Operating Creatively From Within Human Conditioning

The belief in an objective external physical world can inhibit us from understanding the larger context in which we exist. Reality is ultimately consciousness based, not ultimately based on our shared physical environment or the activities that we can mutually validate here. The content of our shared physical environment is of course valid and worthwhile, but it is not fundamental. And indeed, in the Big Picture, our physical experience of Earth is actually quite a specific and unique form of experience!

In thought responsive systems our personal nature gives rise to reality experiences of incredible richness and depth. Our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and intent all have profound power to shape what we and others experience. Our innate creative power becomes immediately evident.

Since our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are currently based on what we’ve learned during our time on Earth, when we (as the human personality) encounter thought-responsive systems, we often engage with them in ways that are very “human.” We see human environments, we interact with human objects, we perform human activities, and we encounter very real forms that arise from the rich and varied content of the human collective consciousness- including religious, mythological, and symbolic forms. The symbols become alive, and we may forget that they arose from us.

But you and I are far more than human! We are far more than the patterns, sights, sounds, teachings, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that we have become so wrapped up within while we have been veiled in the human experience on Earth. In large part, our limitations are something we learned while on Earth. You and I are not so limited as it may seem!

Here and elsewhere, be aware of your power! You are not powerless- except that you believe that you are. You are not trapped- except that you believe that you are. You are not the forms and restrictions. You are not even your body. Rather, you are a powerful spark of the creative Source of all things! And whether you are consciously aware of that or not, you will be wielding your creative power: you can choose to do so consciously.

Be aware of who you are! The “content” that you are holding within you is the fuel of your current experience. Face that content, process it, integrate it, overcome it- and find who you really are! Face yourself, your motivations, your intent. Face your fear! You always hold the keys within you to what you see around you, both in this system and in others.

10 thoughts on “Operating Creatively From Within Human Conditioning

  • Thank you Christian. It really is amazing how simply changing our view can change our lives. It’s important to be reminded of what we truly are 🙂

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  • Wow again! I think the message is intended for me (excuse my pathetic ego).
    I think you said that there really aren’t rules, just experience. Experiences we have set up our lives on Earth for, to grow our souls.
    So religion IS a specific contruct here on Earth that is in totality made up by mankind. Do we have ANY boundaries or prohibitions from God while we here?
    If there is only experience, everyone’s actions in life are valid, and if they need to experience ripping off old people, or killing children, the only thing we specifically should do is attempt to recognize the soul within and love them?
    So in the end, what anyone should do in life, is try to live from the soul (check), love everyone the best you can (check), evaluate every situation you encounter without judgment (mostly check) and only act in a soul guided way (check) which usually means do no harm and do it with love, the end goal is doing your best to achieve this.
    So the ultimate truism is the only thing we can control is ourselves, how we love and how we act.
    Are we all on a positive upward journey towards God? There’s no souls going to Hell, because there is no Hell?
    There is no actual need for balance, or Yin and Yang, because there is no need for a darkness to offset the Light?
    Am I then right for believing that everyone can choose to work in harmony with everyone else, and make Earth a planet of loving people who choose to do good and the right thing all the time, creating an Eden? That is a possibility, correct?
    Is the framing of what good or evil is here on earth a valid understanding? And that good IS what we should strive for?
    It feels very strange and scary, but at the same time completely understanding the truth of, the only moral compass you have is your soul, and no other expectations coming at us externally from God. Am I understanding the paradigm correctly? So our shoulds are minimal, self driven, and about the only other should I can think of is to meditate, because that puts you in congruent communication with Divine or in general has health benefits for everyone.
    So no imperative that we should drive out evil. And as Jesus is said to have commanded, just love God and love others. The view from here is great. So people who tell others how God wants us to live or act are wrong on both sides? I can defend gays as being ok, I can support abortion choices, I can tell people their actions are unloving, and I can tell them, as I have been, that everyone can love and live in congruence with God without any Bible or other sacred text. I’m bothered by people who wave the Bible around like it’s a gun. It’s always when I question the sin of something, because as you have said, intent is the real standard, and they intend to judge and condemn, and sacred text is their excuse. Man, the Mormons are wrong on so many levels. They are just as bad as the Catholic Church.


