Honoring the Constraints of Being Physical

The veil holds you fast so that you must face that which you otherwise would’ve simply escaped. You knew ahead of time that being “held to” the human experience had great value, so you agreed to that commitment.

Honor your willingness to sign up for the constraints of the world by surrendering to them and allowing them to work with you in the way they were intended.

The world is not your enemy. The world is an “in your face” rigorous context that provides an opportunity for you. That is true even when, and especially when, you don’t want that context. Even if you do not remember it, you agreed to be bound in this way, because you knew beforehand that this type of apparently inescapable context would provide incredible experiential opportunity for the growth of what you are, and what everything is. Now that you are here, you have the valuable opportunity to consciously intend to use that opportunity!

Each of us are called by Love to meet our given present moment in any number of a myriad of ways, so there is just not one action or response that such an intent might potentially mean. That being said, here are three general suggestions for consideration.

First, we can choose to say “Yes” to any given experience. We can choose to not resist. We can follow where the circumstances lead, rather than fight them. We can allow ourselves to fully experience everything, including pain. We can surrender to what is happening rather than fight it. We can give up our small picture control, which isn’t real power anyway.

Second, we can let life be our teacher. That is, we can intend to cooperate with the feedback of our own life experience- to listen to and take full personal ownership of both the pain and the joy of our lives. We can choose to be willing to be wrong, or weak, or powerless. We can choose to swallow our pride, and accept our failings. We can let joy lead us where it wants to! We can let ourselves “grow up!” The actual nature of our own life experience is a teacher of great fidelity- we can choose to actually cooperate with the process of learning the lessons that our life is working to teach us by listening to the feedback and taking ownership for our own life experience exactly as it is.

Third, we can study how our own meaning and interpretations, and our own story, are affecting both ourselves and others. We are assigning the meaning to the physical content in our lives. We can choose to pay close attention to how that meaning is playing out. In other words, we can take ownership for our own beliefs about ourselves and our world, and we can take ownership for the effects we are having on others because of those beliefs. We are far more powerful than we generally understand- our power for interpretation is great, and far less limited than we might believe. And part of the way we can honor the physical experience is by having the courage to actually acknowledge that experience for exactly what it is, just as it exists, before any interpretation is applied- and then taking ownership for all our own many interpretations that we have subsequently placed upon it, and the effects of those interpretations.

Being physical is not always easy. But it is purposeful. When we choose to honor the physical experience by working with it, we allow it to fulfill that purpose. And that is a wonderful thing! Because despite all the apparent trauma and destruction, our universe is born from purposes of deep joy and love! And so when we work with it, we actually facilitate both our own joy, and the fulfillment of great “love plans” that are beyond our personal comprehension.

2 thoughts on “Honoring the Constraints of Being Physical

  • Christian, as I listen and read about the choice we all made to become physical , and thus limited. And how constrained it must be in order to experience and ultimately grow. I can’t help but ponder the strength it must have taken for Helen Keller ,ancestor of mine , to agree to incarnate with those extreme physical limitations .


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