People Are Good

People are good! Or more accurately, the spirit is good, but when engaged in very real constraint sets, each spirit is only “so adept” at optimally expressing its true loving nature in its local context. Each spirit is only “so good” at operating from love-based intent rather than fear-based intent- and the journey to actually grow from the latter to the former can be a painful one. Regardless of how “well” the spirit executes choice making, it is still fundamentally good. Some individuals are more adept than others at operating lovingly within a given physical and biological context- but at their core, all spirits are fundamentally spirits of love and joy. This is true from the best to the worst of us.

Our society does not currently teach this: we habitually wish to identify enemies. Just as the wind has no enemies, even as a wall set before it is not the wind’s enemy, you also do not have any enemies. Those labelled as “enemies” are other loving spirits playing other roles in our limited local system, making imperfect choices while in a rigorous state of artificial separation, just like us. It is beneficial to see them for the love and joy that they really are, even as they, like us, may be befuddled by the rigors of being human.

3 thoughts on “People Are Good

  • Thank you for your kind comment! I do not know and cannot guess what Trump’s plan might have been, or how it is going- sorry! Be well, in peace, and joy and love also to you! 🙂


    • Hi Christian, thank you for your reply!:). I Realized too late my initial comments would go public. Would you help me remove My initial comment so my email and phone number isn’t Out in The public? Thanks so much.


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