The In-Breath and Out-Breath of Life

Consciousness sojourns from the unlimited and formless, into form, and back again.

After great journeys into the worlds of form, we often long to return Home. We yearn to re-connect (though, that connection can never be truly lost) with the total limitlessness, wonder, love, and freedom of Source!

Then, as the unlimited, we may choose to follow our interest in expanding joy, creativity, and love by once again “being something” and having certain experiences. Our journey into discreet perspective is ultimately additive, even when- and often especially when- a given journey is temporarily challenging.

All That Is thrives and expands through the processes of Creation! All That Is rejoices in the capacity to experience things, to be things, to ever be more, to ever add to What Is Possible. You and I are that, too! You and I, including you and I as human personalities, are precious and deeply adored participants in this process.

There is not an “end point.” The system of Creation is an ever-expanding movement towards greater joy and love! That is ultimately not an arduous process, but a joyful one!

One thought on “The In-Breath and Out-Breath of Life

  • I saw an interview with you on YouTube last night that answered some questions I have been struggling with in light of what is happening on the planet and in my country.

    It helps to think there is truly a point to the endless suffering and anxiety that is

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