Working Past the Assumption of the Objective Material World

We live in a world that appears to be a shared objective reality. In our world, if someone goes to some place and sees something, they can report that something to you and you can gain knowledge about it second hand. We often assume that the same is true for the larger reality.

Reality is ultimately consciousness based, not objective material world based. So the nature of the experience of any one given individual can be significantly different than that of another- in fact they are two different experiences entirely. This is true even in our local world, where two people experience the same physical event in their own unique way, and often quite differently. But that truth is even more apparent in other reality systems, many of which are instantaneously responsive to the personal nature and intent of the individual. The “objects” reported from those environments then are often more of a reflection of the individual and their beliefs than they are of the “reality itself.”

In order to pursue understanding of the larger reality then, we need to be willing to let go of many of the physical assumptions that we hold so dear. One of those assumptions is the belief in an objective material world. The world of matter is a consistent shared experience, not a fundamental place. What is truly present is not the matter, but consciousness itself which is having the deep dream of matter. While the veil of the dream remains thick for many on Earth, the spirit is not fundamentally constrained by distance, or matter, or certain methods of perception, or even linear time. Thus as we seek to understand the big picture from the human perspective, it behooves us to release those assumptions. For even though we naturally associate with the context of the physical dream, our true nature is far more wonderful and unlimited than any part of the dream’s structure.

One thought on “Working Past the Assumption of the Objective Material World

  • christian i hope you read these. i have had several ever-deepening experiences since a big “shattering” and huge pain in 2019. i have embraced the journey and faced fear continually, and have in the las 6 months begun to experience this sacred life opportunity with deep gratitude, joy, and peace. Recently, i have experienced a visitation and profound presence of a being that i met once on May 5 2000. We deeply deeply connected and knew we knew each other. He was killed in a motorcycle accident 2 days later. He is present for me now, and guided me to search for more info about him, which i have now done. i feel great love mutually exchanging between us, and altho i have always been a very sensitive being with mystical experiences, this one is making me kinda loose my grip. can you give me some feedback?


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