Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty

“Become at ease with the state of ‘not knowing.’ This takes you beyond mind because the mind is always trying to conclude and interpret. It is afraid of not knowing. So, when you can be at ease with not knowing, you have already gone beyond the mind. A deeper knowing that is non-conceptual then arises out of that state.” –Eckhart Tolle

In its desperate striving for control, the ego hates uncertainty. Because we have fear and ego, we hate uncertainty. But the uncertainty that can occur within this veiled experience of this rigorous physical universe is actually taking place within the larger context of spirit, which is built on the law of love. Therefore, even when great uncertainty arises, we need not fear it. We are always in love’s care.

Uncertainty is an opportunity. As it arises, it provides valuable counter-pressure which can allow one to face and feel the real fear that is within. There is no shame in feeling fear when our physical life or stability is threatened: even acknowledging that we feel it, and allowing it to arise clearly, is a step toward integrating it and healing it forever.

While uncertainty may evoke the fear of lack of control (the perception of powerlessness), that perceived lack of control is actually an opportunity. Power lies in accepting powerlessness. When that acceptance is done not as an idea, but as a deep personal surrender, true power is regained.

The process of becoming comfortable with uncertainty may not be a swift one, but that is OK- every step toward conquering fear is accomplishing real work! It can potentially take many moments or many lifetimes to face and heal our deeper fears. Yet we need not be daunted by the scope, for there is immeasurable power in this present moment!

What uncertainty is arising in this present moment for you? Whatever it is, be here. Listen to your deepest heart, and meet it as truly as you can. Do not fear- it is how the “play” on the stage is arising for you at this time. Your inalienable power to choose has not been removed, and it never will be. Make a choice from love, courage, honesty, and non-resistance, rather than fear. The circumstances do not have to land a certain way for you to be free, for you to be you. Spirit is with you, indeed the very Source of All Things is with you right now! In that, truly- what is there to fear?

23 thoughts on “Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty

  • Your posting came to me at a perfect moment of my need, and thanked God for providing this inspiration, as I feel assured that this came from the Big source. I have been struggling with accepting uncertainty and it now makes sense why it is allowed. I am realizing more of the fact that There seems to be time to seek knowing and time to let go of it. Thank you very much for your sharing this with your readers. Very precious. 🙏

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  • Christian, as always your post is so so powerful, true and inspiring. Thank you so much. I have a program in Spanish and I will like to quote what you said at the end of this post of course letting people know that you said it if is ok with you. Thank you for all your wisdom.


  • What beautiful and assuring messaging. We are love and love is powerful and the all so how can any fear be greater than that? It can’t :). A matter of reminder and thank you for the reminding. With love.


  • Hi Christian,
    Very helpful and timely.
    I’d love to hear your feelings on our guides. You touched on that subject in a couple of the Youtube videos I’ve seen of you, but it would be great if you elaborated on that when it moves you. Hearing we have guides is fascinating and I’m curious to know more about that and how the communication goes. I try to keep tuned in to the signs along the way in life and the way the universe whispers to us, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.
    Thank you,


  • Hello, I just found your blog through one of your YouTube videos. I’ve read a lot of books about the prebirth/reincarnation/afterlife phenomena and there are some others I’d like to suggest if you don’t mind. Two big ones I’d point out are Brian Weiss’s Many Lives, Many Masters (he’s written a lot of other books by now but this is the foremost title that set him off on this journey), I’d also suggest Jeffrey Long’s book God and the Afterlife, he wrote another one too where he explores from a scientific viewpoint why life does not end at death. Also recommending looking up Scott de Tamble, he is a hypnotist who specializes in life between life sessions and has done talks that you can find on YouTube, he goes into the whole process of how prebirth works in his sessions. There are many others I’ve read along the way but those are just the first ones that come to mind in case you want to check them out, add them to your list, etc. Happy reading 🙂


  • Thank you for this timely reminder – the wait to resume life as the current me now has been terribly frustrating. Additionally, I’m also at an early stage of my duality…it feels like I’ve been at this stage since I was 10 (I’m 31 now…).

    And watching your interview with Anne Tucker helped to make sense of some of my on and off visions since I was young. My visions feel like micro dreams or even flashes of memories (from the past and sometimes present). But the ones I remember only last for a tiny fraction of second, while some others just escape my memory. I just remember feeling like I understand it all and know how everything works and feeling super connected to a network of beings. That lingering feeling is how I know I’ve had an incredible dream/vision I cannot remember.

    But reading your blog gives me a sense of knowing that it is okay to feel this way and all I need to do is take one day at a time.

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  • Thanks for sharing your soul with us Christian. You are helping the world evolve spiritually and what more valuable thing can you do. I get the feeling that you and we are on the cutting edge of this movement. You have introduced me to other souls, also, on the cutting edge. Thank you


  • Christian,
    I will like to invite you to a program that i have in Facebook live and using Zoom about the wisdom of the Extradimensionals, i will like you to tell your story and about the messages that you have from that experience. Is in Spanish, I can translate. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.


