The Playing Field of the Small Stuff

The name of the game is even the simplest actions performed from kindness, compassion, or love! We do not necessarily need to aspire to achieve some great physical accomplishment. We only need to meet any given moment or any given interaction with a right state of being.

From the perspective of the spirit, success is when kindness, compassion, or love is genuinely brought forth in even the smallest way. Even the whisper in the quiet of your own heart is important. Success is not measured in moving mountains, because the mountains of Earth are not fundamentally real anyway. What is real is you- your consciousness itself- and when that you chooses to meet any given moment with love, the heavens themselves rejoice!

The goal then is not to achieve a given physical configuration in how the contents of Earth look. The playing field is the moving of your own spirit, the wielding of your own precious intent. And the wielding of intent is done within all scale of physical activity, whether it be large or small, and whether it be thought, word, or deed. All choices then, no matter their scope, are grounds for the real opportunity- which is how we bring our being to bear within the physical context. Our simplest and most noble power is in how we choose to meet our experience.

And when genuine love is the motivation behind even the small choices, the contents of Earth work themselves out on their own!

Let us focus then not on the scope and size, not on the forms and systems- but on who we really are, and on how we may be there for each other. Let our choice be a kind gesture, a supportive smile, a gentle hand on the bark of an old tree. For though those choices may appear small, when motivated by genuine love, the smallest choice is the greatest accomplishment.

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