    • Thank you for your heartfelt thoughts! These questions are broad in scope and very difficult to address with dualistic words. But here are some pertinent ideas that may be helpful. All effects of all actions- and indeed even all intentions and thoughts- are known by All That Is. We are perfectly 100% “energetically accountable” for every single thought, word, action, and (deepest) intention- intention (both ours and others’) being foremost and ultimately the driver of the rest. We are who we are- and we are responsible for it. And, that total accountability occurs within unconditional love and total understanding. Simultaneously, nothing is ever truly required of us- we are a part of Source, and ultimately Source is sovereign and has no need or requirement (so we don’t either)- and then we have engaged this rigorous experience voluntarily for purposes of the expansion of joy and love. So both these statements are true and do not contradict: absolutely nothing is required of us, and also there is perfect accountability ultimately for the fulfillment of love. Because when someone acts from fear (ego), that is a place that is yet to be evolved, and one day, will be- as its result is experienced, felt, known (both by the self and by the “other”). In the meantime Love (or fear) shines through all choices, all contexts, all ethics systems, all decisions (including the use of religion). This is why “quality of intent” (Tom Campbell’s term) is so important as you pointed out- there is not just one answer for how is best to treat the “other.” In fact- there is no other. The other is you (also a part of Source- no true separation). So is it good to treat the other/ yourself/ What Is- well? Yes, indeed it is! The “moral compass” is the grand Source, the Totality that knows all of it, from every vantage, and with all history, and with all Wisdom and love that far, far surpasses what we as an individual droplet have yet attained. And yes- that individual droplet is on a positive upward journey towards God, always- whether it knows it or not. I hope those thoughts help!


  • Yes, absolutely! Such a great soul and I appreciate your attention to my thoughts tremendously. I know that saying someone is wrong is against the isness if us, but what I’m thinking of is the tremendous hurt I imagine is experienced by people who are told to change themselves on a basic level when there is nothing wrong with them. They are being told that because the other person uses religion as a weapon. I guess I need to work on that thought pattern, because I’m immersing my thoughts in a misery which doesn’t really exist because that person is loved perfectly. I’m just starting to meditate, well, I feel that my ability to interact with the quantum field is meditating, one I tried to keep connected to 24/7 because it’s the Source. My Dad was such a wonderful spiritual person that my enlightenment journey started early in my teens, and fear and ego were definitely the first victims. The person who Influenced me after my Dad was Paramahansa Yogananda, who was already passed. But a friend gave me his book, “Autobiography of a Yogi”. I highly recommend it. He wrote well, and his story reads like a fairytale to people seeking God. Many things he said he experienced in his book I thought were slightly tall tales, but everyone of those experiences has been validated by quantum physics. He said that one of the graduation requirements was to leave the ashram with only the clothes on your back, and live for a year getting your food and shelter from individuals they met everyday on their journey. Talk about faith in God!
    Later on, after my involvment in the first Gulf War in 1991, which I feel all my health issues come from, because I knew spiritually it was wrong, wrong, wrong and I’ve felt guilty about it ever since, I came across an individual called Guy Finley who wrote a book called “Letting Go of Fear”. I went to a seminar he taught, and read the book. I essentially became bulletproof from society’s opinions after that. So actually between the two and my Dad, and circumstances in my life as a child, I was well taught in every aspect by the time I was 44, and since then has just been a steady stream of misery to permanently cement my knowledge.
    I would love to visit you one day. I go back East frequently and I used to live in Philadelphia as a teenager, and one of my oldest friends from that time lives in Williamsport now. I’m officially naming you and your wife (and kids?) family, and my home here in Phoenix is permanently open to you.
    Back to business. I’ve found the Master of Meditation and I’m learning to do official meditation. His name is Dr Joe Dispenza, and I’ve followed him since I saw him in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.” Awesome movie! So now you know my ‘guys’, lol. I’ll look up yours. I feel Eckhardt Tolle has great information, but Dr Joe puts your nose to grindstone and doesn’t let you up until you are transformed. http://Www.drjoedispenza.com.
    It’s absolutely extremely satisfying to know another soul who realizes that religion is not God. I started going through and trying to find God in a religion at the age of 11. Something happened while attending Catholic mass, and I suddenly realized that God was absent. So I learned every other religion looking for God. It took me until I was 52. I was talking to God, saying, “what am I supposed to, God? I’ve looked and looked and I can’t find you in any religion anywhere!” There was a long pregnant pause, and then He said, “Right.” Talk about a transformational emlightenment! I was shocked to my toes. It’s been 12 years now, and I have never met anyone who could understand that. I certainly couldn’t run around telling anyone. I love that God told/taught me something so ginormous, but talk about feeling isolated after a realization like that. God bless you and your family, sweetie. You remind me of my son, who passed from cancer at the age of 31 in 2008, he is an angel, too. Hugs

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    • I had the exact same thing happen to me. I spent my life looking for God and then out of the blue he literally talked to me telepathically. He also took me out of body from the dream state and I became a part of him in my being. It’s hard to talk about and I can’t find anyone who believes me except my wife.

