The Ubiquitous Presence of Life

Life is always present in everything, because Life (which is synonymous with awareness, or spirit, or consciousness) is always present in every experience. An experience cannot occur without awareness of it. Life is present for everything ever experienced. You are living awareness, too- and as your awareness is a part of the “sea of awareness,” you are connected to everything, everywhere.

How can you be alone, when everywhere you go, everything you see, and everyone you meet, is Life? How can you be alone when the you that sees is the same you that is all things?

There is no content that can occur within Life that can separate you from Life. There is no experience of distance, no experience of pain, no experience of loss that can truly separate you from what you really are. All things are made of Life, and you are Life- so how can you ever be absent from its care?

7 thoughts on “The Ubiquitous Presence of Life

  • Hugs and Love in Greeting! I had an experience with a patient from my work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. A day or two before my patient was discharged, I was taking the report for my patients before the start of my shift. There was an infant crying uncontrollaby that I could hear while trying to listen to the report. After a few minutes it irritated me enough that I asked who was crying?! Then someone told me it was my patient and I couldn’t believe it. I had taken care of this baby for months, and I totally didn’t recognize the cry as his. Someone brought a picture of my patient and I, and when I saw it chills raced over my body, because where his eyes should be were just white. It felt the same as when somebody gets the chills and says someone is walking on my grave. My patient was discharged with his mother to go home to the east coast of the US, I was in Okinawa. Several weeks later I happened to pick up the phone ringing in the nursery that was not a number that was normally used. It was an MD who wanted to speak to my patients RN. What a coincidence right? I told the MD that was me. So we spoke. My patient was dead. Shocked, I told the MD there needed to be an investigation because he was healthy, awaiting surgery to reconnect his intestines, with nothing wrong with him. It came to be that his mother failed to comply with discharge instructions, slowly starving him to death. I know that IF there was a spirit in that body that was crying that morning, it was NOT the soul of the cild I had been caring for. To me it was validated by the photo showing total whiteness where his eyes should be. What do you think?



  • What a great post and comments. A place were souls on similar wavelengths (frequencies) meet!

    Christian I like how you said “The symbols become alive, and we may forget that they arose from us.”. As symbols are never the real thing, they stand for ‘something else’. However, symbols wants to be ‘like’ the real thing. They want to be real. So ‘physicality’ is such a place which provide the opportunity for symbols to become ‘real-like’ and like you said ‘alive’.
    The question is what is the cost of being caught in the belief that symbols are ‘reality’? Such beliefs are fundamentally part of deception, and they only works as long as we are not aware of this duplicity. While the mind is occupied with the symbol, it can not embrace the reality behind the symbol. For a symbol to serve truth it must not pretend to be other than what it is. And you and I (the human mind) must learn to use a symbol as a diving board to launch from and towards that which the symbol represent.
    When a Buddhist, a Christian, a Jew or a student of the Koran allow their soul to leave the symbols particular to their religion and be directed towards the authentic meaning behind them, they all reach the same place. Allah, El-Shaddai, Yahweh, Jehovah, the Absolute, the Creator, the Source of Life, the point of Origin of Eternal Existence, Truth and God – are only letters and words, yet they all point to the same ‘thing’, the same ‘place’, and the same ‘Reality’. When a soul reach this ‘place’ it does not matter if the path that led it there be Buddhist, Vedic or Christian. The need to understand this today, is an urgency inherent to all Religions, Doctrines and Philosophies.
    The depth of symbolism within physicality is much deeper than our human symbols such as words, emblems, logos, statues, fetishes, etc… Physicality is not outside of the Mind, it is a state within the Mind, which is a section and a part of the field of perception. Perception is not from physicality but the reverse: Physicality is a product of perception.
    Perception is a state that exist beyond the experience of the physical body. When we leave our body behind, such as in death, we continue seamlessly to perceive. We see images, forms and colours, we hear sounds and music. While the body’s brain is flat-lined (inactive) the mind can ‘see’ the events occurring even in physicality. One can see people trying to frantically revive their dead body. Thousands have reported such experiences; and hundreds have testified and described details that occurred around their body while their brain was flat-lined and their heart had stopped pumping. Their accurate and corroborated testimonies are proofs of this continuance of perception as we cross over the so call gate of death. Their is no need to doubt that perception is NOT a product of the body, or of physicality.
    Perception occurs in worlds beyond physicality. The Divine-Realms reflecting pure Love and Truth that stand at the Gate of the Absolute and the Mind of God, these realms are states of perception. They are made of forms, structures, colours, sounds, etc… that are not physical but following the laws of perception. And perception fundamental function is the same as a symbol. Like symbols perception reflects. What it reflects is projected by the Mind to reflect back to itself something that represent ‘something else’.
    The Absolute, God’s Mind does not perceive, never has and never will. God’s Mind only knows through direct communication between the Source and the Souls extending from It. There is a bridge between God’s Mind and perception, a bridge that was made from God through the unbreakable union between Himself and His souls. The souls did get lost within perception, and from that state they were unable to bridge back to their Source, this event is located within the the first and initial phase of Time itself. First phase is understood has we conceive of Time as a linear unfoldment from a beginning to an end. The instant Time was initiated correspond directly to the first instant a soul experienced perception. The initial experience of perception had only one function which was to ‘experience’ the absence of Truth and Reality. It was an act of genuine curiosity from the souls.
    As we stand today, this moment in Time is old, billions of Earth-years ago. The awakening from this plunged into ‘darkness’ has advanced and evolved to a point where we souls experiencing human form can rejoice and watch the old world of fear, lack and suffering slowly fade. If we train our minds to look beyond physical appearance we can rejoice seeing a new world being born and arising. This is we can do within the physical experience.

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