! Yes I’ve seen “Soul.” I feel there are, of course, some notable inaccuracies, but overall I really enjoyed it and I am still very excited that this kind of viewpoint is making it into the mainstream! These are exciting times. 🙂


  • Hi Christian,
    I was delighted to see you on Buddha at the Gas Pump last night. You have had amazing experiences. I am looking forward to reading your book. I am an 80 yrs old woman who had an extensive mystical experience when I was 28 yrs old; and I was delighted to see a young man who can still enlighten me with insights that I have not experienced.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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  • Hi Christian, I’m glad to be reading your book! I wonder if there are any plans to make an audio version. I love audio books and appreciate it when an author reads their own work. I would buy it and I’m sure many other people would as well. All the best to you!


    • Cynthia, thank you for the suggestion! I feel the format of the book generally doesn’t lend itself well to an audio book, but this question keeps coming up, so I am giving it some thought! 🙂


  • Hi, I saw your interview on Jeff Mara podcast, I have a question regarding the soul who inspired you. He mentioned that in one of his human life times he went through lot of physical suffering. How did he handle the suffering and how did it help him evolve so much as soul?


  • I saw you interview with Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump. I wept when you talked about homesickness. I still want to cry with knowing as I write this. I have never heard someone else express what I feel, in such a perfect way. Thank you for your work Christian!


    • Thank you Janet! Yes, I am also ridiculously Homesick- I think about it every day! But, this experience is precious and valuable- so it’s good to use it for all it can be while we are here! 🙂 Thank YOU for being human today in this intense simulation called physical life! 🙂


  • I Get an enormous amount of solace from your words that manage to convey empathy and connection , it does feel you are speaking directly to me , reminding me personally of who and what I truly am and that this is a life chosen ..
    Really important right now where I live in the most lockdown city in the world with an incredibly corrupt government enacting restrictive laws that terrify me I feel incredibly separate , alone and afraid.
    I have suffered much loss in life, loved one’s dying , financial hardships, being a single parent of 3 children etc .
    Maybe I felt and at 69 years old it would be more ‘ gentle ?
    The world feels so dark and decisive ( though I have wonderful children and friends)
    Sorry for the rant , I will attempt to not ” rage against the dying of light ‘”
    Which is how it seems for me now
    Thank you Christian, your soul has touched mine deeply as I have listened to ALL your interviews your sincerity is tangible across the oceans !

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  • Hi Christian,
    I was listening to the riveting interview with Rick Archer at Buddha at the Gas Pump yesterday. Amazing story. Loved every bit of it. I think that interview packed so much that it requires multiple multiple hearing! I have to say, I have been listening to interviews, talks, Q&A sessions of many enlightened beings. Eckhart Tolle being my most favorite. I feel the truth in his words like how I felt listening to you speak yesterday. There was truth in the words and it felt soothing.
    Now, personally I don’t know what I am supposed to do.. Even after many hours of listening to beings like you for years I do get triggered by petty things in life. At the same time, in some other areas where I have forgiven and truly let go replacing it with genuine love, I have gained so much. Gain = Peace. I love it. But, I am unable to direct the same thinking to all areas of life. How am I able to forgive one and not the other. How am I able to let go of this and not that? How can I translate what I see as true into my everyday life?
    These are questions that come in my head.. and I am constantly fighting this battle inside… Any thoughts on this is much appreciated.. Thank you! ~ Preethi


  • Christian it sounds to me like your just expounding on what’s already been written about the Metaphysical?

    See: Wisdom of the Ancient Masters and read the same stuff again?

    Don’t believe everything that you read on the Metaphysical.

    Partial Truths at best?

    I met God in Jan of 1990 as a 29 year old and I’ve never read anything like what happened to me, in a Book?

    In less you’re a needle in the haystack, you’ll have to die to find how much is true?

    This is exactly what happens regardless of beliefs.

    1. You reach a state of mind that’s only used for Death.

    2. A beautiful ocean blue Spirit appears and when you look at its face, you will see the last thing in the world that you are expecting to see?

    It’s your face inside all that blue energy and that’s how fast our Soul gets transferred.

    3. In an instant you are 15 ft off the ground looking down on your body with a telescope like view.

    The Eye 👁.

    4. You will try in vein to get your body to obey your thoughts but nothing you try will work.

    5. You will slowly come to the realization that you are trapped above your body and without warning, you will have a mini meltdown and say something pretty ugly and that’s exactly when God appears.

    6. You will feel a Supernatural amount of Nurturing Love 💕.
    God is everywhere and all around you.
    It feels like your being covered with a blanket of Nurturing Love 💕 and you will calm right back down, just like an infant.

    7. You will think to yourself……… Are you A Woman????

    8. That exact question is the beginning of your Mind to Mind with God and very likely the beginning of your next Life?

    To be fair I was absolutely owned by whatever God is and She could have made me believe anything?

    There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know anything about?

    Energy that Thinks is the best that I can come up with.

    Our Soul is definitely Conscious Thought and is what we leave with.

    God has Mind Melting Telepathy, so it’s hard for me to see any Logic in making me learn the hard way, when God could just push the easy button and let me get on with something else?

    In other words, if I am completely connected to Everything away from Earth, what difference does it make what I learn here on Earth?

    That being said, it sounds to me like you are in a very good place now !

    Whatever you do, don’t ask God Bible questions.

    I didn’t believe a word of the Bible but there I was talking to God and I thought I better play it safe?

    Live & Learn !

    Enjoy your journey Christian!


  • Thank You- your experience is a beautiful sharing- it will fill in the gaps for many of us who feel always on the outside of this plane.I shed tears of resonance and love from your opening. Bless you sweet friend – please keep sharing – who you affect with this- could be a renewal of a life spirit here- trying not to be jaded.
    Bless you.


  • Love is the hallmark of all transcendent experience. As human beings it is the one trace in our consciousness of the truth of our being. Our task on earth is to learn the lesson of Love so that our individual note in the great chord of the universe can capture the dissonances that swirl around our being and draw them into the harmony of our joy.


  • Hey Christian, I’ve read your book twice and will donate a copy to my local library, I think it’s that groundbreaking. I have also shared your videos. But I’ve developed a troubling question: Is God an energy/emotion parasite feeding on incarnate spirits, and if so, wouldn’t “everlasting life” be a curse rather than a blessing; how many times does God have to experience pain/sorrow or joy/euphoria before He is sated? Is this why we are loved?


  • Hi Christian, I’ve recently come across your interviews on BATGAP and on your website and was so impressed with how well you articulated your pre birth memories and experience, which I found to be absolutely consistent with my own understanding of Reality which I’ve gleaned from studying ACIM, A Course of Love, The Power of Now as well as Hinduism and Buddhist teachings. Your story confirmed to me that the Teachings outlined in these texts are true and in doing so gave my own spiritual quest a great boost, and I would like to thank you most sincerely for that. Wishing you well with much Love, Tom.

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