Your Destination is Joy

No matter a given experience of physicality, ultimately all consciousness returns to joy. Joy is the spirit’s true nature, its fabric, its native state. Your destiny is joy beyond physical imagining! That is where you are inevitably headed, no matter how the forms of reality may have bunched up around you at the moment. Those forms are made of the same fabric, even if they do not appear to be.

The present moment itself is beautiful and gentle. It is willing to touch you when you are willing to let go of your stories about it.

The ability to experience strong sensory data (for example pain), or the ability to experience the interpretations that you have put upon your circumstances, does not reduce the fidelity of the native joy that gives rise to such experiences. The experiences of form- including sensory experiences or given interpretations of the mind- will pass. But the truth of being cannot. Since that truth of being is untold joy, peace, freedom, and love, you cannot help but return to that joy, peace, freedom, and love as the forms that you are associating with pass.

Your destination is joy! So while you are on your walk in the world of form, take heart, and allow your native joy to rise up and shine through you! For your true Being is ever present, even when the forms may seem on the surface to be opaque or insurmountable!

2 thoughts on “Your Destination is Joy

  • It’s a very beautiful idea, Christian, but so difficult to see and internalize when I was born with serious health problems and all my life was so difficult for me and my poor mother who always looked after me and now is dead 😦 When your body “talk to you” aaaall the time, it’s hard to hear another thing you just can hear its “complains” 🙂 At least, your message is more hopful than the message of churches 🙂 Thanks for sharing it, dear friend. I’m Ana Márquez, from NDE Facebook group 🙂 Hugs!

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  • Yes, underneath all the pain and fear, the joy and delight is still there. It is just hidden. I agree with Ana Marquez that it is harder to find the joy when physical pain is present. Also, fear obscures it. But, hearing your words, dear Christian, helps me to remember that part of me that is joy and love eternal. Thank you for encouraging me.


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