  • Hello Christian, I just listened to your story on youtube and wanted to say hi (but I’m not on facebook) !As i gladly discovered that you have lived in Beijing where I live and it sounds like you speak proper good chinese.
    You have a very nice laugh, I enjoyed listening to you and found it very inspiry !Thank you 😉


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  • I have a phrase I made up and is written on a piece of paper and stuck to my fridge “love is holding everything”..I repeat this in times of fear. I used to be Thanatophobic and although am recovered from fear of death as I no longer fear death as the end of everything, however I still see fear as the enemy of life itself. I now support others who are still the throes of Thanatophobia. I would love to hear you speak more to this fear itself.

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  • Hi Christian. I just listened to your interview on Passionharvest. You are so refreshing because you are just a normal person like the rest of us!
    There’s nothing “woo-woo” about you!
    You are like meeting someone in the dark who can give directions to those of us who have so thoroughly identified with the physical that we’ve lost our bearings.
    Thank you for coming into this world. What a joy it is to know that your are here 🙂

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  • Hi Christian
    Just discovered your site after listening to a long interview you gave on Passion Harvest.
    Could you address a question or query I have? It becomes clearer and clearer that the entire subject/ object relationship is made-up; completely fictional. There is one consciousness in a self delusion that is all that is arising. But I don’t think of that as God, but rather consciousness pretending to be apart from or other than God by claiming it is a finity. Here’s the question. Since all of the experiences, all of the tremendous pain and suffering, as well as its opposite, is made-up, what is really the value or purpose? What is it that is really expanding? God is already infinite. The sense of being a finity; of being outlined and bounded, is based on the belief that consciousness is actually inhabiting the apparent body image and that it is really walled off. But I know this sense of being walled off and located is delusional. I think it is a terrible cross to bear. So, there’s supposed to be the belief in the desire to expand. Why don’t we stop playing this charade..and just accept our infinitude as indivisible perfect consciousness, one with the divine? Can you help with this?
    Thank you.

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    • Thank you for reaching out Sandy!

      Would you say that your experience here is “made up”?

      The subject/ object relationship is a real experience of something that is (indeed) not fundamental. I feel that is different than saying it is “fictional”- which seems to imply it doesn’t have substance or value to it. Our experience here has incredible value. Experience is valuable. Even the experience of, say, trying to intellectually come to terms with the perception of a painful charade.

      There is no need to have some belief in having the desire to expand. No, you being here right now considering this very quandary IS participating in the expansion of perception: now you are really conceiving and considering even the idea of “finite versus infinite” from within duality and trying to understand how the pain can be worth it. Wow! Perhaps you are also simultaneously trying to figure out how to deal with or come to terms with your own pain.

      Why don’t we stop playing this charade? Many choose to never play this type of game, and we can each choose to stop after we’ve completed a given commitment. But from the other side we can generally see: for the most part it was our own fear and ego that made it so painful. It was not so much a “charade” as an extremely real and unrelenting creative expression, an extremely real dream- one that yielded a breathtakingly incredible opportunity. It gave us one heck of a roller coaster ride- one through which an extreme “expansion of Being” commensurate with the extremity of the constraints was possible! Being human is a ridiculously high constraint. But being highly constrained is not itself painful- it is just an incredible counter-pressure, an extremely heavy “weight.” The pain doesn’t come until we assign our negative perception to it- until we reject it.

      The counter-pressure of circumstance, and the counter-pressure of duality, is extremely useful in the journey of personal and collective expansion through choice making and through the integration of experience. Expansion of what? The expansion of everlasting love and joy! The expansion of What Is! As we expand through the integration of experience, our forever knowing of love and joy increases. So, contrast is a creative tool. Why would we do that? JOY is its own reward. The process is about enduring love and joy, undertaken by spirit that can never truly be harmed or die, but can “become more” in the process.

      Would you rather have never tasted wine? Would rather have never loved and lost? The chasms of pain we dig for ourselves here can only be filled completely with total joy and love when our time here is over.

      Meanwhile, when we feel there is valuelessness, then we are considering an intellectual idea that is not in alignment with our fundamental enduring nature. (We are believing the illusion.) When we experience what we really are, or when we consider perceptions that are in alignment with it, we feel amazing, full, vast, joyful! If something makes us feel empty, it is not the truth. The truth is full, not empty. I hope that helps sister, and sorry for the long response!

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      • Yes, wonder explanation. The way I say this is that only here can we experience resistance. I want something, affirming force, the world appears to deny/resist it denying force. If I stay with the situation a third element or reconciling force can come into being. A new possibility has been created. This would not be possible if there were not the denying or resistance or constraint of this place.


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