      I enjoyed your comments 🙂


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      • Thank you Benjamin! I treasure these connections like Christian does, and one of the problems is once you find them, how do you continue the dialogue? I don’t mind sharing stories publically, but this is Christian’s blog, not mine. I would love to dialogue and share more experiences with you, Benjamin, as well as Christian. Hmm, maybe I’ll start an experiment by trying something with each social platform? Anyway, yes, when God ‘talks’ to me (it’s more of an answer) it is definitely hard to describe the ‘knowing state’ of being you have that validates the experience. I’ve had every extrasensory experience except the dream state of yours, Benjamin. it would be fun to see what kind of compilation of communication we could compile! (says the geek, lol)


      • That would be fun to share stories and info. I agree that this is Christian’s forum. I’ll give you an old email that I rarely use so you can reach me. Then I’ll give you my regular email which I keep private.


        Talk to you soon!



  • What a great post and comments. A place were souls on similar wavelengths (frequencies) meet!

    Christian I like how you said “The symbols become alive, and we may forget that they arose from us.”. As symbols are never the real thing, they stand for ‘something else’. However, symbols wants to be ‘like’ the real thing. They want to be real. So ‘physicality’ is such a place which provide the opportunity for symbols to become ‘real-like’ and like you said ‘alive’.
    The question is what is the cost of being caught in the belief that symbols are ‘reality’? Such beliefs are fundamentally part of deception, and they only works as long as we are not aware of this duplicity. While the mind is occupied with the symbol, it can not embrace the reality behind the symbol. For a symbol to serve truth it must not pretend to be other than what it is. And you and I (the human mind) must learn to use a symbol as a diving board to launch from and towards that which the symbol represent.
    When a Buddhist, a Christian, a Jew or a student of the Koran allow their soul to leave the symbols particular to their religion and be directed towards the authentic meaning behind them, they all reach the same place. Allah, El-Shaddai, Yahweh, Jehovah, the Absolute, the Creator, the Source of Life, the point of Origin of Eternal Existence, Truth and God – are only letters and words, yet they all point to the same ‘thing’, the same ‘place’, and the same ‘Reality’. When a soul reach this ‘place’ it does not matter if the path that led it there be Buddhist, Vedic or Christian. The need to understand this today, is an urgency inherent to all Religions, Doctrines and Philosophies.
    The depth of symbolism within physicality is much deeper than our human symbols such as words, emblems, logos, statues, fetishes, etc… Physicality is not outside of the Mind, it is a state within the Mind, which is a section and a part of the field of perception. Perception is not from physicality but the reverse: Physicality is a product of perception.
    Perception is a state that exist beyond the experience of the physical body. When we leave our body behind, such as in death, we continue seamlessly to perceive. We see images, forms and colours, we hear sounds and music. While the body’s brain is flat-lined (inactive) the mind can ‘see’ the events occurring even in physicality. One can see people trying to frantically revive their dead body. Thousands have reported such experiences; and hundreds have testified and described details that occurred around their body while their brain was flat-lined and their heart had stopped pumping. Their accurate and corroborated testimonies are proofs of this continuance of perception as we cross over the so call gate of death. Their is no need to doubt that perception is NOT a product of the body, or of physicality.
    Perception occurs in worlds beyond physicality. The Divine-Realms reflecting pure Love and Truth that stand at the Gate of the Absolute and the Mind of God, these realms are states of perception. They are made of forms, structures, colours, sounds, etc… that are not physical but following the laws of perception. And perception fundamental function is the same as a symbol. Like symbols perception reflects. What it reflects is projected by the Mind to reflect back to itself something that represent ‘something else’.
    The Absolute, God’s Mind does not perceive, never has and never will. God’s Mind only knows through direct communication between the Source and the Souls extending from It. There is a bridge between God’s Mind and perception, a bridge that was made from God through the unbreakable union between Himself and His souls. The souls did get lost within perception, and from that state they were unable to bridge back to their Source, this event is located within the the first and initial phase of Time itself. First phase is understood has we conceive of Time as a linear unfoldment from a beginning to an end. The instant Time was initiated correspond directly to the first instant a soul experienced perception. The initial experience of perception had only one function which was to ‘experience’ the absence of Truth and Reality. It was an act of genuine curiosity from the souls.
    As we stand today, this moment in Time is old, billions of Earth-years ago. The awakening from this plunged into ‘darkness’ has advanced and evolved to a point where we souls experiencing human form can rejoice and watch the old world of fear, lack and suffering slowly fade. If we train our minds to look beyond physical appearance we can rejoice seeing a new world being born and arising. This we can do within the physical experience.


  • Thank you Christian and all the comments made by others. Your story brings me so much peace and encouragement. I really only share authentically with my sister and dad. I want to continue to face my own unfolding and build that inner confidence of authentically sharing my truth. 💜


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