Hardship is a Gift

A challenge is a gift! When the individual is challenged by circumstance, the opportunity for the spirit to apply itself and expand through that experience is a gift. It is not that hardship itself is good- but rather, it is a neutral catalyst that can be useful.

The ego may reject this. The ego may see hardship as simply terrible and negative. But nothing terrible and negative arises that the spirit cannot ultimately use. There is nothing greater than All That Is- nothing can arise within it that is not of meaning. Even hardship- and often especially hardship- ultimately has great value in the churning processes of manifest creation, which ultimately serve the expansion of everlasting joy!

To the immortal and all powerful spirit, challenge is a precious opportunity to bring virtue to bear- to expand and actualize the depths of one’s own love and light in a real, lasting way. We are spirit first, and human second. The challenges of the secondary human experience are often worth the temporary price to the bold spirit who knows the truth of immortality and wishes to expand itself and the joy of All, forever.

In what ways is the world pushing you, painfully, to let go of your fear and ego? In what ways is the world compelling you to embrace your joy, live your truth, and share your love? What is the hardship of your life teaching you? What is the pain of your story saying? If you listen deeply, beneath all the labels, your deeper spirit is always there ready to help you utilize this current circumstance for lasting purposes that may far exceed what your human mind can imagine.

2 thoughts on “Hardship is a Gift

  • Thanks Christian
    You have no idea how much this post means to me…Right now my future husband and I have been struggling with a situation (life and death literally in a foreign country for him)..His struggles and watching friends being killed in front of him, other torture and the degrading way they have to live under an inhumane country…I pray this will end for him soon so he and I can be together.
    However reading your post just reinforced what I told him the other day that his in particular case and mine its all having an effect on our Souls and that nothing lasts for ever in earth terms (God willing it will be over soon) but in the meantime our pain and hurts help our souls to evolve.
    Thanks again Christian as your work is invaluable…I am glad I found your blog!
    Blessings Evelyn


  • I Am excited to find you….you have a pure way of expressing what I believe, it rings so true! I want to connect everyone I know to your blog🌟THANK YOU FOR COMING❣️Love Sally

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