The Unrealness of Paradox

Paradox happens when perspective is incomplete. Paradox only happens from the limited human perspective within form. In truth there is no paradox, and there can be no paradox. All things occur in accordance with the purposeful and fully coherent movement of Life.

The “laws” of God, including the laws that govern the operation of realities, work perfectly and inexorably. There is never a moment that is not governed by their perfect execution, even within many levels of complexity, and even within many different reality systems. When viewed from a “local” vantage point however, it can appear to the philosophical form-based and duality-conditioned mind that two forms contradict. This is only an error of belief in form as fundamental, when in fact the experience of apparently discreet form is birthed by “something greater.”

Beneath the thinking mind, the deeper parts of you are always connected to that “something greater.” When you are willing to let go of the local human content, and truly look within the depths of your consciousness itself, the intellectual contradictions have a chance to fall away into the vastness of Being- the same Being within which they seem to arise.

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