You Are a Creator

You are a powerful creative being! You are capable of creating realities. You do so individually, and you also do so collectively. Source is immeasurably creative- and you are a part of Source.

Our world is a place where we learn how to manage the contents of our own nature. We experientially learn how to wield our intent. We experientially learn to actualize our deeper creative and loving Beingness within a rigorous context. We experientially master the power of contrast! As we do that here, we are better able to do so in contexts that are beyond our human comprehension. No matter the type of experience we entertain, no matter how deep and dark it may seem, we are always beings of love and creative power. Indeed, as immortal spirits we are bold in the depths to which we are willing to go in the name of creativity and love.

Compared to other reality systems, ours is dense and firm. But even here, our creative nature always operates. Even here, we alter the contents of our personal experience, our collective experience, and our apparently shared external material world, by the nature of our own thoughts, beliefs, and intentions.

So be reminded of your power today! Reality is listening to you. What are you saying to it?

3 thoughts on “You Are a Creator

  • Absolutely! So beautiful… I believe that for each of us, we ARE God (by whatever name you chose)! Such an important and EMPOWERING message ~ thanks for launching it out to the universe! : )


  • Spectacularly wise words and a much needed perspective this morning. Thank you, as always. Your posts are something I eagerly look forward to each week!


  • “I AM” saying to My Reality: “I AM” on my path & have broken-through karma that would otherwise kept me from my Higher Vibration that I deserve!


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